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Recap: Truth and Mr.Triple Double lead furious comeback

Behind Paul Pierce’s 17 points in the 3rd quarter, the Celtics prove that Celtic Pride is still alive, as they beat the Hawks 89-81 tonight in Atlanta. Celtics looked absolutely flat in the 1st & 2nd and trailed by 19 at one point, and 15 at the half. They were firing-up jumpers, playing awful defense and looked like they were going to be blown-out. But then came the 3rd quarter. The C’s turned-up the defensive intensity, remained focused and took over. Their defense held the Hawks to 9 points in the 3rd quarter and Paul Pierce’s ridiculous shooting display took the wind out of Atlanta’s sails. Huge win for Boston and huge confidence boost for a team trying to turn things around.

 The Green:

  • The Captain once again put the C’s on his shoulders. His 17 3rd quarter points helped the Celtics gain momentum and head into the 4th up 71-62. Pierce finished with a game-high 26 points
  • Rajon Rondo came out with fire in his eyes after a lackluster 1st half. His diving on the floor for a loose ball was the turning point on the defensive end for the C’s. He also attacked the rack and “found his shooters“, as he said postgame, during his spectacular 2nd half.
  • KG pulled Rondo to the side near the end of the 1st half for a “pep talk”. Not sure what he said, but it worked. He also showed his worth on the court (again) by keeping the C’s from getting completely destroyed in the 1st half. Ticket had a great stat line of 14 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals & 1 block.
  • Brandon Bass hit some clutch shots down the stretch and had a solid night: 5 of 6 for 10 points to go with 4 boards, 3 steals and a block.
  • Jared Sullinger continued to shine and leave his stamp on Celtics wins. Sully grabbed 9 boards and put in 8 points in 24 minutes.

The Gross:

  • The Celtics first half defense. Lou Williams did whatever he wanted and absolutely torched the C’s guards.
  • C’s struggled from downtown, going 3 of 16 for 18.8%

The Greenlights:

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • C’s defense held Hawks to 2-9 from 3pt and 2-14 for .143 FG% in the decisive 3rd quarter
  • Rajon Rondo netted his 25th career triple-double with 14 points, 10 assists & 11 rebounds
  • 10 different Boston Celtics scored in tonight’s win
  • C’s grabbed twice as many offensive rebounds as Atlanta-16 to Hawks’ 8
  • Celtics defense tallied 11 steals

Boston has now won two in a row, and travel to NYC for a meeting with the Knicks. Tip-off  at MSG is at 7:30pm on Monday night. Should be a good one..


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  • Kristovar

    Looking at some of the post game hugs and head rubs, I think KG, P2 and Rondo are recruiting J Smoove like no tomorrow. Awesome.

    I hope we can string some wins together… I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, though. If we do I’ll have to make a three course dinner of my foot about how this team is done.

    • Jim

      They definitely want Smith in Boston and even though he didn’t played great tonight, there’s no reason they shouldn’t want him. Brandon Bass played well in front of what might his future home crowd.

      • LAF

        God I hope you’re right. Bass played his role to perfection tonight but. Sully. 9 boards in 24 minutes.

        We need to groom our double double machine.

        • Jim

          If Sully can stay out of foul trouble he will become walking double double. If we land Smith we will have 3 PF (Sully and Garnett if Bass is traded) who play three different styles and could compliment one another.
          I would love the move.

  • Very impressive win, this team is starting to come together. After a weak 1st half they come out fighting and that’s all you can ask for on the 2nd night of a back-to-back. Bradley is back and the C’s are too!

  • Art

    Once again Danny and Doc may make us all sound like fools. Thank goodness for that, we hope. With Bradley returning, the veterans are now playing like “no more excuses” and voicing this to their teammates. Finally, this may be the beginning of something very nice indeed.

    • Reggie35RIP

      I wouldn’t say “all”.

      But I’m also not going to get all schizophrenic like a lot of people on here and declare after two wins in a row that this team has completely changed and it’s all going to be gravy from here on out. It was definitely a step in the right direction and a great comeback win. Hopefully it’s a turning point.

  • celtics33

    Great 2nd half in what could turn out to be a season changing victory.

    The defense woke up finally. Pierce, Rondo, KG and even Bass had great 3rd quarters.

    Jeff Green???? Uhhhhh Mr. Invisible strikes again – can’t wait for January 15th when he can and hopefully will be traded…

    • Rhyso

      Na just keep him around until we can trade him to Atlanta in the offseason for Josh Smith 😉 Did you see that recruiting by the big 3 after the game??? Brilliant.

  • Justsomeffinguy

    For sure we’re gonna need to see this type of intensity for a while to consider the season turned around, but I think this win tonight, against a quality team on the road on the second of back-to-backs after an emotional win yesterday is the best win so far of the season.

  • brian

    I was wondering when you were going to post the recao. Kwapt were you looking at sneaker porn again lol

    • KWAPT

      Real porn actually. It is Saturday night after all.

  • Romeo

    What’s up w jet? He is missing everything in the last few games

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    I heard Sean Grande say the Hawks lead was at 19 in the 2nd, I was about to flip. It was too early in the game to be down so much. This was a balls and grit victory. Reminded me of last years team winning a bar fight, by grinding with defense.

  • CelticsKid34

    Celtics get: DMC and Francisco garcia
    Lakers get: Marcus Thorton, Chuck Hayes,Thomas Robinson,and Aaron Brooks
    Kings get: Sullinger, Bradley, Terry, and Pau Gasol
    “”Rumor”” has it the Lakers and Kings are still fighting over who gets two Celtic first round draft picks.

    this doesnt make any sense. people are believing this shit. it came from a non official twitter and non official facebook page. and they say it came from “Jodie Meeks”!!! im like OH I FORGOT JODIE MEEKS IS PART OF LAKERS FRONT OFFICE!!! sooooooo sooooooo dumb

    • CelticsKid34

      oh and BADASS COMEBACK BY THE CELTICS!!! i thought it was another blowout but they whooped their ass in the 3rd and are trying to recruit jsmooth ahah

  • KGino

    Avery Bradley is back and showing all you doubters what spirited defense from one player can do for a team. I hope they keep this going so I can laugh at all you plastic fans hop back on the bandwagon

    • LAF

      Doc should play Avery 30-35 mpg. His defense is AMAZING.

      • Bop

        I agree, I really don’t get why Doc opted for the Jet who was ineffective anyways,AB had no playing time in the 4th, are you serious doc?…what if the Hawks went hot again like they did in the first qtr… it should have been 35 min AB, 20 min Jet.

        • WinstonSalems

          AB hasn’t played competitive ball in a long time. He had no training camp, other than a few practices and time in the weight room. Gotta be patient with his return. Can’t just throw him into the fire at 35 minutes per game. Doc will gradually mix him in but we can’t/shouldn’t expect AB to be playing Rondo-type minutes so soon. Give him a few weeks. Besides, they have C Lee, JET and Barbosa to juggle minutes as well. Lee and JET are getting paid too much to only play 5 minutes a game.

        • Conor Burns

          Shut the hell up if you knew what the best thing to do was then you’d be in docs seat. However you are not because you don’t. Ps doc is having Avery settle into the game not play him every minute so he tires easily. He’s doing a great job as a coach.

    • Reggie35RIP

      I haven’t been an AB naysayer. But at the same time I wouldn’t say it was all AB’s doing. Especially considering he only played 20 minutes.

      Everyone showed up in the second half and played their parts, that was the difference maker. Yes AB definitely makes us better when he’s out there, but it was a whole team effort tonight.

      • KGino

        I wouldn’t say it’s all his doing, but his effort is contagious, just like we hoped it would be. You see rondo dive on the floor to make that steal? I didn’t see that type of effort pre-A.B.

        When the celts are on D and Bradley’s on the floor, I glue my eyes to the guy. I’ve never seen anyone affect an NBA game the way he does, making professional ball handlers look like they just came out of college. It truly is a pleasure to watch, I advise you all to glue your eyes to him for just a game so you can truly appreciate his effort.

        I heard Tommy say AB is like the Bill Russel of doing what he does.. Funny thing is that’s not even too much of an overstatement.

  • Shawn

    Look, the plastic people are un-melting! ahaha. But look, with Green he won’t be right until next year. It takes people with a knee surgery two full seasons to get to a 100% again and I think a heart surgery is a little bit worse. He has to restrengthen his whole body and shake the rust off his jumper, then find the game rhythm again. He’s doing good in ISO-defense this season and has some good nights but people are expecting too much of him right now cause of the contract just like people with Rondo when he first got his.

  • Brick James

    I know this isn’t the best spot to share this, but Dwight Howard is such a punk. Even when things are going sour for the Celtics, at least they’re not dealing with this nonsense.

  • rOY

    Good come back, but can’t understand why this team plays 24 mins of bball instead of 48 min. It makes no sense. It’s been a trend this season. It should be wise not to get to high or low about this victory, because this team needs to put together a win streak. I’m glad they didn’t lose, because I can’t stand some of these bandwagon Celts fans that’s always talking trade or blow it up talk whenever this team is losing.

    Next game is against NYK and that should be a good one. Celts can win that game if they give 48 min of effort on offense and defense. Let’s hope at least.

  • Reggie35RIP

    In the first half we played like the team that lost four straight by twenty or more. In the second half we looked like the team that shellacked the Pacers and the team that I thought we would have this season.

    Great individual game by PP on the offensive end to get us back in it. Also great all round game by Rondo. Best thing to see was everyone hustling as a team on the defensive end. Some intensity FINALLY. 🙂

    Biggest stat line? We out rebounded the Hawks overall and had more OFFENSIVE rebounds than they did. :O I don’t expect that to happen every game, but it’s nice to see for a change.

  • piecz

    Bass has his jumper back. If he’s open it’s automatic bucket now.

    • Bop

      I want Bass to be lucky with his jumper so he can easily be traded…his value will be nil if he continues to miss his J.

      I will be happy with a Jason Thomson, Salmons deal for Bass, Green. make it happen Danny.

  • RedsLoveChild

    I`ll take a Double-Triple over a Triple-Double any day.

  • Noori

    Arghhh can anyone post a video of the big three with Josh Smith post game?

  • MC

    Courtney Lee did a great job at relieving Rondo.

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