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Marc Stein: Celtics waive Varnado & Joseph

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Celtics waived Kris Joseph and Jarvis Varnado today. This came out of nowhere and has not been reported by any local media as of yet. Stein went on to say that 5pm tomorrow is the deadline for teams to waive players with non-guaranteed deals, else they become guaranteed. Stay tuned to Red’s Army for any further news/updates.

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  • To be fair, I really doubt he was going anywhere. Not a bad player, but we hardly need any more shoot first 2s… I’m happy for him to go if it clears up space for a big. Someone will snap him up.

  • Mcshane

    I liked Kris, can they offer D-league contracts if no one else claims him?

  • joe

    I think this definitely means big moves are coming. I believe we can negotiate with the turkish league and get a buyout/bidding type situation to attain sash vujacic. It might take a little magic from danny, but he could get it done. Maybe we should send doc to turkey to for his magical one on one’s with sasha. I think he’s only making 4 mil. We could conceivably get submit a bid to talk to him for about 4 mil, another 4 mil for a buyout, and sign him for 2 mil. That’s just 10 mil, and we could solve our sharp shooting woes, 4th q go to option, and rebounding/defensive presence in one move. Danny get it done. #banner18

    • terlo

      why turkey tho?

    • Brick James

      it doesn’t mean anything other than the celtics don’t wanna pay these day fringe players guaranteed money.

      it’s more likely that once their clear the waiver wire, the celtics resign them to non-guaranteed money.

      • KWAPT

        Yep..also a possibility..but I think C’s are going to make deal/sign backup PG and big.

        • wil reyes

          A big most likely coz Chris wilcox is out. Theres going to be a new celtics soon.

          If they didnt need space, they wouldve kept Kris J in d league to develop

        • Brick James

          Would be interesting, but I feel any ‘big’ deal we make will involve Rondo…

    • Mcshane

      Heh, you are kidding right?

    • KWAPT

      No way..I’d be shocked (which is an understatement) if we sign yet another two guard. If Ainge does anything, it’s for a big. We have too many guards and are too small as it is.

  • Beantownfanatic2012

    I hate vooyachich or whatever his name is. He was such a douche when we beat LA for the title in 08. I don’t want that scrub

    • SF Celts fan


  • GreenBird

    K-Mart, anyone? Just don’t see any other available big at this time… Would also fit Danny’s profile with ageing big vets…


    Sasha Vujacic, that chump who stole our 2010 finals trophy. You must be f–king joking. I would of kept Kris Joseph. This team always underevalutes players.

    • Garnett’s Grl

      I could not agree more, just think back to Avery Bradley a Diamond in the ruff just sitting on the bench doing nothing…..

  • Cal

    Not surprised at all by this move. Ainge should not of drafted 3 rookies, and the signing of Varnado, another small made no sense. Too bad the entire bench can’t be waived and replaced with guys willing to defend and rebound. LOL

  • Kristovar

    I’m not a fan of this. Please not that scrub Vujacic. My favorite 2008 Finals moment is him throwing a hissy fit on the sidelines and putting a towel on his head.

    I hope this means we’re moving space for Smoove. Please, Josh, we want you here.

  • Double P

    From a sherrod blakely: bigger potential blockbuster move on horizon.

  • nyceltic

    There we go again, not building for the future.

  • A Fair Trade

    bass + sully + green + 2013 and 2014 picks for varejao seems fair trade to me.. a winning team, + we get casspi or cj miles or gibson

  • W2.

    Caught up with Kris on Saturday night at the Red Claws game. He looked like he was nursing an ankle injury and his intensity wasn’t exactly Bradley-esque. Micah Downs on the other hand brought it on both ends of the floor. He was really impressive though looks to lack the upside of Joseph. Old friend JJJ suited up for the Charge and brought the house down with two HUGE dunks….but otherwise was the same old JJJ that we recall from his time with the C’s – entirely forgettable.

    All in all, Joseph is a nice player, but won’t help us get a banner this year unless he could take minutes from Jeff Green or JET (which is altogether depressing to consider).