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Rondo suspended for contact with referee

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) January 7, 2013 Celtics News 71 Comments on Rondo suspended for contact with referee

Rajon Rondo made contact with an official after being whistled for an offensive foul.  The official at the time did not whistle Rondo for a technical foul, but the league decided it was enough of a bump to warrant another suspension for Rondo.

They said

Boston’s Rondo suspended 1 game for making contact with an official & failure to cooperate with a league investigation

You can see the video here.

Rondo will miss tonight’s game with the New York Knicks.

I’m not sure what the failure to cooperate part of this is, but at some point, Rondo’s got to wake the hell up and stop doing this crap with officials.

This is an especially disappointing suspension as it comes at  a critical time for the Celtics.  They’ve just won two straight against teams ahead of them in the standings… and tonight they face the division leader.  A win tonight will be a huge message to the league, and a huge boost to the team as it tries to bounce back from an awful start.

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  • Kash

    Weak sauce

  • classless

    It never ends with this immature kid.

    • Kash

      It wasn’t that bad

    • Danno

      It really doesn’t. And people think Cousins is bad. Rondo appears to be a shit talking asshole by all accounts.

      • LA Flake

        yet some will never ever trade rondo for cousins because a 6-feet guard who can’t shoot is more valuable than a 6-11 center who is an offensive juggernaut.

        • eddysamson

          I’ve been growing unhappy with Rondo but this is too much. He literally doesn’t learn, same EXACT thing. How can he do it AGAIN?

          Having said that I’d love to see Rondo for DMC go down. AB talked a lot when he wasnt playing about studying Rondo and learning the passing game, I think he might be able to take over. We’ll find out tonight!

  • Brad

    Ridiculous. If the ref didn’t think enough of it to whistle him for a tech during the game, why is the league deciding he should be suspended?

    • LA Flake

      because refs miss things all the time. they miss flopping. they miss obscene gestures. they miss hard fouls. and that’s where the league comes in to fill in the gap.


      i’d love to knock the shit out of some refs myself but what rondo did is purely stupidstupidSTUPID. but very rondo-like. you could say…

      That ref got Rondo’d!

      • sev

        based on your logic, every team would have a player suspended almost every night and how do you miss a player bumping into you, especially when you see the ref look right at rondo after it happened. Good points thogh

        • SF Celts fan

          Perhaps rondo was demonstrating why it wasn’t a foul. The ref walked into him.

          • michael

            i concur!

      • Jamie

        You think the ref didn’t notice rondo “bumping” into him?

        • LAF

          yeah he noticed. and he looked at rondo like, “what are you doing, son?” i give the ref a lot of credit for restraining himself but to the league, rules are rules.

  • What up kash! Seemed like a tiny bump, wasnt enough to rile the ref, but the league has it in for stars that wont get in line. Im curious though, in what way did he not comply with their investigation?

    • eddysamson

      I’m pretty sure the ref actually smiled at Rondo…at least it looks like it in the .gif in the Photo Recap

  • Sethy 138

    To me it looked like they crossed paths. And bumped inti each other. Didn’t even see that one coming

  • Roy

    Sounds like the NBA is trying to give an advantage to their beloved Knicks. Pure bullshit. Hope we torch them to make a statement

    • Gil305


    • Celticsfanatic

      I hope we win but if we get smoked maybe he’ll stop pulling this shit.

    • Hartz

      +1 … though not too sure about a win tonight. it would be nice but it will take a huge bench effort.

  • Rondo probably wanted a day off. Did you see the call that dumb a– ref made on the play? I was listening at the time, didn’t seen it… if that was me that he blew the call on, I would have decked the guy. Lets be thankful RR only bumped him a little. He’s a terrible ref, don’t know his name but I watch a lot of games and I know the ones who blow calls regularly by sight!
    We’ll beat the Knicks without him though, by 10 points is my guess, Terry won’t start but will score 20 and Avery will stop throwing bricks and start hitting his 3’s. Kidd will cry during timeouts on the sidelines because AB won’t let him dribble. Enjoy the game!

  • W2.

    No fun.

  • robadona

    Lebron makes that play basically every time he drives the lane (with his off ball forearm extended out to clear space) and they call an offensive foul on rondo, what a joke. rondo should not have bumped him, but the bias in the league is such a joke

  • Matt W

    Wow. League totally just stole this game for the Knicks. Rondo was our advantage.

  • LA Flake


    Well, at least Rondo will get some much needed rest now. He played one and a half quarters really, really hard the other night. And he had to fly back to Boston and off to New York all in the span of three days? He must be exhausted! Hell, give the man a week off!

  • Celtic Geezer

    You can’t touch a ref. Everyone knows this. Rondo knows this because he’s been suspended before for doing this. Bad call or not, Rondo is an immature idiot who again has jeopardized his team’s position by childish actions by him. Half the people here are defending an indefensible position. YOU CAN’T TOUCH A REF!

    • LA Flake

      Yeah, but…but…RONDO IS A BEAST Y’ALL!

      • stephanie

        He is a beast, that doesn’t change. He just needs to know that he’s not going to get regular treatment because his name proceeds him.

        When Lebron got into it with the ref last week he didn’t get called for a tech at all. KD did it and was ejected. There’s double standards, but Rondo knows he’s not on the good side of that standard.

    • Frank

      Having seen the replay, I’m not at all convinced it was intentional contact, looked to me like the kind of thing that just happens when 2 people are walking next to each other. I think the suspension is pure bullshit.

  • Rome

    Lmao the hawk gm was the one that gave the tape to the official, basically snitching on RR, now he got a 15k fined for being a snitch. What a BITCH

  • Chulinho

    I didn’t see the game. Does anyone have a video of the bump?

    Did it truly warrant a suspension?

    • stephanie

      The link is in the article

    • eddysamson

      theres a .gif of it in the photo recap as well

    • Chulinho

      Thanks, guys.

      From the video posted on, it didn’t even look like a bump.

      It’s amazing how well the referees are protected considering their own performances.

  • Larry Legend

    Get rid of this piece a shit. So tired of him. Selfish brat who can’t shoot. Go away rondo

  • piecz

    start Lee and let NY’s offense choke

    • stephanie

      Definitely think Lee needs to be with AB. Let Jet come off bench.

    • Roy

      why not start barbosa? Lee is finally settling in to coming off the bench. AB can run the point though but it would mean he play a lot more minutes tonight. wouldn’t mind seeing ab and lee just smother the guards of the Knicks

      • eddysamson

        Barbosa is better in short bursts…I’m expecting AB starting PG with JET starting SG leaving CLee and Barbosa to split duties off the bench

  • stephanie

    Hawk’s GM Danny Ferry gave video of the bump to the officials to look at and he was fined $15,000. He took that loss pretty hard.

  • Mike C

    Yes, you cant touch a ref, but how many times during a regular season is the outcome of a game detemined by the behind the scene actions of these idiotic officials? Check out Tim Donaghy’s book ‘Personal Foul’, if you want a clear picture of how crooked NBA officiating REALLY IS.

  • Lebron James

    People getting mad at rondo for this are dumb. There is clearly a bias against the Celtics. They barely shoot any free throws and get so many fouls off the ball for the smallest crap. At the same time rondo is fouled in the most obvious manner on a drive and they dont see anything. Its seriously a joke.

  • justin

    Sounds like the league didnt wanna watch j kidd chase rondos ass around all night, new york a hot commodity this year.they might even be selling jerseys. Shitty move by stern n the boys. Sick em avery!

    • justin

      Sry for the few curses in their chuck

    • justin

      And whats the deal with them taking this long? So we can gameplan with rondo in the lineup, only to have us switch 3 hours before tip?

  • brian

    In a game like this having lee at pg will be fine. Jason really isnt a kid anymore and they are not an interior team so we don’t have to worry about their bigs. Kg can take career of Chandler. Carmelo is going to out up 30 plus. To win this game we have to make sure novak and smith don’t go off which right now Lee will make more of an impact then Rondo will. Rondo is still at probably only 75%. People have no idea how much work it is to play point and keep up with the top guars on the other team for 40 mins.

  • Double P

    People stop crying about this being a Celtic bias and the “crooked refs” it was a bad called in the game that went against Rondo but that didnt mean he had to seek out the ref and create the contact like that. He’s a punk, enough excuses. I love what Rondo does on the court, hes one of the best PGs in the league but you can’t deny he’s a punk.

    • Chulinho

      Obviously it is ridiculous to believe there is a bias against the Celtics.

      However, I’m sure you would agree that NBA referees may be the most inconsistent officials in professional sports.

      It’s a problem that has seemingly grown in the last several years and it doesn’t appear to be improving.

  • Jayfox

    This is bull shit and we all know it. This was not a “missed call”. The ref decided not to give a tech. This should have warranted a suspension but they looked pass this.

  • Garnett’s Grl

    I was at the game and I didn’t thinks anything of it and neither did any of the hawks fans, that b@#$% of a gm just scared that we are about to go on a run an pass the azzz’s in the standings……….

    • Garnett’s Grl

      And not only that, I see players touching the ref all the time while pleading their case

  • bob

    the league would do anything to give their ringless superswtars a almost garunteed title. they diddnt veto LBJ and bOSH going to miami which was clearly unfair, plus when they choked the refs decided to not call them for anything. the leuge let LA get nash and dwight, giving kobe the chance to catch MJ and howard and nash a chance to get a ring. now the leauge is working really hard to give melo a ring. remember the obvious kick by Kidd on a game winner?

    • Garnett’s Grl

      You are dead on with that one, I’ve been saying it’s melo’s time this yr because they gave LB his ring last season, they could’nt have the face of the nba go another yr w/out a ring……I mean really how could the ref not know he was bumped if it wasn’t called during the game that should have been it.

      • Bob

        Can’t wait till David stern is gone

  • John

    Very appropriate punishment for a repeat offender. Does he actually think he’s a tough guy or is he just retarded?

  • Garnett’s Grl

    Neither, I just think he’s very passionate about the game….nothing more nothing less

  • stephanie

    I can see if the Hawk’s GM was giving video tape of something Rondo did to one of his players, but this was a biatch move because had the Hawks won he wouldn’t have cared or bothered at all.

    Rondo needs to know that the league isn’t going to play around with him AT ALL.

  • don’t ever snitch

    Hawks GM Danny Ferry is being fined $15,000 for being a snitch.Rajon Rondo bumped referee Rodney Mott on Sunday night and he will pay the price for that by sitting out Monday night.But after the game when it happened Ferry approached the referees and gave them the video of the play. The tattletale. But the league has a hard and fast rule about players or team officials approaching a referee after the game, for any reason, so he Ferry was given a $15,000 fine by the league.The whole thing kind of makes me laugh, mostly because I don’t have to write the check.

  • Quest

    Rondo is developing a reputation that could be very damaging to him and his team

  • Quest

    Btw how did Rajon not cooperate w the league investigation???
    Luv the “mug” shot.

  • MJ

    Wow. That was hardly anything.

  • stephanie

    With all the misfortunes the Lakers had today with Gasol, Howard, and Hill being injured Stern had to bring some normalcy by taking was only fair and balanced..LOL…this sucks.

    • SF Celts fan

      Haha! Love it!

  • Spike

    eh, wasn’t that bad. probably got suspended for previous reputation or w/e.

    this basically guarantees a loss tonight. What with Danny Ainge being too busy signing crap players to $40mil deals instead of finding a starting center or a backup pg and all.

  • nyceltic

    The league office is out of control.

  • KGino

    Fine the guy 25K, don’t suspend him for THAT. Wow.

  • Brick James

    As much as you want to rip the league for suspending Rondo, the refs are completely screwing over the Knicks in this game.

  • Astarot

    “The League” again. They show what they can do and well it was before the game in MSG why wasn’t I surprise. I’m with Tommy Heinsohn on that “The League” can always do something like that. Not to mention it wasn’t offensive foul.

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