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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc wants Rondo to be an aggressive scorer

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“I thought Rondo, as far as health-wise, I thought he was fine,” coach Doc Rivers said. “With the way we’re not scoring, and you could see Kevin[Garnett] struggle today with his shot, we really need [Rondo] to be more aggressive in our pick-and-roll package, in our offense. And it was funny, the beginning of the game he did that. And that’s not second nature to him, to be an aggressive scorer. But we really need him to be that.

“We need him to get in the open court, attack the basket, look for baskets in transition instead of guys shooting threes that aren’t going in. And that’s something we’ve just got to keep pushing.”

Rondo agreed with Rivers that he has to continue driving to the basket.

“That’s my game. I am going to continue to drive and I just didn’t get the calls tonight,” he said. “I’m out there playing. Everybody is fair game and I don’t really blame anything on my injury.”

It’s tough to single out Rondo when the entire offense is atrocious, but Doc does so because Rondo is  the one who can get the easiest baskets.

How bad is it? The Celtics are averaging 84 points over the last four games. Rondo’s shooting about 33%. Pierce and Terry are both in the mid 30s for FG%. KG (48%) and Jared Sullinger (57%) are the only rotation guys with good numbers. Lee, Green and Bass are all way below average.

As for the lack of calls for Rondo, I didn’t think the officiating was a factor in the loss. Rajon hit the floor a few times on drives, but I didn’t think the officiating was any worse than usual.

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In other news, Avery Bradley says he feels great:

 “I felt great out there,” he said. “I got a little winded. There was a little bit of adrenaline just running up and down the court, but it felt good to be out there. I just tried to play as hard as I can and I feel like everything’s going to come together as a team. I feel like we played hard tonight. …

“On the offensive end, I’ve still got to get a feel, pick my spots. All that will come, though. Like I said, my main focus is just to go out there and play hard. I feel like everything else will work itself out if I do that.”

And how did his shoulders hold up?

“No pain at all,” he said. “I’m fine.”

His jumper was a bit shaky, but everything else was pretty good. We have to give this kid at least 1-2 weeks before he’s up and running at near optimum levels.

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  • I’d be happy for him to be a passive offensive player if only he gave have a damn on defense. His entire defensive game is based on roaming and just letting guys drive past him in hopes that he can poke the ball out from behind.

    Night after night, mediocre point guards light him up and we say nothing about it. Look at Conley or Thomas’ lines from the last two games! And it’s not his injury, he’s been like this for years, the rest of the D is just so bad that it’s becoming a real issue now.
    He can be a good defender too, he was during his first three years, don’t know what changed since then but he just doesn’t appear to care now.

    • Larry Legend

      Could not possibly agree with you more jdot. Rondo is a huge problem for this team. His lack of effort defensively and his overall moodiness hurts this team. By far not the only problem with the C’s, but cmon he’s been average to bad for about a solid two-three week stretch. All that MVP talk seems pretty fucking ridiculous right now. His two 3 pt attempts late last night were awful. He ain’t no MVP, not even close. Never will be either.

    • Larry Legend

      Rondo is not a star. He is a guy who can be very productive with good players surrounding him. But he struggles when he has to be best player on the court. All that rondo MVP talk seems awfully ridiculous now doesn’t it?! Guy plays little to no defense (relies on steals) and flat cannot shoot, especially in crunch time situations (see his two awful 3pt attempts late last night)

      • I don’t know about that. He’s an awfully good player on his day, and it’s a testament to just how good he is that he can play as well as he does without having a semblance of a jumpshot until this season.
        The “he only plays well with good guys” argument is long done, it’s more that he’s a pass first player and so needs people who can finish/play smart basketball around him otherwise he’s throwing passes to where they should be. Based on what we’ve already seen I’m more than happy to have Rondo as the future of our franchise.

      • Stephanie

        Rondo CAN shoot they’re just not falling…like every person that’s on the team right now. Rondo is a unique player and he’s in his own category the way he can dominate a game without having a staple jump shot. He hasn’t had one of those games yet, but don’t act like he hasn’t put the whole team on his back before.

        • Larry Legend

          I have to respectfully disagree with both of you. Rondo, at times can be brilliant, and at times can be downright awful on both ends. He has been, and remains a very inconsistent performer. But his defense is bad. Consistently bad. He gambles and gets steals, but routinely gets blown by in man to man situations. As far as his shooting…if he’s such a good shooter why does every guy that defends him sink off him about 7-8 feet? And don’t tell me it’s cuz they’re just afraid of him penetrating. They know he can’t shoot. Opposing teams loves when Rondo shoots. That’s just a fact. I’m not saying the guy is a bum, but MVP? Hell no. Not even close. He needs playmakers around him. Period point blank as KG would say.

          • Stephanie

            We’ll just disagree. All teams are still going to sag off Rondo and force him to shoot, that’s not going to change until they respect his jumper. The ENTIRE team isn’t playing to the standards that they should. MVP shouldn’t even be a thought for Rondo right now, just getting back to winning games should be the focus.

            The fact remains that KG, PP, etc need Rondo as much as he needs them. They’re not getting it done by themselves.

    • dk

      Agreed–especially the last 4 games its like watching a re-run–Rondo slacking off on defense and appearing disinterested at times on offense with numerous lazy passes that get picked off and then half-assing it back on Defense–atleast pretend to try and “stop” the fastbreak after you F-up.

      Not saying its all his fault but seriously, I’m sick of hearing all his blunt responses in interviews how this season is worse than last year, noone trusts each other and we don’t play defense–well its “your team” so it falls on you and do something about it. You can start by setting a good example for the rest of the team.

  • thetitleisours

    Start Jarvis Varnado at Center. What do they have to lose?

    • He’s the same height as Jeff Green… I’d say they have a lot to lose.

      • Jon with no H

        Ben Wallace was the same height as Jeff Green, Perk is only 1″ taller than Jeff Green, your height argument is lacking

        • KG’Bird

          Ben and Perk are gifted with muscular and wide bodies..while varnado is like a toothpick..

    • eddysamson

      at least play the kid…were in emergency mode now according to the recap…might as well see what some blocked shots will do for us.

  • Rain

    Can’t agree with @JdotD more. Hope that Bradley will bring positive influence to Rondo on the defensive end.

    • Doubt it, it seems that he’s become lazy because he’s been surrounded with good defense for so long, Bradley gives him even more reason to be lax as he’s now guarding the worse guard with AB taking the best one.

      • Rain

        Still remember last season how AB fired Rondo up occasionally.

  • Willowgreen

    AB pressuring the point doesnt really work when Rondo slacks off so bad on the shooting guard. Rondo did nothing on defense this game.

    Rondo’s my fav player, but he still gotta insert 100% effort on D. Because all easy points start from D

    • It does something, because the guard has to pass it up/initiate the offense and Bradley could stifle that, but I agree that he’s still being a weak link which will still eventually screw us even if AB covers up some of his weaknesses.

      • Willowgreen

        i mean for the over all defense of the celtics. Rondo relies too much on stealing the ball. He doesnt contest anything.

        I would rather have Rondo play 7-8 mins a quarter with full on defense and aggressive offense. They are deep, C Lee and Jet can pick up mins.

        Man this season is more frustrating than last season

  • paul

    This article talks about the officiating as if it doesn’t matter that Rondo routinely gets hammered on drives with no calls. The refs appear to have it in for him.

    • I would have to disagree with that. Sure he doesn’t get every whistle, but the guy is pretty much allergic to contact. Look at all of his moves, they’re all fakes etc designed to get open layups, he rarely drives in and goes straight at someone, always slides around etc. It’s just his style of play but it’s a style which will never get him calls unless he’s getting clobbered on a fast break.

      • eddysamson

        dude if you watch ANY OTHER high profile guard driving to the basket, they get ghost calls constantly. Rondo however gets anywhere from 0-1 fouls on his drives a game despite charging in through 2-3 sets of arms and bodies and being sent hard to the floor MOST of the time.

        its pretty blatantly obvious the refs hate Rondo.

        • eddysamson

          on second thought I wouldnt be surprised if this very reason is why he doesnt drive as much as we think he should. If the defense knows they can clobber him without a call hes not going to be motivated to drive into the middle of that…

    • Stephanie

      Rondo def gets no love from the refs. All you have to do is breathe on CP3 and he’s going to the line. You will not see him hit the floor that many times and NOT go to the line.

      But that’s the name of the game for some and Doc is giving him the keys to be aggressive, he just has to fight through it.

    • Brick James

      He also routinely reaches in from behind and smacks the ballhandlers arm or chest, and is not whistled for a foul. The leniency goes both ways.

      • Yeah, and the other half of his steals involve him literally ripping the ball out of the ball handlers cradle with two hands after they’ve starting their drive. Always looks like a foul, never gets called.

  • zippittyay

    In the first 3 minutes of the game I saw 3 lazy defensive plays by Rondo and 3 horrible calls by Joey Crawford. I knew it was going to be a long night.

  • Matt in Maine

    Seriously people?? Rondo gets no love from the refs? Do you think throwing the ball at one, and chest bumping another has something to do with that?? Its time to wake up..Rondo is hurting the team way more than he is helping. I love the guy when he is aggressive but when he plays like he has been this season I wouls rather just trade him and get what you can get. He plays no D, none. Letting your man blow by you and trying to poke the ball away is not good D!! I think Tommy Henisohn could blow by Rondo today the way he guards people. The bad D all starts at the top when the bigs are always being pulled out to pick up his man, this results in many easy buckets and kills our already weak rebounding. Also..this does not set a good example for the new guys on how Boston should play defense.

    I can live with the celtics sucking and having a bad record..I have all my life until a few years ago…but sucking so bad with good players due to lack of effort now that is hard to watch. I put alot of it on Doc too..he is the coach…he needs to get on Rondo to play aggressive on both ends of the floor, and if he doesnt like he has been…then sit his A$$ until he gets it!

  • eddysamson

    Lets be real here. We’ve talked about all the issues the C’s have. When it all comes down to it we’d probably have at least 5 more wins if people could just make their god damned shots. Seriously. Last nights 4th quarter after the run was exactly like so many others we’ve had this season when were down by a winnable amount.

    Any stats geeks want to show me PP’s 4th quarter stats this year? I feel like he has been a shell of his former game-closing self this year. JET has too although last night he was GREAT…..AND THEN THEY STOPPED GIVING HIM THE BALL. UGH.

  • Double P

    Donny said something last night post game that is beginning to make sense. This locker room is really missing Ray’s professionalism and leadership. Kg us a rah rah on court guy, pp has never really been a great leader, and rondo ditto. Ray may have really been that off court glue guy that led by example. Terry may score but, no way hes a leader like ray

    • It doesn’t seem like Ray did much of anything besides bicker last year. Terry is a pretty stand-out guy as it happens, I’d say he’s definitely a leader so I wouldn’t agree with that at all. I’d also say Pierce does his fair share. Rondo leads a lot too, you can see he’s very vocal and players respect and listen to him.

      • Brick James

        JET is a lot like Ray IMO. All smiles and saying the right thing to the media, but look at him on the court. Terrible body language (unless he hits a three). Whenever he gets whistled for a foul, he clenches his fist and stomps on the floor like a child. I’ve also seen him routinely cheapshot the guy he’s “guarding” after getting burned defensively or being whistled for a foul.

        • Brick James

          Plastic person.

      • Double P

        Jet and ray couldn’t be more different. Ray is one of the very few true proffesionals in the game. Not many ppl in the NBA are like Ray.

        • Did you read a word that came out of his mouth since he left here? Sounded like a deluded kid scared he wasn’t popular anymore. He was a professional when he was here, but Terry is the same, he was an absolute dick when he left though. Terry didn’t get booed in Dallas, tell me Ray will get such a nice treatment when he returns to the Garden…

          • Double P

            The point is that he was bitter because he felt unappreciated.. and looking back now, maybe he had a lot more to do with this teams success than we all thought.

          • Maybe off the court, but on the court he was pretty awful for the last half of a year he was with us. I get that he might’ve been a glue guy in the locker room but I doubt it. We didn’t hear about any of the trouble but the team all knew of it and it was obviously happening publicly so that line doesn’t really work for me.

          • Double P

            Awful how? Inserting into the starting lineup again whick took us to game 7 ECF?

          • By scoring >12ppg and shooting under 40% from the field and 35% from three.. Awful by his standards from three and awful by anyone elses for a starting guard playing 40mpg. He sucked, ankle destroyed his mobility, couldn’t guard anything and missed so many open shots.

            You’re acting like it was the catalyst! He was put there because we had no other options, you could say we were going to beat PHI easily and then Ray went into the starting line-up and it went all the way to game 7, same stupid logic. He was there out of necessity and I think both parties would admit that he stunk out the team on numerous occasions the entire playoffs because of his ankle and shouldn’t have been on the court.

    • Brick James

      Donny needs to get off Ray’s jock. Allen is a phony and a punk. DMarsh is a wannabe groupie. Just fire him and give the keys to Scal, please.

      • Double P

        Donny does love Ray, no doubt but he’s not wrong. Ray may have been unhappy with being benched and all the trade speculation but the point is we NEvER knew about it until he left. He was always working hard, staying true to his health and work ethic, and he produced. That’s leadership and a great example for young guys.

        • Yeah, and Terry is just like that now, works hard all of the time, he’s taken the blame for about three losses this season which were just generally poor team performances, they’re very similar guys Ray is just a bit more uptight and traditionally positive.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Marshall usually makes intelligent comments…this one about Ray was not one of them.

  • Quest

    Agree with Shaughnessy’s article…”This is not last year….I don’t think its going to get better. I don’t think Rivers…Garnett and Pierce like this team.”
    There is deeper problems on this team when Rondo/Garnett are openly talking about lack of trust/Communication/energy and the plastic people when we are approaching the halfway mark. All this”potential” when does it click in…or are the expectations too high and unrealistic for the package Ainge put together. This team’s pieces are not gelling togehter and even Doc can’t make the pieces fit together.So what piece of the puzzle is missing here?

  • RedsLoveChild

    Send PP to his home-town Clippers?
    Send KG to his home-town Bulls?

    LA and CHI “might” view them as what they need to get over the top, especially when Rose returns?

    Granted, it puts us in the lottery. But, we`re gonna be in the lottery even if we keep these two guys!!!

    Rebuild or Die….those are our choices.

    • Yeah you need to sit the next few plays out buddy.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Your point is what?

        We keep KG & PP…they`ll discover the fountain of youth any day now….banner 18 arrives this June??

        • Neither of them is any worse than last year and we did just fine. The problem isn’t KG and Paul it’s everyone else not meshing properly, once they do KG and PP will be as effective as ever.

          The entire past five or so years have also proven that the “blow it up” theory is utter shite. We’ve needed to rebuild essentially from 2009 onwards but have just retooled and have still remained a contender. When Pierce and Garnett retire in a few years we can just retool and replace them. We’ll be non-contenders for a few years but can still be a decent team.
          Why does everyone think blowing it up works, who has it worked for? OKC is the only real team that has started from scratch that is relevant nowadays, everyone else has had pieces and just built on it, that’s all we need to do and things will come round eventually, all of the guys just aren’t on the same page yet.

          • RedsLoveChild

            You gotta let go of the dream!

          • I don’t have a dream, I’m not particularly bothered if we don’t contend this year because we’ve have so many good years, but to say that we need to blow it up and start afresh just defies years of obvious logic on how the league works.

            You don’t entice top quality players to your team if you suck, and the draft is too much of a risk (especially the next few years) to rely on (how many other teams have done well BECAUSE OF their #1 pick recently…).

          • RedsLoveChild

            We are well on our way to being 10 games UNDER .500 by the All-Star Game….PP is 35, KG is closing in on 37.

            If those facts alone don`t scream out that it is time to rebuild right now…I can`t imagine what would.

          • My point is more that rebuilding does nothing as retooling has served us well for five years no, so no need to blow everything up, just retool better and make sure they players we have are on the right page.

    • eddysamson

      What do you think if PP was on the bench instead? I’d at least like to see what JG can do starting…its what hes used to.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I hear ya….but, I`m not sure PP`s ego will allow that to happen. Somewhat like Ray last year, but worse.

        PP is the Captain, the face of the franchise for 16 years. In his mind, he still thinks he`s 28 years old.

    • Stephanie

      You do know KG has a no-trade clause right?

      • RedsLoveChild

        Which only means that he`ll want to be paid in exchange for waiving that no-trade clause.

        • Stephanie

          You’d get retirement out of him before you get a trade.

          • KGino

            RedsLoveChild is one of the “plastic people” KG is referring to.. someone who wants to “blow it up” before we even have a chance to gel with a regular starting 5.

            I agree with J Dot, we can re tool and remain competitive without blowing it up. KG & PP will phase out and open up a lot of $ for us to spend when they do.. no need to start from scratch when we’ve already cemented ourselves as a probable playoff team for years to come.

            I also agree with Stephanie, RedsLoveChild obviously doesn’t understand KG’s relationship with this team. We would NEVER trade him, and even if we tried, he would rather retire.

        • KGino

          LoveChild, I know you will be back to get the last word in like always.. so this in response to your assumed rebuttal, which will essentially just be you reiterating everything you already said and not refuting anyone else’s statements (as always)…

          Has your other favorite team (the lakers) ever just blown it up?? No, they continue to make trades and retool to keep their championship window open while Kobe is around. Since they’re below .500, should they blow up their team now too? And just trade Kobe because he’s so old? Because essentially our situations are both the same.. a mostly new team with an aging core of veterans.

          Funny how you haven’t given up hope on the Lakers, yet you’ve given up on the Celtics.. you really are a melting plastic celtics fan.

          • RedsLoveChild


            It depends how one defines “blowing it up”?

            I would keep AB, RR, JS…these are talented, young players we can build around. I would like to give Melo full opportunity.

            I would unload/trade the vast majority of what`s left of the roster….including PP and KG.

            Goodbye to…Greens, Bass. Lee, Terry, etc.

            Bring in several blue collar, hungry “bigs” with young legs. Guys who will bang in the paint, and run.

            Add them to our young talented players…and we`ll have a good team again, and bigger name FA`s will want to sign with Boston.

  • And this

  • Quest

    KG will just retire after this yr if things don’t turn around. PP will follow not wanting to be the oldest guy left on the team. They have made their $$$$ and will be in the HOF.