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Doc Rivers is not going to panic

During his weekly appearance on WEEI, Doc Rivers elaborated on the team’s recent struggles.

“We’ve been inconsistent,” Rivers said. “Defense one night, offense last night. The first half last night we scored points and couldn’t get stops, the second half we got stops and couldn’t score points.”

Rivers was asked to identify the biggest reason for the struggles of his team.

“Our inconsistent bench play, when Kevin [Garnett] comes out of games,” Rivers said. “Over the year, the season so far, when Kevin has come out of games we’ve really struggled to get the bench to play well. … Our depth hasn’t shown, and that’s one of the things we thought we would have coming into the year. That would be our biggest disappointment.”

If the Celtics continue their mediocre play, there exists the possibility of a trade to change the look of the roster. Rivers was asked if Danny Ainge might make a deal if it is decided the team can’t be competitive in the Eastern Conference.

“If we come to that conclusion, that time is always,” Rivers said. “You know Danny, we are always going to look to improve our team but we’re not going to panic.”

Panic? Who’s panicking?

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  • RedsLoveChild

    It`s too late to panic!

  • Quest

    Well Doc & Ainge I think that time is now. Doc finally admitting the Bench is a failure… again.

  • KGino

    Don’t panic yet plastic people.. It’s only the regular season, before the trade deadline. A lot can happen over the next 4 months.

    On a side note, Celts fans who think we should trade AB for Cousins should take a look at what Tony Allen has done for the Grizzlies. One great defender (who doesn’t fill up the stat sheet) CAN change the culture of a team, even if he’s not a hall of fame type player like KG. A simple ROLE PLAYER like TONY ALLEN is the sole reason (if you had to pick one) that they have the leagues best opponent PPG and one of the top 5 D’s in the league.

    When AB started last year, we gave up 85.9 PPG.. in 08 we gave up close to 89 and hardly any team ever averages giving up less than 88 per game. I expect to see noticeable improvement in the D (and I already have just from seeing AB play once) and as a result, more W’s for the C’s.

    • Brick James

      I hear what you’re saying (I don’t want to trade AB, especially for cousins), but Gay/ZBo/Gasol are no slouches on D, either.

      • KGino

        Yea you’re right they’re not slouches, but I’d take KG over all of them on D. With AB & KG in we arguably have 2 of the top 10 defenders in the NBA (maybe even 5 according to some).. I just think people are overreacting a little too soon, cuz theres no way in hell our D stays this bad the rest of the season (barring injuries).

        I’m not saying we shouldn’t make a trade either.. it’s clear that we are not a championship contender at this point. I just want ppl to realize Bradley’s value, and by trading him you take that value away from us, even if you add a big who can rebound and defend.. the problem is if we want to be a championship team, we need BOTH.. not one or the other. Cousins is not an answer.

    • Double P

      So if we remove Marc Gasol or zbo or rudy gay or even conley from the grizzlies it would have a smaller effect win/loss wise than losing tony Allen? love the logic..

      • KGino

        The logic is that one player who’s main goal is to stop the best player on the other team can have a major effect on the team’s success. Every single Grizzlies player credits TA for spearheading the defensive effort they put in night in and night out.. so yes, without him their defensive intensity wouldn’t be nearly as high, and they’d lose a lot more games.

        Whether they’d lose more or less games by removing one of their other starters is irrelevant. Fact is they’d lose a lot more without TA, just like we’ll win a lot more with AB.

        • KGino

          Problem is Double P (and I’m not saying you).. is people look at DMC’s stats for the Kings and are blinded by his near double double averages. They think if we get him, he instantly becomes the same double double monster.

          The thing is though, he shoots 41% and plays for the Kings. Is he really gonna have enough touches or be efficient enough to put up 17 ppg for the celtics? I don’t think so. Does he even play good defense? No.. but that doesn’t show up in his stats.

          If they had stats for defensive players, Avery’s defense would be valued more… Instead people just look at his ppg and rpg averages and they’re like, trade him!! People just don’t value the defensive side of the ball.. it’s the reason Perk is the better of the two in the Jeff Green trade. Not bc he averages better stats, but he makes more of an impact on the game. Stats can be misleading.

          Look at how people are JUST realizing how poor Rondo plays defensively.. he’s been playing this way for years. People are just noticing how detrimental it is to our team now. But when they were so enamored by his assist streak or triple doubles (blinded by stats), no one was saying anything.

          • Double P

            Look I love Avery and think he is a great piece but I just think its flat out moronic to value him higher than a guy like cousins. Like it or not cousins has the higher ceiling, oh and he’s 7 ft tall. He has the potential to be a true franchise center in a league where they are very hard to come by, which is why if you have the opportunity to get him you would 100% give up Bradley if needed.

          • +100

            His usage rate is high, his FG% is low, his head is not screwed on straight. Next.

          • nick

            Two sides to that coin, kgino. I dont want to see Avery go for cousins either, I think lee/sully should get it done. Cousins hits those averages on a team where he is one of the main players on which defenses focus. If he were moved to boston, where he would presumably start, he would get a lot more open looks playing next to PP, kg, avery (assuming sac will take a package of lee, sullinger) and rondo. That should translate to a more efficient statline, we don’t need 17ppg, we need 7 feet to clog the paint, and a more consistent offense (sorry, Jason Collins).

  • brian

    We should’ve traded drafts for Kenneth faried. That kid would solve all of problems instead. He blocks shots, defends, and rebounds. Remember that no look alley-oop rondo threw to him? Danny messed up in that draft. we got moore and johnson instead… we should’ve moved up to 22 for the manimal
    now it’s probably too late to trade for him. I’d rather have him than Cousins. Faried’s always smiling and having fun.

  • Curt

    Am I the only Celtics fan who has thought the Celtics biggest problem the last few years is Doc Rivers?

    I know that’ll anger people, but I have blamed him on a game by game basis for SO many losses the last couple of season. His rotations are killing me. I LOVE Doc Rivers as a Cs coach. I do. I want him to improve, not leave. I just think he’s making it worse.

    I’m not saying this losing streak is on him, but he isn’t helping.

    • KGino

      No, you’re not.. I think he has done a great job in recent years though (especially last year), up until this year. I think Doc is struggling A LOT to adapt to the new team, he still doesn’t have his substitution rotations down, which is hurting the team’s consistency.

      Also, he tries to use JET the same way he did Ray, coming off multiple screens. I was happy when Ray left cuz I thought it meant less sets and more fast breaks, but that hasn’t been translating. Let’s hope Doc is willing to try some new things because the old way is definitely broken with this new team.

    • MartijnF

      I don’t know if he’s lazy or stubborn or what with his end-of-game plays this year. All I ever see is Pierce elbow isos. At least switch it up to keep the competition guessing a little. I honestly don’t care who takes the last shot as long as we get him open. We have enough talent on the team that anybody can make an open shot, while Pierce is starting to struggle with contested elbow jumpers. What do you think?

      • Curt

        Pierce can’t seem to get off the ground. He turns the ball over to double teams.

        He shouldn’t start. Neither should Terry. PP and JET with Barbosa at point…hmmm. We still don’t have any bigs. Bass needs to go.

        I think that would help circumvent the problem with rotations and play calling.

    • NorthernGreen

      I don’t think it is time to hit the panic button. It is time to hit the reset button! We let Thibs go instead of Doc! Our defense went to Chicago and that is what won Banner 17. If shots aren’t falling from long distance, then they need to be making the shots from a shorter distance. If long shots continue to be taken, let the long distance bombers sit on the pine and think about it. Give the young bucks some run! If Doc can’t make the needed changes, change Doc!!

  • CoachBo

    Yeah, Bradley had such a profound impct on the game last night.

    We didn’t play a moment of adequate defense.




    • Curt

      I agree. If Avery Bradley can’t get a triple double and turn the Celtics around in one game, then he should be traded immediately.

      It obviously means he’s terrible. Maybe Miami will give us Ray Allen for him.

    • eddysamson

      He played Solid D and Conley only scored a ton when he wasnt out there…which was more than half the game you blind loser.

      • KGino

        lol first game back and this dude’s already calling for AB’s head?!?! How ridiculous!

        You people (coach bo) are melting faster than I thought!!

        • Curt

          Come on KGino…if the Celtics didn’t win the 2013 NBA Title during AB’s first game back, why keep him?

        • Curt

          Actually, we should get rid of KG too. The expectation level of him should have prompted the Celtics to have at least 8 or 9 titles by now (since he’s been on the team).

  • tim

    Doc is the one who should be panicking. His game plans and defensive schemes are not working. stop sending sully to the foul line, stop letting rondo do whatever he wants. The Celtics refuse to get the ball to the low post and this leads to way too many jump shots or forced one on ones. He needs to develop a new system for all these new players and stop trying to force them into the old celtic defense and offensive schemes. You cant put a square peg in a round hole and doc needs to realize this

    • Curt


      The question that haunts me is, “If it’s so easy for us to see it, why hasn’t a championship NBA coach/player not seen it?”

      Does that mean we’re not seeing what they see and that we’re wrong?

      I think the solution is to ask Jeff Van Gundy. He seems to know everything about everything.

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