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Would the Celtics consider a deal for Rudy Gay?

Grantland’s Zach Lowe reports the Memphis Grizzlies are willing to listen to trade offers for Rudy Gay. The reason? Memphis is about $4 million over the luxury cap.

Gay is on the books for $16 million this season, $17 million next season, and holds a player options for $19 million in 2014-15.

Lowe lists the Celtics as one of the “sensible” trading partners for Memphis, but it wouldn’t be easy:

Two things work against Boston getting involved in any Gay deal:

1. The chances of pawning Jeff Green’s terrible contract off on Memphis plummeted when Levien and Hollinger took on key decision-making roles. Finding a workable deal without Green’s contract is tricky.

2. Boston used the full mid-level exception on Jason Terry, meaning their payroll during this season cannot exceed $74.3 million — $4 million above the tax line — at any point. Boston’s payroll is at about $71.9 million, meaning they can only take on about $2.4 million in salary. Memphis needs to drop $4 million to duck the tax; simple math says Boston would have to find a third team with cap space to facilitate — unless Memphis is prepared to settle for a deal that cuts their tax payment but doesn’t get them under.

Houston, Phoenix, and Cleveland are the only teams with major cap room, and any of the three could appear as a facilitator if Memphis does move Gay. (The Cavs obviously need a small forward, but it’s hard to find a realistic fit, since Memphis’ strong big rotation minimizes the need for Cleveland’s best trade asset, Anderson Varejao).

A package of Green, Courtney Lee, and Avery Bradley works, though it only saves Memphis about $1.4 million in salary (and the same amount in tax payments). Memphis might be able to cut the rest by salary-dumping Marreese Speights or Bayless later (Speights isn’t trade-eligible until Jan. 15 and can veto any deal), and they could sell at least Lee and Bradley as helpful pieces that fill needs now and going forward. Replace Green with the cheaper Brandon Bass, and Boston would have to work a lot harder — sending out more players, and involving more teams — in order to find a deal.

Paul Pierce for Gay works straight-up, but it’s sacrilege and does not save Memphis any tax money this season.

There’s no way in hell Hollinger takes on Jeff Green. So forget that. Adding a third team always complicates matters. In the end, the Celtics would be re-shuffling their entire roster for… Rudy Gay. He’s not worth that.

I know what you’re all thinking: Avery Bradley is too good for this deal. You made your point pretty clear when his name surfaced in rumors about DeMarcus Cousins.

Is there anyone out there who would deal Pierce’s aging legs for the spry Gay?

In actual news, the Celtics assigned Kris Joseph to the Maine Red Claws.

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  • Curt
    • Curt

      Sorry Chuck, I didn’t know it would embed the vid.

    • Brick James

      Wow, I’ve never seen that. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mileke

    I would love it if the Celtics found a way to acquire Rudy Gay. He’s one of the more underrated players in this league, & I actually think he is worth reshifting the roster a little. He’s one of those players you can build a franchise around. The only thing that would make me hesitant about this trade is if Avery Bradley is included. 2nd thing if we do need a 3rd team, would it be possible we get a BIG man out of the deal? That would also make me hesitant about this trade, because this trade don’t fix our issues for this year, but is an excellent trade for the future. Question is what is Danny thinking? Now or later?

  • Double P

    Meh, this does nothing for me.

  • Danno

    Courtney Lee cannot be traded back to Memphis, so says the RealGM tradechecker.

    • AlexLuo

      Traded back? When did he ever played for Memphis?

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Back to Memphis? I don’t understand…

      • Danno

        I don’t either. But that’s what Real GM Trade Checker says.

        • Rhyso

          It’s a glitch on the site.

  • Danno

    Pierce, Green & Sullinger for Gasol and Gay works.

    I would never trade Pierce, but this would work, money wise and would make the Celtics much younger and bigger.

    • AlexLuo

      Why would Memphis trade Gasol? Again, no one wants Green’s contract and Paul would not save them tax money this yr.

      • Danno

        Pierce might retire next year, especially if traded. That would save them a ton on the cap – next year. They’re not going to get Cap Relief if they trade Gay alone.

  • brian

    Start sully before you shake up the roster. Bass or sully will start soon. The collins line up just kill s them offensively. Robin Lopez can be had on the cheap and I think that will be enough to give kg the break he needs.

  • JG

    Ok so let’s just give them our aging scorer, an underachieving, soft forward, and an unproven rookie for 2 of the best players on a much, MUCH better team.

    You’re forgetting, like many people on here do, that the other team has to approve of the deal. Can you give me a logical reason Memphis would do that as they stand amongst the top of the Western Conference?

    • AlexLuo

      Exactly! I’m tired of hearing all these Bass, Lee + picks for any all star big man the C’s want. The best one I heard so far, Melo, Joseph + picks for Varejao! I don’t even care about the salaries not matching up, but plz dont insult our intelligences anymore.

  • AlexLuo

    And they would trade a premium center and a great forward to take back Paul for this yr and Green’s crazy 4 yr contract ? So Memphis would break up maybe the best front court in the game to have Sully as the only positive? They already has a guy that Sully would one day dream to become in Ze-Bo. Chris Wallace may have done some stupid things in his C’s day, but he certainly knows what he’s doing with this Memphis team.

  • Ken

    Chuck said it already, John Hollinger will never ever take on Jeff Green. If you ever read any of his chats, columns, etc. he lambasted the Green signing and consistently criticized his play.

    • LAF

      Couldn’t we swing a 6-7 team deal where we get to send Lee to Memphis, JET back to Dallas, Green to Sacramento, Rondo to the Clippers, Collins back to Stanford and Bass to Pluto and get Cousins, Gay and Chris Paul in return? How about if we throw in a couple of our future 2nd round picks? Yes? No? Well, can we send Bass to Mars anyway?

      • Chris

        You’re kidding yourself – Stanford doesn’t want Collins. You can’t package him with Bass either because Mars isn’t interested.

  • CelticsKid34

    im not getting involved in the trade talks…. it makes fans happy over false tomorows… im done with the talks. il be happy when ainge actually pulls a trigger on one that doesnt negatively affect our team

  • brian

    but isn’t Rudy Gay just a more expensive and better (not that much even) version of Jeff Green?
    Too bad we can’t trade for Faried. He had 10 offensive rebounds against the Heat in one game. If we had him we will destroy them inside. that is… we actually make it that far.

    • LAF

      we could probably destroy them inside right now if Doc would just play Sully 35 minutes and keep Bass’s dumbass glued to the bench.

      • Stephanie

        I think Doc would love to play him extended mins, but Sully would foul out.

        • Chris

          YAY! Someone who understands NBA rookies!

  • Stephanie

    The trade talks gets comical especially when it involves moving Jeff. I’m quite sure there are a number of GM’s that find his contract ridiculous and don’t think his talent warrants that amount.

    We can’t just package our leftovers to get a main course (not that Rudy Gay is one). We’re not the Lakers..LOL

  • Mcshane

    That is a lot of money. He does play a mean small ball PF and is a good rebounder. Perhaps he could be just what we thought we had in Jeff Green… Now who would take Green off our hands to help facilitate this deal…

  • RedsLoveChild

    There is nothing sacrilegious about trading Paul Pierce!

    Professional sports is strictly a business…pure and simple.

    • KY Celts fan

      that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. I’m sure you don’t troll messageboards when McDonald’s redoes their dollar menu or BIC discontinues a line of pens. I bet you don’t invite all your friends over to watch the big reveal of the new iPhone. Those are pure business decisions, and yet I doubt you have any real passion about them.

      Professional sports is a business, but fans make it personal. And star players from championship teams are a huge part of that.

      Stop talking like an idiot and learn a thing or two.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Grow up!

        Can you even comprehend how idiotic you sound?!?

        BIC pens? McDonald`s dollar menu? What the hell are you even talking about?

        Danny Ainge is a very well paid executive. He has exactly one job only to do….act in the best interests of the Celtics at all times, in the hopes of bringing championship teams to Boston!

        Ainge is not being paid by Pierce to act in Pierce`s best interests!

        The Yankees released Babe Ruth in 1934…the Yankees went on to win 6 more WS by 1943…you think Yankee fans were still mourning over the release of Ruth in 1944?

        • KY Celts fan

          Are you that much of an inept child that you can’t make a comparison? You have absolutely no financial stake in whether the Celics win or lose. Yet you come here and bitch whenever they lose and come here and annoy us all when they win. Why? Because it has nothing to do with business! You’ve made it personal. If it was all business you wouldn’t care. The team makes money either way, win or lose. And if get sick of the losses, jump to a winning team, because that would be the smart business decision.

          How can you really not understand the importance of a franchise player to the fanbase? You seriously have no idea how normal human social constructs work.

          • RedsLoveChild

            What planet are you from?

            Naturally, you chose not to mention how much Babe Ruth meant to the NY fan base…when they released him and were more successful than ever.

            Again, Ainge`s only job is to do what is best for the Celtics. If trading PP is in the Celtics` best interest, Ainge is obligated to do so. Ainge does not work for Pierce…Pierce`s agent works for Pierce!

    • Chris

      I’ll bet that’s what Ainge thought when he traded an unathletic big man who couldn’t score or rebound.

      This team fell to pieces when Perk was traded. How do you figure they’ll manage if the captain is traded?

      Just for the record, I don’t think Pierce can lead us to a championship any more, but to move him for anything less than a superstar would be sacrilege.

  • Kash

    YES. PP for Gay Straight up… Your’e crazy to think that wouldnt benfit BOTH teams. Memphis did more damage without Gay in the playoffs a few years back, and adding a strong veteran like Piearce to command them would be an instant upgrade.

    For the C’s, adding , imo, one of the most underrated scorers in the nba would be amazing.

    i’d give up bradley for this deal, and I’ve lambasted ditching bradley in all the other rumors.

    my big thought is if pierce isnt in this deal does he ride the bench?

  • Verde18

    To all of you that are saying that you would trade Pierce for Gay, ” you all are F’idiots”
    Pierce has been to hell and back wearing celtic green, he has been at the top mountain and has been at floor bottom! Don’t be calling him trator when he’s a free agent this summer and goes to play somewhere else, you all remember #20? Where is he @?? Kg, RR,PP and AB dont even think about trading any of them! Ainge needs to trade all the plastic people, thats what needs to be done!!

    • LAF

      Rondo is one of them plastic people.

      An All Star.
      An MVP candidate (self-proclaimed)
      Doesn’t play a lick of D and only plays hard once a week or two but hey, RONDO IS A BEAST, Y’ALL!

  • Lewis35

    I am a long time C’s fan and I am having the hardest time understanding why everyone is on this Bradley is untouchable bandwagon?? He a good defender and will probably be a good role player in the future but he NOT ever going to be a star!! If they can use him to get Rudy Gay they should do it. Besides Rondo Gay would be the best player on the team and he is still fairly young. Bradley is not and will not ever be an all-star in this league. Sorry……

    • CoachBo

      Yup. Could not agree more.

      • KGino

        Cause bradley isn’t just good on defense, he’s a freak; probably the best defensive guard in the NBA.

        Unfortunate for him, defense alone does not get you into an all star game. I still think it’s up in the air, you certainly can’t say he definitely won’t be an all star because he’s still so young.. he hasn’t played enough to determine his ceiling.

      • ABisaBEAST

        Cause bradley isn’t just good on defense, he’s a freak; probably the best defensive guard in the NBA.

        Unfortunate for him, defense alone does not get you into an all star game. I still think it’s up in the air, you certainly can’t say he definitely won’t be an all star because he’s still so young.. he hasn’t played enough to determine his ceiling.

        • KGino


  • Brick James

    I’m intrigued about the Cavs being the ‘facilitator’ and the Celtics somehow netting Varejao AND Gay.

    I wouldn’t want to part with what we’d have to to get that, though (Bradley, Rondo, and/or Pierce).

    I really don’t want to see Pierce traded at this point, for anything. The value of him playing his whole career as a Celtic outweighs the opportunity cost of not listening to offers for him. I know it’s irrational (and probably doesn’t float in reality), but it’s loyal.

  • Roy

    Trade talks and rumors bring out the worst in fans. This trend has happen the past 3 years. This team struggles and Celtics fans throw out bogus trade scenarios. Typical of fans when their team is struggling.

    Why would the Grizzles want to trade Gay especially to Celtics team with unattractive trade pieces. The Grizzles right now have a winning record, I don’t see why they would trade Gay, which could effect the Grizzles team chemistry. Besides u think Hollinger would agree on trading w/ BOS especially when he’s always knocking Danny Ainge for bad signings.

    Sure this team sucks at the moment, but we need to see how this team look come Febuary. If the Celts are still struggling, then some changes need to be made. And I don’t mean blow it up, like some Celts are always obsessed saying. Blowing up a team in the middle of a regular season isn’t so simple.

    Right now the Celtics bench could using tweaking. I would like to everyone on the bench get moved, but that is highly unlikely. The Celtics bench consists of players that aren’t defensive minded. Also the Celtics are small at every position which is another issue. Just saying, folks.

  • Chulinho

    Rudy Gay may help the Celtics score more, but he wouldn’t solve their biggest problems: defense and rebounding. People aren’t mentioning that.

    I’m not against it. This team needs to get younger at its core. I’m just not sold on Gay as permanent relief for this team.

  • Kash

    What about PP & AB for Gay & Speights? Money seems to line up, is Speights trade eligible?

  • Boston Fans
  • The White Mamba

    We need a true big. Garnett isn’t going to cut it against teams like the Lakers Howard. This could be tricky but you could do a three team trade with the Cavaliers. The Cavs would get Gay, Celtics get Varejao and Allen, and the Grizzlies get Bradley, Lee, and Bass. This puts Garnett back at Power Foward with Sullinger backing him up and gives us a starting Shooting Guard in return for Bradley who would then most likely start for the Grizzlies. Im not great at math but the Grizzlies would Gain about 8 million dollars of space in their salary cap if I am correct. Money isn’t a problem for the Cavs. By next year that will leave the Celtics with 2 million dollars of salary space give or take. Look it up for yourself but from what I have seen this deal looks good for all three teams talent and money wise

    • The White Mamba

      And with the so many bugs in Memphis the Celtics could also get Speights in that deal so Memphis wouldn’t have four.

      • The White Mamba