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Recap: The Celtics are dead

Chuck - Red's Army December 30, 2012 Gametime, Recaps 68 Comments on Recap: The Celtics are dead

If a 118 – 96 loss to the Kings isn’t rock bottom, I don’t know what is. I believe I heard Mike Gorman say this is the first time in 35+ years the Celtics have lost three straight games by 18+ points.

This ain’t working…

Box score 

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  • Quest

    Well Ainge what are you going to do now?!!! Geesh how many players have we gone thru in the last 3 yrs. Ray Allen probably smiling.

    • Brick James

      For real. For me it’s why this is so hard to stomach… first, that this team is so deep on paper, that it’s frustrating to watch it not all gel together… even the team of younguns the year before KG was better to watch. Secondly, that in retrospect, Benedict Allen made 100% the right decision.

  • Quest

    I am a Celtic fan and believe in the Celtics just not this team. Patience and time is running out.

  • Phileasha

    What’s going on with my team 3 Straight

  • Jaybahs

    This team BLOWS …

  • kobe

    I told you in my previous post and you’ll saying I’m a troll, clearly the players you assembled have good talents however, they play with no heart which is un-celtics like. Ainge should just blow this team up or just resign for his failure year in and year out

  • Chris 2.0

    To add insult to injury, Cousins puts up a triple double. Cue the assholes with the “let’s trade the whole fucking team plus Tom Brady for Cousins” chat.
    This team looks dead behind the eyes. NO fire at all. “we’re gonna have to get better and it’s not gonna happen over night and we’ll get there”. Please spare me.
    The last fingernail that hung on to the edge of the cliff just slipped off. Now I know how NY Jets fans are feeling.

  • RedsLoveChild

    No question the Celtics are dead.

    There is good news…this can be turned around.

    They have 3 very good young players to build around…Rondo, Bradley, Sullinger. Let Melo get some NBA experience.

    The rest of the roster has to go…now!

    No more ridiculous talk about bringing in players to bolster KG or Pierce! Just retire their numbers 5 & 34…thank them profusely for all they`ve done…give them a ceremony night together…wish them well with their new teams!!!

    • Andrew

      Well put completely agree

    • CelticsKid34

      ok for one if we rebuild say goodbye to championship hopes for at least 2 seasons. two i see pierce maybe retiring after this season but KG still has it in him and you know that. i agree. gut the team. get rid of lee, bass, wilcox, collins, bring melo and joseph up from d league (hell maybe even downs and mack) let the team build together. not in the dleague. then once all that is done pull off a block buster for bynum(philly doesnt want him anyway) or some decent young servicable center like Zeller. keep kg, terry, and barbosa. kg can bring up melo and our newly aquired center, terry will thrive once doc stops fuccn minutes and hes on the bench permanently, and barbosa is instant offense. hell if The Truth still wants to play bring him off the bench behind green. face it were gonna have to keep green. we cant amnesty and i think after a year he should pan out.

      • RedsLoveChild

        You think this team right now has any “championship hopes”? Teams cannot wait to play the Celtics!

        All a team has to do to beat Boston is run for the first 36 minutes. They don`t need to know how to play basketball…just run, be athletic, be physical, and Boston cannot keep up. It will be a blow out!

        KG is not washed-up to the same extent Pierce is….but at 36, it will happen very very soon.

        Gut the roster…bring in athletic “bigs” who have young legs…guys who will bang in the paint and run.

        If they can surround RR, AB, JS with guys who are along the lines of Milwaukee`s Larry Sanders {not a major star}, the Celts will be back in business!

        Sanders is 24 years old, 6`11″, and has destroyed Boston this year {56 boards in 118 minutes, shooting over .600%}. You add guys like this to the core, then bigger name free agents will smell championships, and will want to come here, too.

        • CelticsKid34

          pierce just needs less minutes. look at the begining of the season. pierce was faster than hell now hes back to being slow. 100% fact: pierce is still an effective player that can help in the pursuit of a championship. he just needs less minutes. START GREEN


    Sorry for those awful comments folks-I’m working on getting those deleted and him banned right now.

  • Sean

    Give them 4-5 games after Bradley comes back. If there ain’t a huge change then still don’t blow the team up. No use in rushing a trade for more shitty pieces that get a low seed every year when the Celtics could get a good draft pick for a shitty record.

    • Kay in Atlanta

      Finally there is someone say something I agree with.

  • Chulinho

    I didn’t even bother to watch the game. I love this team. I hope they get it together.

    Oh well…

    At least one Boston team got the job done today.

  • Noori

    Honestly I think Pierce, KG, and even moody Rondo will definitely kick it into gear come playoff time, but I just see no heart in Green, Lee, or Bass.

    The rebounding is jointly pathetic.

    • SF Celts fan

      I agree — there’s kind a blank look in their eyes that’s always concerned me.

    • Rhyso


      I think the jury is still out on Green, i liked him getting more looks tonight, he just had a tough break. Give him 15 shots every game i think he can be effective.

      But concering factors for me are:

      – Jets defense (worse than rays)
      – Lee and Bass are not doing anything at all
      – No big to protect paint
      – No 3 point shooters outside of Pierce and JET

  • Double P

    Bradley should fix everything… Sarcasm

    In all honesty though, this team is flat out not competing or playing with effort. That’s the real issue

  • sambot5k

    Hey folks,

    Please note, racist and/or hate speech isn’t tolerated. If anyone is out of line, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.

    • CelticsKid34

      what happened? i dont see the comments…

      • sambot5k

        A few people used some not so choice language. I banned two and have created filters so such language isn’t approved again. Simple solution for such people.

  • Kay in Atlanta

    Can we change another photo? I know everybody is frustrated!! I am so dang frustrated as well!! But come on guys!!! You trade the whole team or whatsoever, you will still need to rebuild them.. What’s the point to blow out the team now?

    I am going to calm myself down as well!!

    It’s 1 day away from 2013!!! Let’s be positive to attract the positive energy to the team!!! Come on!!! They will bounce back!! They sure will because they are Celtics!! Come on guys!!

  • TP

    It’s time to bring Fab up and let him play At least 10 minutes a game . No way do I bring pierce back next year at 20 mil loyalty be damn

    • Vince


  • Sean

    Trading perkins is the worst move of ainge’s career. Giving green that huge check was 2nd worst.

    • SF Celts fan


    • RedsLoveChild

      99% agree.

      I would include the fact that Ainge never had any real plan to replace Perkins with even a semi-capable center!

      Nearly 2 years after the trade…still nothing in the way of a true center. Unbelievable!

  • KY Celts fan

    Must have missed something.

    Between the Cowboys, the Celtics, and my Wildcats struggling, I’m in a sports depression. At least I can make the excuse my Cats are young.

    To me it looks like this. Pierce can still score, but can do little else. He’s effectively done, so the team is done. Rondo for all his talents can’t fill Pierce’s shoes. I’ve heard Magic Johnson say it several times – the 13 assists are nice, but he needs to be scoring at least 20 ppg as well if he wants to see his team win.

    I don’t know what the answer is. It’s not my job to figure it out. I’m a fan. It’s my job to cheer on my team, even when it hurts. Tonight it hurts really bad. So stop acting like a bunch of bitches. It’s what you signed on for when you decided to fan of a team instead of just the sport.

    • kg215

      Magic is right, Rondo has to step up his scoring with Ray gone and Pierce/KG getting older. Rondo has shown that he can score a lot at times, but he hasn’t done it many times this year. This team needs his extra scoring more than ever. It’s weird telling an unselfish guy to be more selfish (kind of what people say to KG all the time) but Rondo does need to be a little more selfish. As long as he doesn’t go completely off to the other side (Russell Westbrook selfish).

  • pam

    Sully is playing really well in the limited minutes he is on the floor. He basically is just a better version of bass and probably has a better jumper (that doc wisely doesn’t let him use).
    Rondo needs to step up. If he was hurt he shouldn’t have played. He was sooo terrible. Apart from Deron he’s getting manhandled by every other point guard. I have no idea how people are voting him in as an All-Star. We need a shot blocker. Seriously need to stop using Collins.

    • kg215

      Bass has no value right now because of what he is doing (not playing well). We all agree Sullinger is more effective than Bass even with his lack of experience, especially Sully’s rebounding. But Bass won’t get us anything at all.

  • Sam

    I can deal with the losing. Honest, I can.

    I just want the Celtics to be a team that I can get excited about watching. I want there to be something worth watching when they take the court.

    Right now they’re just awful. I have no interest in taking time out of my day to watch this team, because they play an ugly brand of basketball and play with no heart.

    I’m not thinking rationally about this team anymore. I’m at a point where I just want them to be blown up so I can have a mostly new set of players to cheer for. Players who try hard and have potential to improve.

  • Brenda

    Its not a good time but we can turn this around. What seems to be missing is team cohesiveness – we just aren’t playing together. Our offense is all over the place. And fans this is when the team needs you when they are down fans are a big part of pushing them up.

  • Roy By

    Blow it up talk, again? Everytime this team loses or is in a slump it should be blown up? I’ll agree this team is awful at the moment, but panic time should come after all-star break. The second half of the regular begins after all-star break. If the team is still struggling, then changes need to occur in order to salvage the season.

    But right now as constructed this is not a contending team. The pieces assembled around ” The Big 3″ don’t mesh. The bench is not good. The bench is assembled with players that can’t defend or rebound. I think the bench needs tweaking as well as a trade for a big.

  • Vince

    We have to think honestly about moving Green, Bass and/or Lee for some rebounding and letting the draft picks (Melo and Sullinger) play more. No rebounding and bad ball movement except for Rondo´s assists. We are settling for too many outside shots.

  • celtic33

    Where is the pride of this proud group???

    Losing streaks happen in the NBA but to watch the Celtics get blown out 3 straight games is pathetic.

    Where is the leadership of Doc, Pierce, KG and Rondo to step up and commit to fighting all game?

    Losing to a bad Sacramento team is the last straw.


  • Kristovar

    I know I got a bit trashed by everyone last night suggesting this team needs to be blown up… but I don’t see the light at the end of this tunnel. I really do love the Celtics. They just need so much work right now.

    How about them Patriots, though??

  • Celtics ny

    Big celtics fan and i cant take the losing anymore, from the nyc area and all i hear about is the knicks and its killin me that we cant even win games that we should be winning.
    What I think is the celtics need a sense of urgency, a team meeting for the players something to kick in. Cause right now i dont think they can getby the 1st round.
    They need to trade for cousins, gortat, milsap/jefferson, or josh smith

  • aaron

    the espn trade machine is a drunk celtics fan dream. you realize the 3 team trades that work involving rondo??

  • jon

    We are now seriously at the level of the Bobcats, and Wizards…heck even the Raptors are playing better than us at the moment.

    Who thinks we miss the playoffs altogether

  • I agree…the Celtics are playing some really pathetic, ugly and uninspiring basketball right now. It HAS to change and it will change. Not just with Bradley, but these guys are getting drilled on the most basic of defensive sets to try and get them to play with more confidence in each other so that they can start to play the kind of D that the C’s have been known for. It’s HARD to be patient, I know. Maybe folks will have to tune in around Valentine’s Day to see any progress. But this ain’t it, folks.

  • CelticsKid34

    havent seen you guys do a “taking stock” post in a while…. i think we already know what it would say. sad times in the bean

  • kobe

    Cs needs to unload players now! I really want Lakers vs Boston in the Finals. Cs needs to get its act together. don’t worry about the Lakers they will be in the finals this year.

  • Mike C

    I still have a little faith left… just because of how much heart they played with in last years playoffs, but its fading fast. I cant even remember a season where the Celtics lost convincingly to the Clippers, Warriors, and the Kings. This is a NEW LOW!
    One word “REBOUNDING”. It killed us last season and its even worse this season. Sign one or two monsters that can crash the boards every night and I guarantee we become contenders for the championship again. Until then, its going to be a painful downward spiral.

  • Mac

    Trade Idea:
    RR+Sully+1st Rounder for Tyreke+Cousins+brooks+1st rounder (swap with our 1st rounder)



    seen worse, don’t you?

    That’s the only trade that makes sense for both teams.
    We swap the 2013 1st rounder with SAC, so the kings give up their lottery pick but get back a mid 1st rounder

    what y’all think about it?

  • piecz

    C’s are pathetic right now.

  • Rjd123

    The hardest part about about watching this team is the lack of heart when they play. They have so much talent, and they play the most uninspired basketball I’ve seen them play since before we got KG. I think it starts with Rondo, who is not playing at the level we expect from him and trickles down from there. I still have hope Bradley will energize the team, but this team needs to get some chemistry going.

  • Jester00

    as said Jeff Green sucks

  • Rome

    This reminds me of a very deep Red Sox team from couple years ago, remember what happened to them? Looking good on paper doesn’t mean sh!t. I love the celtics but this isn’t celtics basketball

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  • Frank

    They need to trade for Cousins, even if it means Avery Bradley in the deal. Any time you can get get a talented center you have to do it. Bradley has not played yet and may never be the same with those shoulders. Picture this current team with Cousins, it solves a lot of problems.

  • This is ridiculous. This is a Celtics website and reading some of these comments I feel like m reading a worthless blog on ESPNNewYork. We will be fine. It was a horrible road trip and you will never see them play that bad together again so cool it… Cortney Lee plays B defense and can u imagine him giving Bradley a couple minutes rest. I can’t wait. Anyways they’re an old team with few young legs and a second half of the season kind of team… The boys will be back and will probably go 7 against the Knickerbockers and well talk then. Everybody relax! #banner18

  • I really wouldn’t panic. I just took a quick look at some numbers. The Celtics are a better offensive team this year than they were last year. They’re averaging 96 points per game, have the same 3 point % and field goal % and they’re shooting slightly better at the free throw line.

    The problem is simply their defense — they’ve given up 98 points per game this year versus 89 points per game last year. Given that, arguably, the best defensive guard in the league will be rejoining the starting lineup on Wednesday, there are lots and lots of reasons to be hopeful about this team.

    Nobody panic.

  • Allen

    I think that the Celtics are just fine, even last year you guys had trouble during the season but the Celtics always turn up the notch in the Playoffs.. and this is coming from a Lakers fan

  • GreenCro
  • Caterpillar from Italy

    We’re chasing the Mavericks. Good. 🙁

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