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Bradley is ready, Rondo questionable for Wednesday

Avery Bradley will play Wednesday night vs Memphis. So is our savior starting two guard ready?

Any returning-to-action jitters for Bradley?

“No, not really,” he said. “At first I was — as I started to get closer and closer. But now I’ve just been trying to prepare, just focusing more than anything, not getting antsy. Just knowing my dates and where I need to be, when I touched those dates, and that’s been my main focus right now.”

Many have pegged Bradley as a potential savior for a struggling Boston squad that’s lost its familiar brand of defense. Bradley will aid the search for defensive consistency, but he again downplayed his ability to individually right this ship.

“I try not to worry about [expectations],” said Bradley. “All you can do is go out there and play hard and that’s what I’m going to do. That’s all I know, that’s how I play. So just go out there and leave everything out on the floor and tomorrow that’s what you guys will see.”

Despite Bradley’s return, the Celtics might still be a man down in the backcourt. Rajon Rondo’s hip remains a problem:

When you’re getting beat down the court by a big, it’s frustrating,” Rondo said. “I’m OK. I’ll be fine. It’s not like I need surgery or anything. It’s just a bruise.”

Rondo was wearing slippers and sweatpants as the Celtics took the floor for practice, and while he said he hopes to play Wednesday, Rivers wondered if that’s a good idea.

“I didn’t think he was very aggressive [Sunday],” said Rivers. “When his guy scores 27 and he scores two, that tells you all you need to know. He couldn’t move much.”

Doc has yet to decide if Bradley will start or come off the bench. I’m sure, Rondo’s availability will affect that decision.

Regardless, I’m really looking forward to Bradley harassing opposing guards.

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  • eddysamson

    “All you can do is go out there and play hard and that’s what I’m going to do. That’s all I know, that’s how I play.”

    And thats why AB should not be part of ANY trades.

    All you bitching about the Celtics playing with no heart, no energy, not playing 48 minutes.

    Guess who does? And guess who inspires the rest of his team to do so?

    You want to trade that away for a wild card with mental/behavioral issues who has NO IDEA what it means to work his ass off like AB.

  • kobe

    AB is AB and yes he play with heart but I doubt Jeff Green and Brandon Bass will play with heart they are bum, that will play good only when they want to or have an easy opponents just like in pre season.


    now we see where we really are

  • Eddie Allen Powe

    does Collins continue to start even when Wilcox returns or does Bass return with Bradley to the starting line up?

    • LAF

      If Bass is our starter again, Doc should be fired.

  • jon

    Is doc really this clueless…
    Ofcourse AB starts regardless of rondo’s stature..its not even dabateable if AB starts or not…damnit doc just start the kid

    • Jon

      I don’t think doc probably feels the need to tell reporters his entire game plan every night. And mentioning doc and inferring termination in the same sentence is blasphemy. Him and KG are the intangible core of the Celtic way right now.

    • Jon

      When you got a guy who just sat for as long as AB did, limited minutes isn’t out of the question anyway. Im sure doc is lookin at all the angles and figurin out what’s gonna work best.

  • FatzfromSC

    I say start AB but limited mins. Terry come in for him. If rondo don’t play start Barbosa.

  • KGino

    Start the man!!! Even if he plays limited minutes, it will build consistency and set the tone defensively. Doc is not helping with all these random ass lineups. Start 5 people and stick to them for awhile.

  • tim

    rondo needs to go, hes the reason this team is so horrid defensively, he is constanly getting out of positon and getting beat by his guy, he is a perfect sell high right now for a CENTER and maybe future picks or another role player