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Many opposing point guards had an interesting take on that moment last season when Rondo, rested up, came back on the floor to replace his young backup. This was before Ray Allen’s deteriorating right ankle made it necessary for Bradley to start.

“He’s the best defensive guard in the league, hands down. Nobody else is like him,” Rondo said of Bradley Friday. “The league will see soon. Guys on other teams are already talking about him to me.”

Rondo’s eyes crinkled as he broke into a half-smile. He thought back to last season’s comments.

“A couple of guys last year had things to say,” he said. “It’s kind of funny. (Bradley) would finally get out of the game, and I would come in, and they would almost seem relieved — I don’t know if that was an insult to me, or just a credit to the defensive player that he is.”

Perhaps Rondo’s good humor is stoked by one absolute belief concerning Bradley.

“We’re going to be a completely different team, just with one player coming back,” said Rondo, whose frustration and desire for a change in the Celtics’ 13-13 start couldn’t be more feverish.


Herald – Rajon Rondo points to Avery Bradley’s pressure

The Celtics continue to ride that roller coaster of mediocrity and like a lot of us, Rondo is eager for Avery Bradley’s return to the lineup.  From the piece in the Herald, you can tell that opponents aren’t exactly feeling so chipper for AB’s return.  Rondo even added a moment of brevity to the situation above when he said he didn’t know if he should be insulted by his opponents comments (yes, in some ways he should!). Bradley will help quite a bit as Rondo points out, especially defending in the pick and rolls.  Rondo’s pick and roll defense, or lack thereof, has been routinely criticized, but he at least explains the toll it takes on him every game to do that as well as run the offense.  It’s easy to sit here and say “well so-and-so can do it, why can’t he?”  While there is some truth to that, the fact of the matter is, he’s not a cyborg, only LeBron James is.

AB will help in an avalanching-trickle-down effect sort of way.  The Celtics defense has been their biggest issue along with rebounding and consistent play even within the same game.  If Bradley can at least begin to help them with their biggest issue, the defense, then it will help.  It won’t get fixed overnight but any type of consistency at this point will be monumental for them.

The rest of the links:

ESPN Boston – Eyes on Claws: Melo’s 14 blocks – Fab Melo, as Chris Forsberg so perfectly puts it, “posted a rather ridiculous triple-double with 15 points, 14 blocks and 16 rebounds over 36:47.”

Globe Sunday Notes – Chandler Parsons had such a great pre-draft workout with the Celtics, he thought he was going to be drafted by them

Globe – Celtics are still trying to figure out if .500 is who they really are (Washburn highlights some of the horrid games of the season, discusses AB’s return)

Herald Sunday Notes – Sadly heartfelt reunion (Mark Murphy has some great quotes from Flip Saunders and Danny Ainge about the estranged relationship between Kevin Garnett and Kevin McHale.  Interesting that Ainge said he’s almost convinced that their hug was the first time they have spoken since KG was traded here).

CSNNE – A look back at Celtics home performances – (Jessica Camerato goes over some stats and highlights from some of the home games this year)


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  • The celtics need too.stop changing line ups shorten the nench play to about three msybe four players trade for a rebounding specailist

  • RedsLoveChild

    1} Assuming Bradley returns to be the player he was last year, with no ill effects from his surgeries….the Celtics should rip up his contract next summer and lock him up long-term. Same as they did with Rondo.

    2} How the hell can we get Larry Sanders…the 6`11″, 24 year old Milwaukee Buck who kicks our ass so effin` bad there are no words to describe it!!

    In 118 minutes against Boston this year…Sanders has 55 boards {1 every 2.14 mins.}, plus he`s 24 for 35 from the field {.686%}.

    Imagine, Sanders {24 yrs. old} along with one more big young stud {K-Love?}, teamed up with AB, RR, JS!!

    Or…would you rather continue to overpay for the past performances of 35 & 36 year old fragile geezers, who offer us nothing other than memories of 2008??

    • LAF

      Yeah! And we should totally trade for Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Lebron James, too! Imagine a lineup of AB, RR, JS, DR, KI, DL, KD and LBJ! That’s like, 8 players on the floor and like, that’s like totally more than 5, isn’t it? We’ll win every time! Oh, shit! I forgot Anderson Verajao and Al Jefferson! Holy shit! We’re gonna be unstoppable!!! I’m so excited I think I just jizzed in my pants!

      • RedsLoveChild

        Bad acid?

        • LAF

          Dropped on your head as a baby?

  • LAF

    Allow me to translate what Rondo is saying.

    “Playing D is hard. It’s hard work and is killing my body. Literally! You guys need to understand that it hurts to fight through picks and I’ve been in a lot of pain since I’m a veteran and have been at it for like, SIX YEARS! That’s why I don’t play D, not because I don’t want to, but because it really really hurts.”

    I agree with Rondo that AB will help turn this team around. But this article shows why Rondo is nothing more than this generation’s Antoine Walker. What a garbage. Trade his prima donna ass before everyone figures out what an overrated punk he is.

    • Alex

      You are one of the main reasons why I tend to stop going to Red’s Army… The IQ in some of the posts made here by some of the readers are incredibly stupid. So dumb, I”m starting to think it is all one big trolling attempt to piss off the Celtics fans.

      I understand respecting people’s opinions, but the shit that spews out of your mouth is not contributing squat. Until the staff decides to clean up and start banning idiots like you, I think I’m going to stick with Celticsblog as my source of Celtics info.

      • ZabJudah

        redsarmy dosen’t need you!

        • LAF

          redsarmy STRONG!

          hey alex,
          how does rondo’s ass taste?

  • ZabJudah

    high profile free agents dont come to boston and never will kevin garnett did because hes a psychopath… for gasol, big AL, or andy……..i think we could acquire okafor for some used larry bird memorabilia and can of clam chowder

    • LAF

      okafor wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize for the right price but i’d rather get big al, then gasol or andy v. andy v is too often hurt tho.

  • Me

    Anderson Varejao is the only possible player that we can get (no more no less)

    • Me

      and i totally 100% agree, unless they dont rebounds this team is soft really soft as doc rivers says… i only see jeff green as a role player…i better let lee stays hell yeah he cant score but he can defend pretty well….. i would not mind bass+green or bass+sully + joseph or melo + picks

      look: al jefferson demands a jeff green or bradley
      gortat demands a lee or bradley
      josh smith a brandley and green
      millsap a jeff green
      same as varejao…. but as celtics need to tall players inside…if you really want to see a revenge heat vs celtics eastern conference finals

      like dallas did two big man 7’0 and 7’1

      KG 6’11 + another 6’11 is enough.. if we cant find 7’0

      josh smith is better than varejao…but scoring wont save us..josh smith block shots wont ibaka try to do…

      al jeff is more on offensive type center

      millsap again is too small

      gortat is low post scorer shot blocker..but…. he is letting me down…stats are dropping… so im not sure what he will bring on the table

      while varejao is injury proned…slight though
      when he is 100% healthy come playoffs?