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KG: “Respect is earned..”

KWAPT (@KWAPT) December 30, 2012 Celtics News, Current Roster, Kevin Garnett Comments Off on KG: “Respect is earned..”

As the slumping Celtics get ready to try and somewhat salvage a west coast road trip tonight, Yahoo Sports’ Marc Spears published a great Q & A with Kevin Garnett.

In it, KG says “I hope the young boys know that [respect] is earned. You just don’t get respect in this league. You earn it.” This in response to Spears’ asking if today’s younger players have the same respect for the game that KG does. And the topic of respect could not come at a more relevant time, as Boston is simply not a feared opponent this season-not yet anyways.

The Celtics stand at 14-15 heading into tonight’s game with Sacramento. It’s clear that they are going to have to up their play to another level if they want any chance at being successful this season. And by successful, all Celtics fans know I mean getting into the postseason, and making a deep run.

Spears asked Garnett for his take of the “state” of the 2012-13 Celtics:

“We are just trying to get it right and be more consistent in what we do. A lot of it is effort for us. We just got to get back. We’ll get it.”

KG sounds pretty confident. That’s what this team needs to hear right now-confidence from their defensive leader and heart & soul. And although he is 36, KG has not stopped working at getting better. Not by far:

 “The preparation has to be consistent. There are no days off. You have to get the body going. The game is still the same. I’ve always been a repetition type of person. From getting the body going to being consistent to what you are doing. The players are younger. It’s the same game. But the players are younger, jumping higher and are more explosive. So you have to adjust to that.

“I watch a lot of film on myself still and try to be consistent with giving different defenses different looks. But at the end of the day. it’s the same game. It’s a bit faster. I just have to adjust to it and I’m adjusting to it pretty good. You got to get the ’76 Mustang warmed up before you take it out on the road these days.”

Kevin Maurice Garnett is one of the reasons I have not given-up hope on the 2012-13 Boston Celtics. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that #5 will do absolutely anything & everything in his power to try and help this team get wins. It’s all he knows. And it’s very clear when Ticket is asked what kind of legacy he wants to leave:

 “My mark is just simple. A guy that was able to be versatile in the game, was able to do multiple things, was always a team guy and played his ass off. That’s me. And whoever didn’t know me, didn’t know me. If they heard stories, that’s what it was, a story. That’s what I am.

“I never have been nothing else. I’ve never been an individual guy. I never cared about the accolades. I’ve always been driven by the competition and the learning process.”

Take a moment to read the entire interview Spears did with the Big Ticket. It will give you more reasons to love the man known as “KG” as if you don’t have enough already..

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