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Your Morning Dump… Where this game was not about foreplay

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

On the Celtics PR staff’s quote sheets, the first sentence in Kevin Garnett‘s post-ejection press conference reads: “This game was not about foreplay.” There’s a chance he said “floor plan,” but foreplay seems more appropriate.

After being pushed around in four embarrassing blowout losses, the C’s finally fought back. Maybe a little too hard, as Garnett decked Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough across the face midway through the fourth quarter of a lopsided victory of their own, earning a flagrant-2 foul and an early trip to the massage table.

“He just hit me in my face,” said Hansbrough, who scored a game-high 19 points. “I went to the basket and took a blow to the head. I didn’t really see the replay. I’ve got nothing to say about it. It is what it is.”

“I was firm,” countered KG (18 points, 7 rebounds). “I didn’t mean to get him in the face like that. I was actually trying to swipe the ball, but it was a physical game, and they called it that way. It was part of the game.”


There are some people out there who enjoy rough foreplay, but I digress. I loved the Celtics attitude in this basketball game. Except for Kevin Garnett’s takedown of Hansbrough, they played smart, physical basketball.

I hate to be the turd in the punch bowl, but the Pacers are not a good offensive basketball team (29th offensive rating). But this defensive effort was most certainly a step in the right direction. The buzzer hadn’t sounded yet and some folks on Twitter were already asking if the victory was a turning point. Um, no. If the Celtics rattle off a nice 8 wins in 10 games stretch, then we can say yes. Let’s not forget how giddy we got after the Christmas day thrashing of the Nets in Brooklyn.

As for Garnett’s Flagrant 2, the league can review the foul call, but I’m not sure it will be reduced. In my opinion, Garnett was trying to whack Hansbrough hard, just not in the face. Hansbrough’s herky-jerky style disrupted KG’s rhythm and the result was a blow to the head.

Expect the Flagrant 2 ruling to be upheld, but there will not be a suspension. [more info on rules]

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I have to mention Jared Sullinger. The boy is growing up right before our very eyes. He was super-aggressive in the paint last night and how about those elbows? Keep’ em high, Jared. And don’t be afraid to put them in some guy’s chest.

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  • JETson

    Doc’s coaching stood out in this one – nice to see Bass play aggressive D as well

  • Nathan

    The win felt great and I’d like to give credit to hansbrough for not over reacting and being overly dramatic about a blow to the facelike 9/10 guys in the league would

  • KJ

    You don’t get style points for wins. A win is a win I don’t care how bad or good offensively a team is. The Celtics need to play up and beyond the competition instead of playing down. The Celtics need to play 48 min of consistent basketball. Getting a streak going would be better. Last night’s game means nothing if the C’s can’t get a win against the HAWKS and KNICKS.

  • PicturePlanet

    I have absolutely loved KG since 2000 when I was playing power forward in high school, but his tendency to go after white players is tiresome. Hell, if I saw him on the street I’m not sure I’d tell him that I was a fan. He’s gone after Calderon, Bonner, Bogut, Pachulia, sure he’s sack tapped Frye too.

    Suspected racism aside. Great win. I needed this one.

    • Cam

      What do u mean by gone after? Wagging a finger is gone after? He’s “gone after” just about everyone in the league if you are saying taunting and talking shit.

      Also had physical altercations with Amare, Blatche and Quinten Richardson as well if im not mistaken

      • sarahluree

        And let’s not forget Wallace…

        • Cam

          Ha true that was like 2 weeks ago

          • pictureplanet

            I guess he just likes to fight then.

          • SF Celts fan

            What about humphries? There’s people out there taking him down too!

    • RA_papairish

      what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      Haha Kevin Garnett the racist that’s a first. Two of the most memorable KG moments of the season so far were him consoling McHale after the rockets game, and his antics with scal when he was the sideline reporter. I hope nobody tells KG, scal and McHale are white, otherwise he might have “gone after them”

    • KWAPT

      Looked to me like he was coming down hard to swipe at the ball..KG’s obviously done some questionable things over the years, but I don’t see him as a guy who purposely tries to hurt people. I don’t think he should be suspended, but just because he’s “KG”, I’m expecting the worst. Oh and those refs were awful last night. TD Garden crowd was ready to crash the court and beat all 3 of them senseless. From the opening tip until the final buzzer, referees were clearly on the Pacers d*cks.

  • westtx25

    ^^^^No comment^^^^ -_-

  • sarahluree

    Love seeing Rondo drive to the paint and score, btw – he was fast and aggressive last night. Lets hope there’s something left in ALL their tanks for tonight!


    Right on, I really cant stand the Hawks, they are always pests in the playoffs.

  • Nate

    Maybe it was because Bass’ foul trouble, but Doc finally did some good substitutions…..well except for PP/Green rotation

  • Cam

    Surprised no ones mentioned Lee at all. I was at the game (which always gives me a different perspective) and I thought he was real solid. Actually I think he has been very solid for several games in a row now. Would love to see his shooting percentages

    • Jaedre

      I was also there and i def agree Lee played great lastnight!!! Bring on the Hawks!!!

    • Brick James

      I agree, Lee’s energy, spacing, and presence have been great. The shot going in is just icing on the cake IMO, he’s one of the few players on the team that can have a positive impact without having a high FG%.

  • NorthernGreen

    Sully gets better with each game! He played aggressive, was a strong rebounder, wasn’t pushed around and had a grin on his face most of the night. Looks like he is really having fun. Play on, Jared.

    • LAF

      Sully’s got all the vet moves I love it. He pushes, shoves and knows how to use his big fat ass to keep opponents in check. And he consistently fights and fouls really hard. Sully’s been in foul trouble a lot but he really gets away with a lot more already.

      Get rid of Bass. Our team looks dumb when Bass is playing.

  • Double P

    Jeff green is such a disappointment.. what are the chances celts can package green, bass for pau Gasol? Would benefit both teams. I love what i saw last night but still feel size and easy scoring will be our downfall

  • nyceltic

    KG was clearly swiping at the ball and missed badly. This was not a flagrant 2 in my book.

  • shak

    I know people keep bringing up the fact that the Pacers are a bad offensive team but they have not been as bad as we made them last night… they scored the least amount they have ALL season AND they shot 31.8%, they usually shoot 46%… no matter how anyone slices it, our defense was the cause of how bad the Pacers played! ABEAST was the power in that train that RAN OVER the Pacers!

  • A Fair Trade

    green + bass + wilcox + fab melo + 2013 and 2014 picks for varejao