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An open apology to Jeff Green

Nick Sannicandro December 27, 2012 Jeff Green 18 Comments on An open apology to Jeff Green

Dear Mr. Green,

I would like to start off by saying how truly sorry I am for my actions over the past two months since the start of the 2012-13 NBA Regular season. I took the time prior to the Celtics Christmas Day game against the Brooklyn Nets to watch the ESPN feature on you and your recovery from heart surgery. I must admit that for the majority of this season I have been nothing but frustrated and disappointed with your performance thus far. You have had some flashes of brilliance, to the point that I was ready to declare that you were over the hurdle, but those have been few and far between unfortunately. Your performance in the preseason and monster dunk against Utah had me hoping that we would all eventually stop hearing about Kendrick Abdul-Jabbar, but it has not come to fruition of yet.

As mentioned, I took the time to watch your special feature on ESPN, and I must say it was nothing short of moving. It is because of that feature that I decided to write this letter. All too often with Boston sports, we take our teams far more serious than we should and forget the human aspect of the game. The Boston fans and media have caused countless nervous breakdowns to occur between players and managers of the four major teams in the Boston market. We forget that these are people and expect perfection out of them at all times, regardless of circumstances. While some players may be great at handling adversity such as the flu or the death of a parent or loved ones, we often fail to consider how we would operate under similar circumstances should such a scenario be placed onto our own shoulders. And that is where you come in Mr. Green.

Yes, I knew you had heart surgery, but until I saw the scar on your chest, I don’t think I ever fully understood or appreciated just how severe the situation really was. You feature made me truly understand just how dangerous a situation you were involved in and just how frustrating and painstaking the recovery truly was for you. And that is where this apology comes in. The past few months are clearly one of the aforementioned situations where we the fans somehow forgot your situation. When you struggled early on, we didn’t stop to think that this was a guy who was recovering from heart surgery, we just assumed that Jeff Green circa 2011 postseason was back. When you seemed lost, slow, and out of place we didn’t stop to think how we might play ourselves had we been through heart surgery just under a year ago. And for that, I apologize for the entire fanbase of the Boston Celtics.

I hope that the damning comments that have been written about your play have not spoiled the image you have of the Boston Celtics fanbase; please understand that we are a passionate group that loves to win and loathes losing. We take the game far too serious and let it effect our everyday lives far too often, we forget that this is a game; one that provides us with inspirational stories such as your own. I write this now in an attempt to salvage that relationship between the fans and you Mr. Green in hopes that you can give us another chance, and that the fans may take a step back and give you a chance before they jump the gun on you again. I understand how frustrating it must be for you that you’ve yet to have a complete season here without some type of asterisk next to it (came in midway in 2011, heart surgery in 2012, recovery in 2013).

Lets hope that in 2014 you can have a whole season without an issue so that you can take steps forward. But do understand there is only so much power behind this letter, it may only hold off the masses for so long before they are going to again expect results. Without the results one day, we will forever hear of the mythical Hakeem Perkins, your tenure here may be viewed as a disappointment performance wise if you never fulfill the potential we all saw, but if nothing else you are still an amazing inspirational story, for none of us would even imagine returning to work after heart surgery as you did and get the results you have, and for that I extend my sincere gratitude.



Nick Sannicandro

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  • Trevor

    lets spread this, NOW

  • KY Celts fan

    Very nice.

  • stephanie

    I’ve been saying this the entire time! We’re taking this TOO seriously and forget that if we were in the same position we wouldn’t appreciate some of the totally RUDE and heartless comments.

    A lot of fans point out that Wilcox had surgery too (and more recently) and it’s not affecting him as much, but people fail to realize that they are 2 totally different people who are asked to do 2 totally different roles on the team.

  • TNCeltic

    Amazing. What incredible character! He deserves grace and patience. Look how far he’s come!

  • CoachAJ

    Nice article, I’m sure if he read it, he would appreciate it. I think sometimes folks forget how tough it is to recover from any surgery, let alone heart surgery. Seeing them as athletes making everything look easy, fans take what they do for granted. But as a Coach I know the entire hard body of work most of these people put it, and some things keep you from playing comfortably. As a huge JGreen fan from his GTown days, I was excited to have the C’s draft him, sad to see him traded away and equally happy for him to return. Roller coaster ride from JGreen, but I think he is getting more comfortable in Boston. Some thought it took a lot to play with Durant/Westbrook, it takes a ton more to play with Pierce/KG/Rondo/Allen.


    very nicely done Nick! i’ve been a big Jeff Green supporter ever since he got traded to the Celtics although i have been frustrated with his play at times but your right we as Boston fans get too much into our teams and forget they aren’t perfect and they go through things that we dont go through and vice versa.I still believe Jeff Green will be a big part of the Celtics and i definately need to watch the video your talking about. LETS GO CELTICS!!

  • Aaron

    Nice letter. Lets not forget he is going to also make 9 mil per year.

    • Jonah

      Aaron’s comment tells us more about Aaron’s inability to consider the human aspect of sports. Nick’s well-written and compassionate letter was not “nice.” It was forcing fans like you, Aaron, to think about the fact that Jeff Green is a human being, not a walking contract. Yes, he is being well-paid, but he is a person first. And Aaron, there’s a reason you’re not a GM.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Sounds quite reasonable.

    Jeff Green did not ask to be traded to Boston, and it`s ultra-rabid fan base in 2011…Green certainly did not ask that a popular, blue-collar guy like Perk be jettisoned out of town in order to bring him here…Green clearly did nothing wrong to bring about the serious health condition that he was afflicted with.

    This is a situation where Danny Ainge is simply being selfish.

    The situation cries out that it would be in Green`s best interest {mentally, emotionally, physically} to be traded to a less critical/less hostile/less demanding fan base, no?

    Orlando, Phoenix, Utah, Minny would all be a perfect fit for him…not to mention that his $36M will stretch even further in those places!

  • Walk


  • Matt W

    Nice sentiment, but you’re killing me with the passive voice.

  • CelticsKid34

    i been saying the same shit alllllllllllllll season long. i have a scar just like his… i guess it gave me a respect for him and immediately knew where he was coming from and going through from the beginning. REMEMBER WILCOX TOO PEOPLE!!! because i know his lack of pick and roll defense among MANY, MANY other flaws are going to be picked at just like green and many people forget that wilcox had heart surgery too.

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  • Nick Sannicandro

    Thanks for all the love guys! I hope you all enjoyed the read, I’ll be sure to keep trying to get out good stuff for you all!

    Much love

  • Robert

    Send this to him right away!

  • AusCelticsFan

    “And for that, I apologize for the entire fanbase of the Boston.”

    Don’t apologize for the entire fanbase. There’s plenty of us never bagged Jeff Green, and never stopped believing in him.

  • AusCelticsFan

    Oh, btw, that was still a great article.

  • Good article. Everyone should read and understand…