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Enemy Chatter: Harrison Barnes’ fresh legs & athleticism bothered Paul Pierce all night

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from northern California.

Though the Warriors were the team playing a back-to-back, Boston was the one that looked old and tired.

Especially when compared to the 20-year-old Barnes, whose fresh legs and athleticism bothered Pierce all night. Pierce missed his first eight field-goal attempts and finished with 13 points on 4-of-20 shooting.

Pierce missed his first eight shots but kept chucking until the Warriors built a 20-point, second-quarter lead.

SF Gate

This may have been the worst basketball I’ve seen Paul Pierce play, and I watched a lot of games in the lost seasons (1999-2006).

This was more than a bad shooting night. This was an old man getting abused by younger athletes. If this was a championship fight, it would have been stopped in the 2nd round.

Yes, I’ve buried and resurrected Paul Pierce a few times this season. He will have better games.

But I fear the standard for the Truth has been reduced significantly.

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  • b ball jenky

    “But I fear the standard for the Truth has been reduced significantly.”

    wow that sentence hit me like a ton of bricks.

    • tm985

      Pierce isn’t going to carry the team night and in and night out the way he was able to in the past. These casual fans that are going to call him old every time they bring up his name, that’s just their way of saying that they’re fairweather NBA fans who don’t really know anything about the game. What it’s really about is the fact that the C’s don’t have the same kinds of supporting pieces that you need. They have a couple, but not nearly enough, or at least not good enough. I like Sully, Bradley, and Green from time to time but they don’t have a guy who provides instant offense like House once did or lock down D like Posey once did, and so on.

  • tm985

    Actually I never wonder what opposing team’s beat writers and reporters are saying about the Celtics. The only year I wondered about that was in 07-08 because I just wanted to see if anyone saw the way the Celtics stuck it to the league after the lottery was fixed and they gave the top picks to the blazers and a team going to a new city/new arena (what a WILD coincidence huh???).

    Anyways, nah I don’t really care to hear other team’s writers saying the Celtics are old…and blah blah blah it’s their writing that is old. They don’t want to do the work, they’d rather just repeat what everyone else says and pass it off as a report.

  • Bleedgreen 24|7

    He’s regressing that’s for sure. Pierce has a lot of miles on his body, but unfortunately it’s starting show at the wrong time. Not only is Pierce regressing, but his floor pacing is terrible. At his age, he needs to play more pick-n-roll. So I think the SF Gate blogger has a point.

    The Celtics can no longer depend on Pierce to carry them on a nightly. Ainge should of recruited better wing players to help out Pierce.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    It seems like whenever Paul has an off night, somebody is quick to take credit for it. It’s never just ‘we got lucky and caught Paul Pierce on an off night.’

    His averages look fine. His week after Christmas has been rough, but he was awesome during the week before Christmas. Don’t let the ups and downs scare you, ppl.

    • kg215

      What worries me is that Paul’s FG% keeps coming down, and his jumper just isn’t as reliable as we have come to expect. Yes he is still averaging 19 points a game, but now he needs 15 shots to do it because he is shooting 42.8%. Usually shooting is the last to go, but it just isn’t there for the captain right now. He looks like he is in good shape, it just seems like age caught up to him hard. I mean 2 seasons ago he set a career high in fg%, this year I am not sure it will “average out.” Against the warriors Pierce just had to make a decent amount of good looks and we would have been in the game.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Good luck, Chuck!

    You know better than anyone that most of the bloggers here make Justin Bieber look like a great-grandfather!

    They are way too young to grasp the concept of aging.

    All they know is Paul Pierce was great in 2008…so there is no reason why he should not be every bit as great in 2013, as well as in 2018, 2025, etc.

  • Montana

    Paul pierce needs to come off the bench for Jeff green he eats up all SF minutes and at his age he Is hurting the celtics more than he’s helping he could easy average 6 assist a night by not taking so many shots

  • zippittyay

    I would have to say that headline is spot-on 100% accurate. Strangely, Barnes never looked THAT good to me in college…

  • sev

    he looks a little lighter and a little more cut so you know he’s putting in the time during the offseason to slow father time

  • jon

    unfortunately, Pierce is coming to a point in his career when he becomes strictly a jump shooter, and we all know with jump shooters, they can go hot and cold, in PP’s case because of his age, we are bound to see more bad shooting nights than 35/40 point games. His defense is also gonna be a problem against athletic wings.