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Danny Ainge goes out on limb, says Doc’s job is safe

Via CSNNE’s Sherrod Blakely:

“Doc (Rivers) has proven his worth as a coach,” Danny Ainge, Boston’s President of Basketball Operations, told CSNNE.com. “There’s nobody I want more to coach my team, than Doc Rivers.”

Ainge added, “One thing I’ve learned in this business is patience is a virtue. That’s one of the reasons why I love Doc. Because when things aren’t going well, there’s no one I want in my corner more. Anybody can put on a smiley face and come to work with energy and enthusiasm and passion when you’re winning. But it takes a special person to do it with an 18, 19-game losing streak with a bunch of young players and to still have that respect and work ethic before we were able to put a great team together and obviously, have some success.”

“When the team isn’t winning, that’s just as much my fault as it is Doc’s fault,” Ainge said. “We’re in this together, with the success and the failure of the team. A lot of times, players aren’t doing their part. Sometimes it’s the coaches not doing their part. Sometimes it’s me not doing my part, and my staff. We have to evaluate all of it and find the real reasons why the team isn’t performing to our standards and try to make the best of it.”

Some people on Twitter are getting on Sherrod’s case for going down this road. But considering what happened in New Jersey yesterday (and even LA in November), it’s a valid question.

We all know Doc isn’t going anywhere. Unless a sudden philosophical difference emerges suddenly between Doc and Danny, Rivers is the coach of this team for the foreseeable future.

How about Danny Ainge taking some of the blame? Did Billy King or Mitch Kupchak stand up and say “This is my fault, too” when their coaches got axed?

There’s no one out there who think Doc is the problem, right? Bueller? Anyone?

(h/t CelticsTown)

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  • Cliff

    “Doc River’s job is safe. In related news, bears discovered shitting in the woods and the Pope admits ‘I’m Catholic.’


    I do not believe Doc is the problem.

  • GreenCro

    Well, I do think he is a part of the problem
    Maybe just not that big part to get fired, but someone’s got to squeeze more out of the team
    Unfortunately, there is no one who would fit us better than Doc at this moment

  • Sheets

    I think Doc is a bit overrated but he’s a players coach, he’s our only chance on getting big name free agents to play here. If doc goes so does banner 18

  • KGino

    I think some of the blame for this teams inconsistency can be blamed on Doc. He is STILL messing around with rotations, and it’s tough to find consistency with so many different groups on the floor.

    Hopefully AB returning will make everyone a little more comfortable with their role and we can start to find some consistency.

    Doc should also consider switching up the offense a little by talking to Rondo .. Gone are the days of KG and PP scoring 20 every game.. We need Rondo to score more. He needs to look for his offense first, and pass off of his instincts.. rather than look to pass first off of called sets. Our offense flows a lot better when he is aggressive.

  • C’s#1Fan

    I like Doc, but we have to look what his done so far this year. He ‘s gone crazy with the small ball he likes to play. poor job with the substitution, He should have started Darko with KG in the beginning of the season. He sould give Melo a chance, Collins should not be in the starting line up.This is Doc’s worst coaching job since the KG era. But their’s nobody better out there as a coach than Doc. I would not fired him.

  • Larry Legend

    I love Doc but I’m starting to wonder a little, just a little, if his voice has been tuned out. I also wonder if his “system” doesn’t fit this team as much as it used to. The lack of emphasis on rebounding, although it has improved lately, has always bothered me. Don’t get me wrong the players are the ones I really am frustrated with, but one of the jobs of a head coach is to get the guys to perform, get the most out of them. It’s been a rough start to the season and we are all frustrated but there’s a lot of basketball to be played. I still believe in Doc/Celtics but it’s not easy. Especially when they get outclassed like they did last night.

    • Brick James

      If there are any two players on the team who are tuning out Doc, it would be #34 and #9. No one else would.

      I don’t think they are, Doc commands so much respect.

      I don’t see X’s and O’s issues, I see confidence issues and chemistry issues. And a players’ coach is exactly the remedy for those things. They’ll come around before the end of the year, I’m confident in that. What I’m not confident in is their ability to go deep into the playoffs as presently constituted.

      • Larry Legend

        Totally agree that #9 would be the guy who tunes out Doc. Problem is he runs the show. I just got a real hard time being ok with them getting ripped by 30 by anyone. I get LAC is rolling but where’s the pride? Wheres the fight? That was bullshit last night. Clippers toyed with the Green last night. Disturbing

    • Chulinho

      Doc says he’d rather have his team get back on defense than attempt to grab offensive boards.

      Well, the defense is terrible anyway. They might as well just get rid of that philosophy and try to get some extra possessions.

      • SamR

        Seriously. I am driven crazy by the number of facebreak points this team gives up after made baskets. They don’t go for rebounds and yet are still beaten in transition.

        • Chulinho

          Yes, and it is beyond frustrating to watch considering how they approach rebounding.

  • Andrew

    This is not docs fault it’s as simple as this team is not good. I love my celts but we need to rebuild it might take 3 or 4 years but look at okc they’re doing great. Get rid of over payed green and lee and sadly break up the big 3 that would leave us with 5 lotto picks within 2 years which could be used in a trade or just to select them

  • Chulinho

    Obviously Doc’s not going anywhere.

    The players on the other hand…

    You can only claim that a team’s problem is the result of a lack of “chemistry” for so long. Sometimes the pieces just do not fit.

    • kg215

      It does indeed look like our roster isn’t working out. The funny thing is on paper it should be great, it wasn’t like the Knicks or Nets slapping together as much talent as we could regardless of playing style. We will see if we can get it together, the talent is certainly there. I do think Danny will make a move for a big man, unless Melo is ready to play 20-25 minutes now after his d-league explosions.

      • Chulinho

        Many teams look great on paper. The Celtics are one of them.

        Unfortunately, they’re playing like a team that looks old and apathetic.

        I believe Ainge will make a move. Will it be the right move? Other than resigning KG in the offseason, he hasn’t made the right modifications since 2007.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The real question is : How safe is Ainge`s job?

    It wasn`t Rivers who accidentally blew-up the #1 seeded team in the EC in late Feb. 2011….it wasn`t Rivers who constructed a roster this year without allowing for a center.

  • kobe

    Ainge should be fired not doc.

  • Drew

    I’ll give doc until a couple of weeks after the all star break. If he doesn’t have the line up, rotations fixed, and find a way to fit Jason Terry and Courtney Lee into the offense by then, I’ll start to blame him. Those 3 things are all a coaches job and he’s not doing a good job at any of them at the moment.