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Celtkicks: Anta Claus delivers my KG3’s

First-off, sorry for anyone who could not tune in to the live stream. I had not used UStream in over a year, and will never use it again. Now on to bigger and better things…

Kevin Garnett’s 3rd signature shoe with Anta, the “KG3” was released only in China on December 1st. Anta still does not have a US distribution deal, so if you don’t live in China, they’re very hard to obtain. I was fortunate enough to have a pair shipped to me from a friend in the Far East. This shoe is the away, black & green version. I have to say that in person they look just as impressive. Easily my favorite feature is the tongue. It has a hologram of the “KG” logo, and folds down to reveal a second tongue with KG’s face on it. Very cool.

The only thing that threw me off was the sole. I was led to believe it was “icy” and translucent. The away version’s soles are not. Perhaps it is only the home, white version. Never the less, enjoy a few pics of my newest Celtkick, and if and when these appear on EBay, or release in the US, you’ll hear it here first.


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    those look really nice!!

    • Thanks-very cool shoe..can’t wait to try and get the white ones now.

  • Roy

    Very dope shoe! I want it bad

  • Drew

    Did you get the Coco Krispies for Christmas?

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    You look like a burglar!

    • zippittyay


  • zippittyay

    So do you actually wear these shoes you sneakerheads collect?

    • KWAPT

      I do, yes..but everyone’s different. There are some folks that just leave them in the box and never wear them too..it’s kind of hard to explain I guess if you’re not a sneakerhead. The only kicks I don’t wear would be any that are autographed or extremely rare that I wouldn’t want to damage with water, dirt etc. But I believe in the old expression: “rock them, don’t stock them.”

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    Very cool KWAPT!!! Hope you enjoy them!!! I dont even have a pair!!! lol

    • KWAPT

      Thanks Dallas-and how do you not have a pair homie? Dang..lol.

    • Celtkicks

      That’s crazy that you don’t have a pair. Great design man.


    Hey KWAPT, True story, Every year I did a shoe for a starting NBA center they went on to win the title. Shaq, Bynum, two of four of the clovers… just saying…


    GO CELTS!!!