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Report: C’s may be positioning themselves for a blockbuster trade

If the Celtics had just waived Jarvis Varnado, no one would have batted an eye.  The fact that they waived Kris Joseph, a kid they were pretty high on over the summer… well… we’re batting eyes all over the joint.

Suddenly, the Celtics have gone from “we don’t want to pay guys guaranteed money to do nothing” to “…….. what the F are these guys up to?”….. and CSNNE’s Sherrod Blakely just showed up to campfire with a bucket full of kerosene.

Two league sources contacted on Sunday said that the Celtics will look to bolster their rocket via a multi-player trade.

And now that the C’s are starting to play better, the C’s will have more attractive trading pieces to work with.

While it’s unlikely the Celtics will look to move any member of their big Three – Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett – league sources confirmed that there’s “growing” interest in Courtney Lee who might become more expendable with the return of Avery Bradley.

Brandon Bass is another possible Celtic on the move, one league source said.

“But it’s not like the Celtics are shopping those guys,” the second source said. “They have some good players who haven’t played as well I think as those players would want or what the Celtics expected.”

He brought some gunpowder too.

Oh boy.

Before you flip out…. Steve Bulpett is here to play Smokey the Bear (yeah, I’m really committed to this fire analogy here… )

According to league sources, the Celtics have, indeed, inquired about Cousins, but that shouldn’t come as a great revelation in that they, like most every NBA club, are constantly checking the marketplace to see if a bargain can be had.

Word is, however, that the Kings are asking for a high draft pick and people who can help them now. So, forgetting the fact the Celts’ first-round pick will be middle of the road at best, would you want to part with a young starter (and more) for someone as uncertain as Cousins?

Considering the talent the Kings already have in the backcourt, it’s possible the Celtics can’t even muster something that would be attractive enough for Sacramento — at least not at this moment. And you’d have to question whether you’d give up even equal talent for this guy, his abilities notwithstanding. What we know right now is that the Kings aren’t inclined to hold a fire sale.

Also keep in mind that Cousins just had a dominant week in Sacto… including a 30/20 game.  I’m not sure the C’s have the guys the Kings are interested in to give up a 6’11 guy who drops a triple double and a 30/20 game in a matter of a few days.

The Celtics very well may have just cut these guys to save a few bucks.  We know they’re very close to the tax threshold… and those spots will be better served going to guys who’ll help win now.

I will say this…

The Celtics just beat two of the top four teams in the East displaying the stingy Celtics defense they’re known for.  The return of Avery Bradley is, indeed, starting to have the intended effect of putting key pieces in places that can help this team.  The Celtics may well be asking around to see who’s interested in making a move…. that’s Danny Ainge’s job and he’s been very open about the fact that he’ll always answer the phone.   But even Sherrod’s source says the C’s are NOT shopping guys.

It’s possible there’s a deal being explored.  I’m betting dollars to donuts that it’s not the one everyone’s passing around as some twitpic involving the Kings and Lakers.  But in the end, this may end up being a cost-cutting move with nothing major following behind it.

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  • Cal

    I like Cousins as a player, but he’s a headcase. To assume that surrounding him w/ vets will change his attitude is a big mistake. I don’t understand why Ainge would be willing to throw the kitchen sink just to get Cousins. One player, Cousins, can’t change the flaws of this team. It takes entire roster to improve. Knowing Ainge’s history he’ll likely do a trade that will be unpopular with Celts Nation.

    This roster needs some tweaking, mostly the bench. To possibly give up one of the Big 3 or Bradley will be a mistake. Just remember this team is still feeling the after effects of trading away Perk and Erden. Just saying.

    • AlexLuo

      DMC is only 22 and can become one of the best centers if he ever figures out between his ears. I don’t think AB or the big three are involved in this trade talk. If Danny can somehow gets it done without giving up AB while get rid of Green’s contract. This will be an excellent trade.

      • LAF

        Let’s not forget Sully who’s becoming a HUGE chip for Danny.

  • Rondo To KG

    NBA on NBC Boston is reporting Ainge is trying to get Cousins tonight:

    • eddysamson

      tonight?!??!?! >< wtf

      • CelticsKid34

        I highly question the legitimacy of that twitter

  • Double P

    Reporting now that Ainge is trying to trade Lee but teams are demanding Bradley and Ainge is conflicted about it.. Shit might go down tonight

  • Nathan

    Josh smith???

    • AlexLuo

      Looks like DMC.

    • Phoured

      Yes!!!!!!!!! A much better idea!

      • LAF

        DMC >>>>>>>>>>> JSmoove

    • G4L

      Josh smith for Bass , Green & 1ST RD PICK… And then I woke up! I wish

    • I was thinking this too. I know no one really wants him but the Hawks could use a wing like Jeff Green. I was thinking about how chummy the guys are with JS. Did anyone notice KG help him up last night after Pierce gave him a hard foul? It was one of those messages of respect that KG doesn’t send out very often.

  • MJ

    I don’t get it! Things look like they are finally starting to turn it around! Why ruin that?!

    • LAF

      because this team is going nowhere w/o a legit rebounder/shot-blocker. Not against Miami. Not against OKC.

  • Noori

    Oooo shit, I was one of the ones that didn’t care if Avery was part of the trade for Cousins, but after seeing his effect on the team recently I kind of don’t want to part with him. :/ COME ON KINGS! Lee is playing great, and has a fair contract!

    • sev

      and he is just getting warmed up. His upper body doesn’t look as strong, which makes sense as he couldn’t work out most of his upper body with 2 heeling shoulders. I’m sure he did other lifting and his legs are strong, but it will prob take most of the reg season for him to regain his upper body strength and only a few games to get in basketball shape. His D was really good, but what’s scary is that it can be even better, as the last couple games he seemed to play hard nosed defense every other time up the floor as opposed to last year when he was relentless on almost every play. I could go either way with this trade, but not if it means giving up on Bradley. He too is still very young and look at the impact he has made with relatively little playing time when you consider the injuries and the fact that he really only played the 2nd half of a shortened season. He also seems to be very mature and hard working, which could lead to him being one of the better players in the NBA by 25, unless injuries prevent that. The fact that Sullinger is only 20 and seems to have great character traits as well, makes this trade possible, as teams are prob very high on Sully. He would have been a top 5 pick just like Cousins if he left the year before. If Sullinger was on the kings, there is no doubt in my mind that he would have put up similar numbers as Cousins did his rookie year, and by year 3, Sullinger would prob put up the same numbers as Cousins has this year. I say that knowing that Cousins can prob do even better than what he has shown, but that’s risky to assume, especially with a player that has character issues. I wouldn’t underestimate Sullinger’s ceiling by simply looking at his body type and lack of athleticism because there have been plenty of guys who have improved each year despite physical limitations. The worst possible move would be to get rid of both of them because then our future could be pretty bad if we don’t win and Rondo and Cousins don’t click. I’d rather explore other trades that bring back a solid big, because we are only going to improve with all the new guys gaining chemistry and our young guns improving. I noticed how several players asked for subs and I think Doc/Danny are promoting the idea of players going balls to the wall and then getting a rest because otherwise there’s no point in having such a deep bench. 2 of our 3 superstars are no longer superstars night in and night out and I think our bench is the only way to hang with the teams who’s core is young or in their prime. Don’t forget if Wilcox comes back, he will have enough time to get back in the groove and become a more than serviceable backup center(not many true centers in the league). The heat crushed OKC and we took them to 7 games with NOBODY…..we had rondo, kg and a hurt pierce and allen and NO BENCH AT ALL LAST YEAR. This team is 10 deep and I have faith they will be really good….i’m just a little worried about Jeff Green.

  • Noori

    I would go ape shit if the Celtics landed Josh Smith but seeing as how the Hawks are doing pretty well lately I highly doubt it. 🙁

    • Jim

      Smith is a FA at the end of this year and chances are he won’t resign so the Hawks will try to get something in return

  • eddysamson

    I might just have to stop watching if they get rid of AB…gunna go back to the same old D we saw the first 30 games…maybe a bit better with whatever big this gets but I am refering more to the energy and tenacity. AB inspires it they cant get rid of that =/

  • stephanie

    Well I’m probably going to be on Twitter all night now..FML..LOL

  • Double P

    I would say we can rule out Atlanta. They don’t really have to move him and have a great record.

    This would most likely Be an attempt to get Demarcus Cousins or Pau Gasol. Not sure how it could be tonight bc some of our guys cant be moved yet. Seems crazy to me..

    Terry, Lee, and Sullinger for DMC and Garcia works salary wise but doubtful Kings want that without Bradley.

    I would prefer to move green and bass

  • Al

    is the nba on nbc twitter have a good source

  • zippittyay

    So what does waiving Kris Joseph have to do with trading for Cousins?

    • Shawn

      we can take back an extra player or 2 as well as an extra 2 mil in salary

  • It could be a move to save money, but I’m sure Ainge’s working on a trade. However, if the rumor is interest on Lee & Bass I don’t think it’ll for Cousins, it smells more like Gortat. We’ll see what happens.

    • eddysamson

      the so called “rumblings” say Cousins for sure.

      • Sam Amick reported that Cousins isn’t going anywhere, teams continue to be told that he’s not available. But like I said, if a trade goes down I think it’d be for Gortat, the Celtics were rumored to be interested on him & he didn’t sign an extension with Phoenix. I’m sure the Suns don’t want to lose him for nothing.

  • Jush Dub

    Sundiata Gaines is the only sensible option at center. We should trade AB, Garnett, and Lee for him.

    • Caterpillar from Italy


  • ZabJudah

    Hell yeh i hate everybody whose not pierce rondo kg and ab ….trade the rest of those bums and get cousins!!

  • john

    Pull the trigger if possible Cousins is worth it ….Bradley, Green and Bradley but also include Thomas coming with Cousins ….

  • brian

    Our picks are worth more than players for a team like the kings. Do we trade lee and bass and 2 picks for cousins and a salary that will match? The team is just starting to gel wby shake it up now.

    • Shaq

      because someone would have to pull a huge upset on the heat for us to make the finals and loose to the lakers again or to the thunder if we dont have beef in the middle

  • CelticsKid

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but:
    “Sam Amick ‏@sam_amick
    DeMarcus Cousins is not going to the Celtics. Teams continue to be told that he’s not available. That is all.”

  • kobe

    it’s a done deal, Cousins to Boston. Bradley and Bass to Kings.

    • Danno

      Neither Bass nor Green can be traded anywhere until after the new CBA recent contract clause date layer this month. No done deal anywhere. Liar.

    • Shaq

      KObe, pass me the ball,

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      Kobe stop raping this site

      • LAF

        you were never as good as Jordan. Not even close!

      • kobe

        it’s all over ESPN google it.

        • LAF

          what’s all over ESPN, kobe’s rape case?

          • Mike C

            Awesome response…LMAO. Anyone who believes we should trade Bradley is an idiot. We need Josh smith, he’s a solid player. Lee can go, maybe Bass, not sure.

  • Slava Medvedenko

    i Suck at basketball.

  • A Fair Trade

    Anderson Varejao Is The Guy For Me Too Old But…I Know In My Mind This Guy Is A Double-Double Machine Per Game…. Cousins is 22 Too Young, But For Varejao

    Green + Bass + Sully Is A Fair Trade To Me + Pick 2013 and 2014

    Since PF is Gone Wilcox And K-mart Or Birdman Can Fill Those Role

  • Quest

    For it to be a Blockbuster trade it would have to involve one of the Big 3 lol. At this pt it’s rookies for future and vet min.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Bradley : No possibility he gets traded {0%}

    Sullinger : Almost no possibility he gets traded {> 2%}

    • KGino

      greater than 2% chance sully gets traded.. someone didn’t learn their math signs in school

      • RedsLoveChild

        Another correction!

        Man, this is definitely a Monday!

  • Quest

    Either way hopefully these rumours are a wake up call that doing your job on the floor is not an option esp since Ainge is known for his trigger finger.

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  • GreenBirdCro

    Sorry for doubling this, but would care to get your opinions…
    I say… Nobody talks about teams in need. We/Danny should look for those. Here is how I see it:
    get ready to part with JG&BB for
    Wizards-Nene+anyone or
    Mavericks-Kaman+3rd team to help with salaries
    What do you think?! B-)
    (finally corrected my nick to go along with twitter)