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Should the Celtics make a play for DeMarcus Cousins?

The Kings recently suspended the talented, but troubled DeMarcus Cousins for unprofessional behavior and conduct detrimental to the team. 

Cousins says he wants to remain in Sactown, but does the team still want him?

The Celtics could sure use a 22-year-old, 6-11 forward who averages 16 ppg and 9.6 rpg.

In a column that’s all speculation, Chris Sheridan comes up with Four Ways to Trade DeMarcus Cousins. Guess which team is included in scenario #1?

Cousins and Tyler Honeycutt to Boston for Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo and Avery Bradley.

The Celtics proved last season you can take the Miami Heat to seven games without a true center. But taking them to seven games and beating them in seven games are two different teams, and the East is a stronger conference than it was a year ago. Boston would have to part with the two players it drafted last June in the first round, and a capable young defender in Bradley who has become somewhat superfluous (when he is read to come back) because of the arrivals of Jason Terry and Courtney Lee.

Wow… that’s a hefty package for a guy with character issues. The Celtics would have to be convinced KG and Doc Rivers could set Cousins straight.

Tyler Honeycutt is a 6-8 swingman from UCLA who was drafted in the 2nd round in 2011. According to John Hollinger, he can defend and pass, but has limited scoring ability. Consider him a throw-in.

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  • KG21

    Not with Bradley and Sully tho..

    Lee Green and Melo…

    Cousins would be a great addition tho..KG will straighten him up… Rondo and Cousins Kentucky connection would help too..

    Look at Blatche now? He’s playing great and got no issues at all.. Im still disappointed that the C’s didnt sign him..him.. I hope Cousins would turn out the same or much better!

    • AlexLuo

      King Will not want Lee and Green. They don’t want any crazy contract like Green’s nor mostly anyone in the league. DMC makes 3.881 mil per, Lee + Green + Melo = around 15 mil per, how’s that within 25% when you’re making trades?

      • wil333

        how about lee bass and melo lol

  • Brian

    How about KG, Paul and Rondo 2.. no way, that’s to much to give up. One of the problems with couins is he only makes 4.1 mil. So you have to send that much out or more to make a trade. Lee or Bass and 1 or 2 picks would be fair, but I doubt it’s enough to get it done. I’m sure the C’s are kicking themselves for not picking up Hickson for 4 million instead of bass for what 6? Varnado will be a breath of fresh air to a team that needs defense/rebounding and Bradley on christmas will have a tricle down effect for the rest of our team. As long as we are in the top 8 we will be ok, and I think fab will be ready by then despite what Doc is saying.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’d love to have a Cousins on this team. The kid is an amazing talent and needs someone like KG to get his head on straight. But I’m not giving up a sure thing in Bradley for potential in Cousins.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Should the Celtics do it?

    Sure…if they want to regret another bad decision, and slip even further away from NBA relevance.

    • Danno

      Two trips to the Nba Finals, one championship, and two other trips to the ECF in the last 5 years and your think they’re irrelevant?

      Go fuck yourself, moron.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Stop living in the past, Douchebag!

        Our two best players are 35 & 36 years old….the team will fall below .500 within the next 24 hours.

        Yet, you STILL think they are relevant???

        • Celticsfanatic

          Yeah, because they’re one very possible trade away like this one from being a contender again,

          • RedsLoveChild

            Trade Bradley & Sullinger for Sacramento`s migraine headache.

            Makes sense!

  • Mike

    Sullinger, lee, and melo for cousins and honeycutt

  • Mike

    Final roster…
    Pg rondo, barbosa
    Sg bradley, terry
    Sf pierce, green, honeycutt, joseph
    Pf garnett, bass, the new d ~ league guy
    C cousins, wilcox

    • Astarot

      Intriguing one but I’d trade Bass and Terry Sully and Lee (if it works) and I’d try Melo first before going to that trade. I know Cousins potential but I’m still not sure if he’s worth it with his troubles right now he’s one big question mark literally. Blowing all up should always be last choice for GM in my opinion especially in the situation Cs are (not that bad overall).

      • Mike

        I really think terry will be huge for us come playoffs I wouldn’t trade bradley for anyone he is a game changer on defense…I wouldn’t mind including bass

  • Mac

    Cousins went to our local high school. ..until he was thrown out. He is trouble. He’s just not right. Unless kg wants to and is allowed to fight him everyday. He’s not worth it

  • Trade bass for Tyler hanbough .. And trade melo, lee, and Jared sulliner for DMC and Tyler Honeycutt

  • Eduardo Haro-Castanon

    I wouldn’t give up Sullinger my dream scenario would be DeMarcus Cousins, John Salmons, and Tyler Honeycutt for Avery Bradley, Bass, Melo, Lee, and two first round picks. Avery Bradley is an undersized sg but is an amazing on ball defender comparable to Tony Allen and Bruce Bowen but we need a star to pair next to Rondo. DMC’s potential is unmatched he’s imposing physically he has a jumper with a developing post game which you don’t get from centers these days. The center is a dying breed who in the East would be able to take Boston with DMC ? Salmons can be amnestied to pick up depth as in guys like Chris Anderson, Kenyon Martin, Johnny Flynn, Michael Redd, and so on. Boston would be one of the most complete teams out in the NBA.

    • Elzie

      I like that trade! Boston would contend then! But they could use Salmone as well he can score better then lee is!!

  • Elzie

    If I was DA i would trade lee, bass and a second round pick to Sac for Cousins and Chuck Hayes

    • JG

      I’m sure the Celtics would love that, but the problem with trades is that the other team has to agree.

      • AlexLuo

        Excellent pt man, haha. Most of the ppl here think trades are abt getting rid of ppl you don’t want for other team’s impact players.

        • JG

          Hahahaha exactly. I mean I’m not suggesting EVERY trade proposal is stupid or that I have something better. But what I do know is that usually a team doesn’t trade 2 of their top performers (I don’t care if DC is acting up, they can get quality for him) for a couple of guys who are arguably overpaid and underperforming!

          One thing that I did like that someone asked in a recent comment was why sign this D-league guy and not Kenyon Martin? And furthermore, I’m surprised by how many people support the Cousins trade but not signing Martin. I get that Cousins is an up and coming star if he clears up his issues and Martin is old, but we are talking almost no risk for Martin besides his “issues” (celtics would give almost nothing in terms of pay from what I gather) versus giving up future pieces for a guy who has had worse issues than Martin.

          I don’t disagree with trying anything to land either of them. I just don’t really get the huge support for this and lack of support for Martin, considering what you’d have to give up.

  • shawn

    I can see that happening

  • shawn

    We can also work In a a deal to get josh smith

  • Rondo To KG

    It’d be tough, but I think I would pull the trigger. Cousins needs the stability to get the most out of his career and its clear that he’s talented.

    I could see him having a Zach Randolph type career in the right situation. KG will be a great role model for him.

  • It would be hard to part with AB, but I’d do the deal. Keith Smart has lost that team already, I think Cousins can be fixxed. I like Sully too but the kid can’t even dunk. Still would rather DA do the deal without AB being involved.

    Merry Christmas everybody!!! Go C’s!

    • wil333

      his first field goal was a dunk lol but we got too many undersized players, .. get rid of bass pleasee

  • Chief

    I think we will start clicking after AB comes back. Bringing in a cheap big until Wilcox gets back is the right thing to do. If you blow it up now, they won’t have time to gel and the season will be lost. A bunch of new parts in the middle of the season only makes things harder on the core guys. Get healthy and keep getting better every day. As long as we are in the play-offs, that’s all that matters. I wouldn’t mind playing the top seed first while we are fresh, rather than having to play them after we are worn out.

    • JudahZab

      The Man Averages 12 pts and 2.3 Assist per 36 nothing is going to change but oposing guards maybe score 4 less points a game

      • Glass Joe

        You are beyond clueless.

    • Chief

      Too many chiefs here….lucky I agree with what you posted 🙂

      • ChiefLittle

        Sorry Chief, from now on I’ll use this name. JudahZab, AB brings defensive intensity which is contagious. Opposing guards won’t be able to get to the rim as easy and that will help our defensive rebounding. We don’t need more scorers, rather better consistant role players that can make an impact on the game. AB can do that!

        • Chief

          It’s all good chief little…..any fan of parish is cool in my book,merry christmas

  • Chris 2.0

    Is the season that far gone to trade the future of this team for some punk who can’t keep his mouth shut?! Third suspension of the season (and we’re not even through 30 games yet) on a team who can obviously use every body they can get. Cousins is the 180 degree opposite of what this team needs right now. Regardless of where he ends up, he is going to be a problem, as history has continued to tell us. What happens if/WHEN this clown doesn’t fall into line? Was it worth dumping a top 5 on-ball defender and a PF with nothing but upside? Does anyone think that Sullinger is not worth the same tutilage under Doc/KG?
    In 2 months we’ll see how many folks on here are still so easy to part with AB.

    • JudahZab

      sully stinks he too small and not as effective as other players his size like elton brand at his age and kurt thomas and so on and on hes an average basketball who plays hard like a chuck hayes but my man is never gonna be a high calibur player like a demarcus cousins can be and as for AB the kid would be hard to part with but a few blocks on marquee players and some full court d id easily give up for potential franchise big man like boogy cuz

      • Rhyso

        well said don’t know why ppl are so high on sully, anyone cant shoot over him because he is undersized and not athletic.

        • His rebounding ability is sick, he plays smart basketball and is a team player.

          And oh yeah, his offensive game is more polished than some guys that have been in the league 5 years. This kid is the real deal. Celtic for life.

  • JudahZab

    cousins is trouble cause he young rich and lives in cow dump sacramento theres no veterans around him and i think kg would call him every obscenity in the book and tune his ass up into a 20-10 big man

  • Astarot

    This trade is just stupid. That kind of package with Sully playain’ the way he’s been playin’, rebounding, Fab developing and Bradley presence on D and not seeing him yet on the floor it will never happen. For the guy with that kind of troubles that kind of attitude. I’m not sure if Cs should go for him in any kind of trade proposal . Take a look at the locker room with KG and Paul that kind of player will never get along or it will take very long time for him and flustration for the rest of the team while gettin along. You gotta have the right character to get along with KG, Paul and a coach like Rivers or you gotta be willing to change and I’m not sure if he is ready to grow up.

  • Silurus Glanis

    Cousins is talented, but if you think he’s ready to help the Celtics right away, you haven’t seen enough Kings games. The rebounding, yeah, he will do that no matter what. But his scoring efficiency is just terrible, and a different team isn’t going to help much with that. He can’t finish at the rim, for some reason; smaller guys regularly bully him out of post position, where he just is not comfortable playing. He also takes way too many jumpshots, and this is a guy who cannot make them at the rate KG does.

    He regularly tunes out during games, particularly on defense. You can say this is all about the Kings, but no, they have other big men I’d much prefer having. Chuck Hayes, Jason Thompson are just much more reliable players who play hard and give their energy 100% of the time.

    Cousins is a project. A talented one, but very risky for a win now team. I like him, but I don’t think the Celtics are a good place for him right now.

    • JudahZab

      the man is paint clogging beef who eats glass thats all this team needs

    • Me

      no trade for him not happening

  • Chief

    I wouldn’t want to give up ab or sully for him, happy holidays everyone.

  • celtics33

    All this talk about giving up young players to get Cousins —

    Interesting that the Celtics passed on a young, talented big man who can score and rebound in the offseason.

    ANDRAY BLATCHE could have been signed without losing ANY players. He signed with NJ for the vet minimum. Such a low risk for a player who potentially could be great.

    Now all the talk is about getting Cousins who is definitely a HUGE risk.

    Doc and Danny passing on Blatche is the reason Boston is still desperately searching for a big man…

    • Me


  • eddysamson

    I am completely and 100% against any trade shipping AB out. Look at how god-fucking-awful we play without him. I dont care if we get Dwight Howard in exchage, we NEED him. He is the epitomy of Celtic basketball. You get rid of him and you get rid of the example for the rest of the team. Even Pierce and Rondo need reminders every now and then. (I left KH out because hes so god damned consistent)

    • eddysamson


    • ZabJudah


  • ZabJudah

    AB is O-Ver-Rated clap clap clap clap clap O-Ver-Rated clap clap clap clap clap

    • wil333

      whats over rated about him? lol he is a great defender, a good cutter, a decent spot up shooter. he has hops too

      thats what he is.

    • Drew

      You’re a fucking dumb ass piece of shit. A real cock smoking fag lord piece of shit. Haha, but really, you’re pretty not smart.

      • CoachBo

        I’d miss Bradley, even though he hasn’t done jack shit in the league and has two shoulders like Brian Bosworth to boot.

        You can’t buy the entertainment provided by the endless stream of basketball illiterates here and on CelticsBlog who think Bradley is on a collision course with the Hall of Fame – based on no significant sample size whatsoever.

        • CoachBo

          After he’s gone, I’ll just have to hope y’all annoint the next undersized one-dimensional guard to come down the Boston path for greatness.

          There will be another one.

          And you know you will.

          • Drew

            You’re retaaawwwwwded. A real grade a retawwwwwd.

  • zippittyay

    Cousins =cancer

  • zippittyay

    I wouldn’t give avery for cousins straight up

    • KGino


  • Jon

    I still think al Jefferson is the way to go. I don’t want to see ab go. But look, Utah will not be able to keep al Jefferson. And we don’t have enough room in the budget to throw down on an expensive big man. Bass and green are not attractive trade offerings. Overpaid. We could give up lee, melo, sully, picks, cash. Jet is needed to space the floor. I hate giving up sully, I like the kid a lot. Honestly, when you look at it though, what option do we have? And will these teams even want our offerings?

  • Jon

    I don’t know why we are going after a pf right now anyway. Under kg, sully has potential to be a great player. I know he’s small. That doesn’t mean he can’t learn to be enough until his trade value is high enough that we can get something for him. We need an honest to god center. Horford, varejuo, Jefferson

    • Me

      varejao baby

  • Ryan

    I don’t think we should include Bradley. Would multiple draft picks take him out of the trade?

    • wil333

      yeahh i hope they dont trade bradley, he is their best two guard.

      Bass is the only one i would like to go. Melo is still a project. i think we have to let go of C Lee. though i still think he will get better with Cs.

      Get a big man!!!!!!

      • Me

        varejao is the guy (trust me)

  • Drew


  • Drew

    I’m shocked at how many fans think their ridiculous blow it up methods are good ideas. We are entering an era where small ball rules the game and people actually want to give up arguably the best defensive guard in basketball. You people make my head spin.

  • Sam

    I’d trade Bradley and Sully and even Green if they wanted him and take on John Salmons’ contract. That’s how much I think this is exactly the kind of move the Celtics need.

    We need more talent at the top! Depth doesn’t matter that much unless you have the superstar talent at the top already in place. We need another young star to put next to Rondo and Demarcus would be a great fit with a passer like Rondo. They could do wonders for each others careers.

    • Eduardo Haro-Castanon

      Exactly what I wrote previously DMC and Rondo would be unstoppable the second coming of Karl Malone and John Stockton ! DMC needs veterans around him and a coach like Rivers to mold him into an All-Star. If this trade were to happen we could amnesty Salmons for depth a natural pg and a big or two. DMC, Salmons, and Honeycutt for Bradley, Lee, Melo, Bass, and two future first round picks. Lee or Bradley would replace the likely departed Tyreke Evans, Melo has potential to be a defensive juggernaut, Bass would give Thompson and rookie Robinson competition, and the picks sweeten the deal.

      • Stewped Huscle

        I totally agree with you. However, I think we should also throw in KG….you know, sweeten the pot a bit more in hopes of convincing the Kings we’re serious here. If they agree to take Bradley, Lee, Melo, Bass, 2 first rounders AND KG…..then maybe we could ask for DMC, Salmons, Honeycutt and Marcus Thornton. Thornton is a sure fire future HOF’r. Wow! Think about that, we’d have Rondo, Thornton, PP, Sully & DMC!
        To be honest, I doubt the Kings would go for it, but I really think its worth a try. If we could get DMC + Thornton and in the process ship out KG, we’d be set for the next 7 years. Not to mention the added advantages those new guys would bring in attracting future free agents. Those guys would immediately shift the culture here in the right direction. I’m sure you’d agree that KG has been such a disappointment in that respect.
        I’m so damn giddy thinking about the possibility of mortgaging the future and taking on DMC & Thornton.
        You know, I really think DMC has got the bum rap in his career, somewhat of a mis-labeled guy. I just think he’s unlucky, it’s not him that’s the problem, it’s those around him. In high school, it was the coach’s fault for making DMC so upset they had to be separated & police had to be called to the school. Totally bogus they made the poor kid sit out the 2nd half of his soph year. Then, you see him at Kentucky getting in all these heated arguments on national TV with coach Cal and it’s like, this kid can’t catch a break! He’s all effort, all hustle, all day. With an approach to the game that’s solid gold. It’s BS the Kings have suspended the kid 3 diff times indefinitely. I mean, cut him some slack. Like I’ve said from day 1 – DMC is about as high character of a player you’re gonna find nowadays, he’s just been put in a string of unfortunate situations since his sophomore year in high school.

        I’m gonna make sure to follow your comments from now on, you seem like you’re really dialed in to the pulse of the Celtics (plus I can tell you obviously know the game).

        If our predictions prove true, think about all the cool options we’d have for nicknames & wordplay….Run DMC, etc..!!!

        My head hurts now just thinking about the endless possibilities.

        Time to load some more rocks in the glass tube…..

    • Drew

      It pains me to read stuff like this. How dumb can people be?

      • Me


    • Me

      stupid trade and too much not trading to kings (NEVER)

  • GiveMeTheCrown

    Yes on this one, He is just what we need.
    My only concern is: Does he want to be a Celtics?
    His a center, do we have the salary to offer him a contract, look at Brook Lopez and Roy Hibbert

  • Sheets

    The Heat want us to trade AB

  • Me


  • Swissflix

    Since we have KG and Pierce as the core we obviously are in win now or never mode. And now is this season. So the team must be set up in order to do so – which makes a big rebounder necessary and AB probably (cf2012-what coulda been…! Alas…) not that important. However, he’s an important component of future teams. I would trade him for Varejao, not for Gortat. Gotta get some value here:) DCousins is too much of a project.

    • Me

      varejao is the best option for me double double guys meets tripple double guy

  • Patrick

    By starting Collins … I think it’s clear Ainge / Rivers are trying to set a rotation void of our current trade bait … Cousins, Gortat or Jefferson is a MUST for this team and I think anyone short of Rondo & KG should be sent packing to bring the ability to rebound to this team … I would offer 1st round picks in 2013 or 2014 and any combination that works under the salary cap to land one of those 3 centers

    • Me

      Getting Cousin Gortat Jefferson (all needs a jeff green lee bradley bass) if that happens id rather take anderson varejao

  • davone abrams

    I think we should go after al jefferson better low post presents him and kg together will be too much keep bradley

    • Me

      Anderson Varejao Is The Guy For Me