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Watch: Fab on fire… Melo nearly drops second consecutive triple double

Fab Melo followed up his monster triple double game by almost dropping another.  Fab had 32 points, 9 rebounds and 9 blocks in nearly 37 minutes against the Idaho Stampede.

It is a great sign of progress for Melo, but I’m going to take a second to preemptively address some of the comments I know people are going to leave.

This does not mean he is ready for the NBA.  Watch him play here and you’ll see it clearly, he’s NOT ready for the NBA, and he’s not ready to contribute against NBA-level centers.

Melo has scored 47 points in 2 games.  That raises his average after 1o games to…. 10.4 ppg.  So it took 47 points over 2 games to get him into a double-digit average.  So he’s still very, very raw.  Worse, his 25 rebounds over 2 games raised his average to just 6.7.

Fab is getting better, but he still needs a lot of work.  But it’s great to see some of these games now getting strung together.  Let’s hope he can keep this up.

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    Right to to keep expectations reasonable which is pretty hard to do for this fan base, but at least he is improving.

  • Omg idc if he not ready for nba play melo and start him I hate when they talk bout they not. Ready and melo scored 32 points and 9 block and 9 rebound come on now get on da road and play him stop wasting time look for center

  • brian

    If he can do this for a month straight he will be with the team soon.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Not sure if feeding him a diet of D-League “mush” is adequately preparing him for the NBA.

    Let`s get him to Boston now…see what he can offer.

    • Sometimes when you throw a kid into the deep end, he almost drowns and becomes afraid of the water. Let him eat the “mush” for a while and get his game right. He’s played 10 D-League games… let’s be patient and develop this kid the right way.

  • zippittyay

    I keep seeing Tyson Chandler in Fab. It took Chandler a while to develop too but maybe Fab can have a little more of an offensive game than Tyson.

    • Brian

      That is exactlly what I see. He can hit free throws 2 and the current nba player is pretty lazy when it comes to D and will throw a hand up when a guy goes by pretty often. With his cuts to the basket I see him and Rondo being a no brainer of 8/10 points a game. Add in 4/6 5/8 on Ft and you got a pretty solid stat line for your Starting center. He has the potential to be a beast, and like John said give him some time so that he doesn’t put up big numbers for a few games but his AVG for the season is something like 15/10/5 and then he is ready. He makes some bad rotations on D but This guy’s attitude is the complete opposite of Cousins which is exactly what we want. KG loves guys like this and he will be with the team in a few months. It will take pressure off of everyone and you can split him and collins at the center spot with some wilcox if healthy/productive and we should be ok. With KG Bass and Sully at the PF spot and Bradley back at SG with Terry sliding back to the bench we will be fine. You have to think Green will be closer to 100% by the time the playoffs come. It’s all a trickle down effect. I’m really excited about a Team of Rondo/Bradley/Sully/Fab/Green. It gives guys like KG and Paul Plenty of rest which is the system the Spurs have been using for years and you can’t argue with their results…

  • nyceltic

    I hope he is an NBA center. We need one desperately.

  • Vince

    Shouldn´t we be seeing if he can do it in Boston with Wilcox out for a month? I like the addition of the kid from Mississippi State but he is 6-9 and not big enough to play center. Doc, give Melo a chance and put him in the rotation right now when we have so few options.

  • Boogie

    Not a bad follow-up game by the big guy. He needs to set stronger screens. He’s bailing out of the screen and rolling to the basket way too early. Shooting touch isn’t too bad, but his back to the basket offense really looks hidious. A steady diet of “mush” isn’t gunna hurt him. It didn’t hurt Avery. Leave him there to keep progressing. A couple good games against smaller teams isn’t gunna cut it.