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Recap: Celtics get crushed by Clippers



Well for those that fell asleep waiting for the game to start after Darren Collison hit the shot of the year, you really didn’t miss much.  The Clippers got out to a huge lead early and the Celtics couldn’t buy a bucket tonight as the Clippers win their 15th straight in a 106-77  blowout.

The Green: Kevin Garnett. He finished the night with 16 points on 6-of-11 shooting and did everything he could on both sides of the ball to keep this game close.Courtney Lee was also knocking down some shots is nice to see as he has 12 points on 5-0f-9, if you’re into looking for moral victories in a 29-point blowout.

The Gross: What would you like to pick? The offense going through some bad stretches, including an incredibly slow start to the game that led to the 18-4 deficit the Celtics found themselves in once TNT switched over to the game. Hell, even in the garbage time fourth quarter, they managed to score ten points.  TEN. POINTS.

There was also the poor defensive effort as the Clippers had plenty of open looks, which lead to LA shooting 50% from the field  for most of the game, including  11-from-27 from downtown. Or perhaps the 18 turnovers which led to 26 Clippers points? Too much to pick from.

The Greenlights:

The Grid: (quick stats):

  • Paul Pierce passed Elgin Baylor for 24th in on the all-time scoring list, in the first quarter Adrian Dantley and his 23,177 career points is in Pierce’s sights.
  • The Clippers only out rebounded the Celtics 44-40. But an out of shape Lamar Odom managed to get 13 of them.
  • The Celtics bench managed to scrap together 29 points, meanwhile the Clips had 53 off of the bench, including 21 from Matt Barnes.

The Clippers are arguably one of the best teams in the league and one would think that the C’s would’ve stepped up and put forth a better effort than what we witnessed tonight. The Celtics got outclassed in all assets of the game tonight and this is the type of performance that will have everybody begging Danny to make a move or just blow it up. If they continue to play like this, something needs to change.

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  • Eddie Allen Powe

    they hit nearly every 3 they took

  • GreenCro

    Let me start the “fire” (pun intended!)

    • Matt W

      You want to fire Doc Rivers? The guy lauded by players and analysts as one of the best coaches in the game? Who do you propose replace him, Avery Johnson?

    • Alex

      Please… get out of this site. We already have enough stupid commenters as it is.

  • Kristovar

    I wish we had pulled Fab Melo to have gotten some burn tonight. It was such a lost cause by the fourth q he may as well have tried to move up from d-league competition.

  • Quest

    Tonight The celtics showed they are overall just a mediocre team. Occasional great wins doesn’t get you to the playoffs. So what does Ainge do now? Does he look for trades to fill gaps to improve this roster or is it time to start a rebuild for next 2 yrs? What a mess!

    • Drew

      Maybe my memory is bad, but when has this team beat a championship contender this year? The OKC game just flat out doesn’t count. They were lethargic that game. We haven’t beat a good team that has played us at 100 percent yet.

    • SamR

      Last year the C’s were 15-17 at the break. Wound up losing in Game 7 of the ECF to the eventual NBA champs.

  • It’s too easy and too soon to give up on this team as currently constituted. We’ve all seen flashes of what they can be (Oklahoma City, Portland, Philly, Dallas) and we also know what they look like when it doesn’t click. The pieces are here…they just have to play as a team. You can click on my name to visit my blog where I talk a little bit more in depth about it…but, ultimately, we need to stay true, C’s fans. It’s coming…

    • DD

      You should be banned from the RedsArmy comment section for making to much sense. Only overblown over reactive comments are welcome.

  • swissflix

    At this point, i do not care if they lose or win. They can win as much as they want but if they are not able to play Celtics D i could not care less.
    Anyone would have beaten this team last night. They were not able to stop the pick & roll, Green could not even defend a backdoorcut, and so on….it is just horrible. They have no identity on defense.
    And Sully needs to check his attitude.

    • G4L

      What attitude are you talking about?

      • Gil305

        I wanna hear about this “attitude” as well


        • swissflix

          well he gets outplayed by Griffin – granted, the guy is far more athletic – and how does he react? by turning this into some sort of personal fight versus griffin (who did not even bother) and committing silly fouls instead of hustling and playing solid ball. He hurt the team in this game.

  • Mathieu

    I agree with swissflix for the defence…that was horrible/embarrassing/inexistant/pitiful…and I think I can continue a long time…
    For the offense, ok maybe a little time will help. But that D need to improve quickly, it’s not the first game in wich they get destroyed; seem’s like their rotations are a full second late…sad.

  • I agree about the D…it looked AWFUL last night. But, there have also been nights (not as many as any of us would like, admittedly) where it has seemed like it they are borderline dominant. They’re not going to be there 100% until everyone understands where they need to be on the floor. One man giving up the ship changes the entire defensive rotation. Bradley will help for sure, but the new guys have to figure it out and stay committed to the scheme. It’s like a defender leaving his feet on defense…it’s simple, but until he stops doing it, he’s going to either get beat every time or foul his opponent. Some of the C’s are still “leaving their feet” so to speak. They’ll get it, eventually. But it hurts to watch them learn at times.

  • Expected a lot more from Rajon. Granted, CP3 had yet another stinker against us, but Rajon did not attempt 1 free throw. That’s been the pattern in games we lose. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting this loss on him by far, but would’ve liked to seen more aggression. Terry is known for his jumper, but he was the same. Your starting backcourt cannot combine for 0 FT attempts. AnyHOO….on to GSW…

    • Ray


      I agree. I thought Rondo, offensively played or showed a lack luster effort. I thought he reacted too much instead of playing with the flow of the game. You can tell that the Clippers frustrated the Celtics, because the game was chippy at times. And usually when these two teams play it’s always chippy, but the Clippers won the mental.

      Garnett is the only Celtics that showed up last night, all season as well. Pierce, I don’t know what his problem is, but he’s looked lethargic all season. I thought he played soft last night. Pierce needs to put his “big boy pants on” and stop acting soft. Fans need to keep an eye out for Pierce, because his body language is a concern.

  • Ray

    I guess this is the Celtics identity for now at least. Show up one night, then take off the next. I was expecting a competitive game between the Celts/Clipps, but shame on me for believing. The Clippers clearly showed up where as the Celtics, again played down to the competition and got crushed. I don’t understand this Celtics team? They have no pride it seems.

    The Clippers played with 48 mins of effort. I remember the Celtics used to play with 48 mins of effort, but I guess 24 mins is the best they can do. The Celtics defense was awful, nothing like what we fans saw against BK. But like I’ve said on here plenty of times, the Celtics are inconsistent. I saw so many many correctable errors on defense.

    The Celts were slow to rotate. Slow to jump out on shooters. Slow to go under screens and defend the pick-n-roll. Again, poor rebounding. The spacing as far as the offense was terrible. I felt bad for all those Celts fans fans that showed up to Staples Center to watch the Celtics sink live in person and on TV. Smh

  • Double P

    It’s funny, going into the season werent we supposed to be deep and athletic? Our team looks slow, small, and disinterested/no cohesion. Bradley doesn’t really help, I feel like we lack any edge or swagger an elite team carries. I know its early and we came on late last year but I dont have the confidence that this team can turn it on.

    • Ray

      Speak the truth, Double P. I completely agree with everything you said. I think this team lacks mental and physical toughness. And Bradley isn’t the answer and it’s confusing as to why some fans think Bradley will change everything.

      • eddysamson

        You want to know why? Because he’s an example for everyone else. He hustles all game every game and plays phenomenally. They see this extremely young, baby-faced, nice-guy, playing some of the best D in the league and making a serious impact on the game. Its inspiring. How do you think everyone else will feel stinking it up like they have been while watching this kid give 100% regardless of the score. Its going to make people step up.

        Combine that with simply giving the other team less shot clock to work with due to his full-court press, and you’ve got a completely different team.

        • Drew

          Thank you. Some people ONLY understand this game on paper. When you have people busting their asses and working hard, it’s infectious. People feed off your energy. If anyone thinks that a dopey big man with average work ethic is going to come in and change everything, they are sadly mistaken. Avery Bradley’s work ethic and aggression is a rare thing in this league. You just don’t see kids play that hard anymore. It’s amazing to see how little people understand this game from an emotional stand point.

  • Double P

    And FYI last year was the outlier, we always start fast and taper off rather than start slow and ramp up..

  • Eddie Fab

    we need to trade Lee, Wilcox, Green, Bass and Collins and Doc needs to stop making excuses for this team. He told reporters that the Celtics were tentative when making plays and were thinking too much come on these gys are pros and playing in the NBA they should be focus and bring it and play hard at least. These are not my Celtics that I know when they had pride and played like a team.

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