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Brooklyn fires Avery Johnson

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 27, 2012 Around the NBA, News 11 Comments on Brooklyn fires Avery Johnson

The Deron Williams body count now stands at 2.

The Nets started out pretty well and once boasted a 10 win in 12 games stretch.  But a 3-10 December means Avery Johnson isn’t going to make it to see 2013.  This move is certainly surprising considering the timing of it, but recent grumblings by Deron Williams made it clear that Johnson’s days were numbered.

Chuck and I actually had a private conversation over chat a week ago that went like this:

10:57 AM Chuck: what’s all this talk about Deron Williams being unhappy in Brooklyn?
10:59 AM me: I don’t know
  I just read something about him being frustrated with the offense
11:00 AM Jesus.. I just looked up their salaries…
11:01 AM they’re committed to being over the tax threshold for 3 years
  if he’s pissed… he’d better get over it
 Chuck: so it better work… cuz they can’t change it
 me: that team’s not changing
 Chuck: he’s laying the ground work for Avery’s firing
11:02 AM me: that makes sense
  it’s the only thing that can change

Yes, the Nets and Mikhail Prokhorov are not messing around.  A .500 record, despite the fact that injuries helped play a part in that record, isn’t good enough after 28 games.  The Nets have a lot of money committed to this team with very little flexibility for any changes over the next few years.  DWill didn’t like the offense the team was running, but the team running it is going nowhere.

With the pressure in the battle for New York now squarely on the Brooklyn n00bs after the Knicks’ hot start, the team clearly felt a message needed to be sent.

Now, the question is… what kind of coach will take over?  Will he be a puppet that will capitulate to the players’ whims, or will there be a clear authoritarian who will take a stand and demand certain standards from his players?

With Williams’ history, the team needs to tread carefully into its search.

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  • adam

    I hear Phil Jackson is available. (snicker snicker)

  • GreenCro

    Just talked this morning with a friend about the exact thing
    Yeah, at first I also thought of Zen Master
    However, I guess they will have a hard time finding someone like him
    My guess…
    And just for the laugh… I. Thomas or even J. Sloan!

  • RedsLoveChild

    After that “sleep-walking” XMAS day performance…this should not be a complete shock.

  • Drew

    Brooklyn is slowly but surely turning into a diva franchise. It’s bad enough that every hipster that knows squat about basketball is repping the Brooklyn Nets. But now the franchise has a championship or bust mentality? That’s baffling.

  • PJ is the interim coach. How long till D Will chokes him out?

  • Beantownfanatic2012

    They should of fired the underachieving, whine bag Deron Williams and ISO Joe. Those 2 suck and Derons ego once again gets in the way. It’s not hard to see that if you sacrifice your ego for the better of the team, your gonna go places! I hate DWill, he’s not worth his contract at all and he’s overrated. JJ is overrated too. That’s too bad for Avery. I think it was a stupid move to pull the trigger so soon, but when you got Diva Williams running the point, anythings possible! Nets suck, I’m a Celtics fan and I see the Knicks as the real deal of NY!

  • Brian

    The Nets were embarrassed near the end of their 93-76 loss to Boston, when fans exited early amid a chant of ‘‘Let’s go Celtics!’’
    Well yea, they suck… The only thing worse then a nets/jets fan is a Heat Fan…

    • Drew

      Heat fans are so far beyond the next bad fan base it’s not even comparable. If I see one more high school kid with a flat brimmed Mitchell and Ness Miami Heat hat with gold stickers on the bill I might lose my cool.

    • zippittyay

      at least the Nets fans show up to watch the games and they know way more about hoops than any miami fan

  • nyceltic

    This “win now or get out” stuff isn’t healthy for the league, teams or fans.

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