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Your Morning Dump… Where trade talk was probably an overreaction

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Celtics confirmed that they have waived Kris Joseph and Jarvis Varnado.

At 5 p.m. today, their contracts would have become guaranteed. An NBA source termed the release of Joseph, a rookie second-round draft pick, and Varnado, who was recently signed, a flexibility issue and not necessarily a precursor to another roster move.

Boston Herald

 Both Joseph and Varnado were playing on non-guaranteed contracts, and their waivers come prior to Monday’s 5 p.m. deadline to cut such players. After signing Jason Terry to the mid-level exception, the Celtics are forced to adhere to the NBA’s $74.3 million hard cap. These moves save the Celtics a few hundred thousand dollars, which doesn’t sound like much, but it opens the possibility of adding a veteran minimum talent like Kenyon Martin down the road.

There’s seemingly no reason to believe the Celtics won’t stick with their desire to proceed patiently. Again, this all appears to be about flexibility. Boston already navigated maybe the roughest portion of its season and didn’t make a panic move, so why start now? The Celtics finally are showing signs of reestablishing their defensive identity, particularly with the return of Avery Bradley, and it would seem foolish to rock things now unless there was a steal to be had on the trade market (and what reasonable seller would make a move a month before demand would increase from buyers at the deadline?)

 None of the league contacts I’ve spoken with have indicated Cousins is available, and if you’re the Kings and moving your biggest asset, wouldn’t you want to find out exactly what you can get for him? The other issue, and not a small one, is that Cousins only makes $3.8 million. While the Kings have cap space, they have absolutely no interest in filling it, which means Cousins would have to be packaged with John Salmons ($8m, $7.5m) or Marcus Thornton ($7.6m, $8.1m, $8.6m) just to do a deal for, say, Jeff Green and Avery Bradley. What sense does that make? The only tantalizing possibility is if Celtics GM Danny Ainge finally goes through with his annual Rondo trade dalliance, but he’d need to get back a PG and I’m just not sure Aaron Brooks, Bradley, Pierce, KG and Cousins gets you farther in the postseason than Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, Green/Bass/Sullinger, KG.

Ric Bucher

So it seems that the move to cut Kris Joseph, no matter how much the C’s may have liked him, may simply have been a business move to save a few bucks and free up a roster spot.  Which means all the talk about a move… and some irresponsible reporting by some outlets… stoked a bit of a mass hysteria around here.

There is nothing quite like a trade rumor to stoke the page views on a team blog… but one thing we pride ourselves on is actually taking a moment to consider the sources which are reporting certain stories.  Posting rumors for the sake of a few extra page views is a quick way to lose credibility, and while we do like to have a lot of fun around here, we’d like to think we’re a credible source for filtering out the bullshit from the legitimate stuff.

Yesterday’s report from Sherrod Blakely, when you break it down, ultimately said Danny Ainge isn’t actively shopping anyone, but will listen to see if someone wows him with a deal.  And a guy like Cousins has tantalizing talent, so I’m sure someone in the C’s organization has said “I’d love to have that guy.”

But the reality continues to be that despite how much of an asshole Cousins has been, he’s a big guy with a ton of skill, and there’s just no way in hell Sacramento lets that go for anything short of a great package in return.  And while I believe the Celtics have a great mix of talented players that, despite their play to start the season, will take them far into the playoffs… those players individually don’t comprise enticing enough packages to pry away a 22 year-old center with that much talent.  Smart GM’s up the price.

So to summarize:

  • If you see a rumor, or a tweet, or a Facebook post out there and it’s not up here… it’s because we think it’s total bullshit.
  • It’s trade rumor season, so people with legit sources will have rumors that we’ll pass along, but many of those come from team or player sources with an agenda, so take them all with a grain of salt.
  • While anything is possible, all the sane analysis of the Kings situation shows that DeMarcus Cousins is staying in Sacramento at least for the foreseeable future, and the Kings won’t just give him away because he’s been a headache.

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  • Me

    We Can’t Afford Demarcus Cousins Case Closed

    • Me

      Unless Rondo Is Included In A Trade

      • LAF

        bingo. a headcase pg or a headcase center?

        • LAF

          I’m all for getting DMC for Rondo. It’s a no-brainer to me. He’s a franchise center. They don’t grow on trees.

          • celts4life

            neither is a franchise pg who single handedly runs our offense….

          • LAF

            riiiight. so let’s hold on to our moody pg who plays hard every now and then and can’t shoot to save his life. who needs a 22-yr-old dominant center? not us! we got jason collins, y’all!

  • Noori

    About 95% of the trade rumors that surface never happen, but they are still fun to talk/think about and all the what if scenarios that come with it.

  • piecz

    Get Gortat and Telfair

  • eddysamson

    Off topic question to RedsArmy:

    Why havent we seen a Taking Stock for the Hawks? There wasnt a “How We See it Going Down” for that game either.

  • RedsLoveChild

    There is no way Ainge will trade “sure things” {Bradley, Sullinger}…for a bone-headed cancer like Cousins.

    If Cousins was averaging 35/15 while shooting .635%…we “might” have something to talk about. But, we don`t.

    Ainge blew a massive hole in the Celtics with his Perk-Green trade…and still managed to retain his job.

    He`s not going to press his luck and gamble his GM career on Cousins, by sacrificing AB or JS.

    • WinstonSalems

      Perk was due for a big pay day and the C’s couldn’t afford to give him one. He would’ve tested the waters in free agency and most likely got an offer to high for the C’s to match. He was gone. Ainge needed to get something in return before he lost Perk for nothing. Remember that Rondo, Pierce, Ray Allen, Big Baby and Tony Allen were all in a contract year or had 1 year remaining. C’s had to re-sign these guys as their top priority. There would no more $$ for Perk. Besides, anytime you can get a young, athletic, hybrid forward, for an average center, you make that move. Did Jeff Green turn out to be the savior that the C’s were looking for? No. In hindsight, this deal looks bad, but Ainge had no choice. The best move for the team to make, was to trade Perk when they traded him.

      Who averages 35 and 15 and shoots 63%? Wilt Chamberlain? Get out of here with that nonsense. Sullinger is solid but what you see is what you get. This is his ceiling. He’ll continue to get rebounds and his shot from outside will evolve, but thats about it. He’s not a 20 and 10 guy. AB is coming off double shoulder surgery. All it takes is an awkward landing or a hard screen and who knows what happens. The kid can play but he’s no all-star. AB and Sully are role players and they understand that, which makes them great for this C’s team. However, any time you can get a Dwight Howard-type player (at 22 yrs old), who comes at a discount because of “head issues”, you make that move 10 times out of 10. A bit reluctant to give up Rondo, but if you can get Cousins without including Rondo, its a no brainer.

      • WinstonSalems

        Also, it’s one thing if the C’s are actively shopping AB and Sully around the league or if that’s what it will take to land Cousins. I think the C’s should hold off on any trades for a few more weeks to see how this team will gel, now that everyone is healthy. If they continue to be inconsistent, then they should make that trade with the Kings. If they can string together 6-7 game winning streaks, then they don’t need to panic. If I’m Ainge and i know exactly what it will take to get Cousins (without giving up KG, PP, Rondo), I’m not sure i would be able to hold back. Cousins is built like a tank, the kid is a stud. Way more upside than Bynum. The league is small and fast now. It would be a match up nightmare for opposing teams to face a 7 foot center, who can score, rebound and clog the lane.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Perk was cheaper than Green.

        In 2011, OKC gave Perk $34M for 4 years
        In 2012, Celts gave Green $36M for 4 years

  • GreenBirdCro

    I say… Nobody talks about teams in need. We/Danny should look for those. Here is how I see it:
    get ready to part with JG&BB for
    Wizards-Nene+anyone or
    Mavericks-Kaman+3rd team to help with salaries
    What do you think?! B-)
    (finally corrected my nick to go along with twitter)