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Breaking: Rondo out tonight

Sean Grande breaks the bad news:

Welp, with no Rondo and no Leandro, the C’s will have their work cut out at the point…

Grande tweeted this update moments ago. Still no word on how Rajon injured/bruised the hip. I’m sure we’ll find out more during the game tonight:

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  • Drew

    Correction, 96-87 Celtics. Paul Pierce orchestrates this offense like Beethoven when Rondo is out. We win weird games like this with big Paul Pierce performances.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Please….unless your bookie is giving you Boston +9 points, do not bet this game!

  • terlo

    better send veterans to sacramento to get some rest

  • Double P

    This is odd? No word after clips game he was hurt.and nothing at shoot around.. came out of the blue

    • Supposedly he injured it during Clips game, but did not really start to feel pain until next morning..makes sense I guess.

  • Wayne

    So Terry and Lee will play 48 minutes tonight? Besides PP there is no one who can play guard tonight. It would be nice to have Bradley right now…

  • CelticsKid34

    they should have brought up joseph… because barbosa is out too.

  • Drew

    This game sucks. Going back to my original prediction.

  • KG21

    Rondo is out but he will be hosting a party in a club after the game…smh! Wow!

    Anyweiz, Ezeli is making a huge impact on defense..i still think that he’s a better pick than melo..5 blocks already!

  • kobe

    you can now place the crapping elephant. lmfao! Celtics is officially irrelevant. GS 92 – Bos 76 5min left

  • kobe

    crapping elephant please lol! Celtics is officially irrelevant. GS 94 – Bos 76 5min left

    • MJ

      Guess the Lakers have been less than irrelevant for quite some time too, am I right? Considering they’re around the same record and have been worse all season.

      You’re terrible at trolling. Get a life.

      • Drew

        He spelled “are” with an I and an S. And seriously, can Lakers and Celtics fans stop already. We both suck and have WAY bigger opponents to overcome in our own conferences. C’s Lakers rivalry is as dead as a door nail at the moment. WHOOOO CARRREEESS!!!

        • MJ

          oh you dont have to tell me, but i have every right to tell off an idiot.

          Sorry if that bothers you.

          • Drew

            I’m frustrated, that wasn’t directed towards you. It was towards kobetroll.

  • Drew

    99-86 Warriors was my original prediction. I was close!!