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Sunday practice report: Wilcox out for 1 month

Doc Rivers gave Chris Forsberg & the rest of the media the bad news at today’s practice in Waltham:

Wilcox hurt the thumb in Tuesday’s game vs the Bulls. It’s being called an “ulnar collateral sprain” of his right thumb. Doc says he’s been told Wilcox should be out somewhere from 3 to 4 weeks. Obviously this is not good for a team that is already struggling with rebounding & interior defense. So now the question is, will Jared Sullinger’s minutes increase significantly? Will the C’s go out and try to get a big man? And this also makes Fab Melo’s huge game in the D-League last night that much more significant. Forsberg writes:

With Wilcox injured and the departure of Darko Milicic earlier this season, the Celtics are thin yet again at the center position and have been forced to lean on undersized big men like Brandon Bass and rookie Jared Sullinger. Rivers was asked if the team needed to make a move for a big man.

“You would think, but obviously that’s the one position where they don’t grow on trees. They actually grow,” quipped Rivers. “We just have to be patient. Obviously, we need another big with Chris being out. I don’t know if we’re going to get another big on this trip.”

The Celtics could attempt to muddle through until Jan. 7 when free agents are eligible to be inked to 10-day contracts. That would afford Boston a chance to add a player to Milicic’s vacated spot without forcing a move that clogs a roster spot for the remainder of the season, leaving the team able to stil be active at the trade and waiver deadlines when the players available might be glitzier.

And what about rookie Fab Melo, who set a D-League record with 14 blocks as part of a triple-double effort on Saturday in Maine?

“I haven’t talked to anyone that thinks he’s ready to come up yet,” said Rivers. “There might be your answer.”

Forsberg also got some news on Jeff Green’s injury from Friday night. Green was hit square in the mouth by an Ersan Ilyasova elbow. Green told the media that “it’s just another’s cool; added to my character.” Pretty interesting quotes from a guy who some have labeled as too soft:

Who knows. Maybe this will give Green some character:

Asked how Green looked in practice, Rivers quipped: “He looked good. Looked like Jeff Green with a black eye and chipped teeth. He actually looked better.”

Doc also talked about Avery Bradley’s rehab and the possibility of him playing on the team’s upcoming road trip. And boy could they use him. After facing Brooklyn on Christmas, the C’s travel out west to face the LA Clippers, who are one of the best teams in the NBA right now, a much-improved Warriors squad that play in Oracle Arena aka the Celtics’ House of Horrors and a Kings team that won at home vs Boson last season. So is Avery going to make an earlier than expected return to action?

Avery Bradley is nearing a return after enduring double shoulder surgery and Rivers didn’t rule out the possibility of him debuting on this road trip, but said he didn’t want to pressure the training staff. Bradley had been eyeing a return on Jan. 2 when the team returns home, but had planned to travel on the road trip.

“I think there’s a chance [he’ll play on the trip], but I don’t know what the chances are,” said Rivers. “I haven’t talked to anybody. The fact that he went through, again, today’s practice great … I don’t know, I just try to stay out of that. Because he’s close and I don’t want anyone feeling like I’m pressuring them — Avery or, more importantly, the doctors. Because Avery wants to play. I guarantee he wants to play the next game. But that’s something that I try to stay away from.”

Rivers was asked if Bradley appeared game ready from what he’d seen in practice.

“He could play, there’s no doubt,” said Rivers. “He’s ready to play. I don’t know about the healing part of it. Does it take those extra two weeks? He had two surgeries, and I think that’s what we forget. The first surgery was on one day, the second one was a lot later. And that’s the shoulder that still needs to heal. Now, if you can go through a practice, the way we’ve gone, especially today, can he play in a game? He might be able to. But maybe it’s still too early. I don’t know the answer.”

Interestingly enough, about 15 minutes after I posted this story, the Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy tweeted this:

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  • KG21

    Wow! We really need a big man…lets go for cousins!

    • Nate

      No way the Kings want any of our players, another team would have to be involved. Which one? Thats why I’m not a GM 🙂

      • KG21

        How about the jazz? Looks like millsap and big al will be on the trading block..

        • Me

          as ive said..jefferson trade (utah) demands for green or bradley…


          if i pick varejao or jefferson…
          green for varejao (i would not hesitate)

          as ive said again injury proned

          but? when playoffs comes and he is healthy


        • Me


          they want green or bradley

          which fans does not want to happen

          if i choose on this two Varejao or Jefferson

          varejao without loosing bradley

          i can see jeff green as a role player

          i cleveland is lacking of SF

          but? varejao is a slight injury proned

          but as ive said again

          come playoffs when healthy


  • Brian

    Melo throws down a triple double and doc says he’s not ready yet. I’m guessing he needs a stat line with 29 points 27 rebounds and 37 block shots!

    • Nate

      It was against D-Leaguers

  • Raun

    Team can’t get a break. Not only are they losing games they shouldn’t, but now they’re losing players. The Celts big men rotation is weak as is and now no Wilcox? The Celts have no choice, but to sign a big man. Knowning the Celts stubborness about adding big men, I doubt they will.

  • Quest

    What assets do the Celtics have to trade to upgrade roster?

    • KG21

      If we want the 18th banner now then we have to sacrifice Bradley and Green…

      • Brick James

        I don’t agree. The team as presently constituted CAN compete for a title. The question is whether they can execute.

        • Me

          disagree… the way they are playing?

          brooklyn 4 big man c+ greland wallace can outrebound and beat them…

          larry sanders alone beat them

          remember (andrew bynum is coming back)

          remember bulls got noah and boozer and gibzon

          atlanta got horford and josh smith..last year if josh is not injured almost beaten us

          i know what im saying… green is on and off
          lee dont score but i praised his defensive presense
          terry can hit those 3’s but no floor spacing
          rondo is holding the ball too long
          bass dont rebounds
          sully can rebounds but fouls out early
          collins get 2 point and 2 rebounds only
          wilcox is more of a scorer 6’10 center
          joseph just sits there
          paul pierce can score 30+
          kg can score too but hates rebounding
          barbosa plays very little minutes

          this team is built to win…but (if you just add a rebounder) i can see them winning it
          box out.hustle,floor spacing (specially to our 3 pointers), rebounding, pick n roll with legit tall center (rondo or terry or barbosa pick and roll)

          they can win this but as for now i dont see it happening and adding a josh smith or someone breaks the team chemistry.. and its mid-season already…

          adding a center jefferson gortat varejao will not break team chemistry because… you only replace center spot… the role is simple (REBOUNDS REBOUNDS REBOUNDS BOX OUT PICK N ROLL FLOOR SPACING)

          not even the new shot blocker from d-league….

          trust me, if miami past the knicks…miami will beat them.. even wade is guarded by bradley… bradley cannot be stop..but.. bradley can contain him

          pierce cannot stop lebron but he can contain him…no melo not j-smoove or anyone…
          if lebron is on fire he is on fire no one can stop him

          if bass dont rebounds and sully fouled out early

          if haslem does his job rebounding…
          even bosh dont rebounds hitting jumps shot and 3 poitns only..hell yeah miami can win this…

          remember miami heat are all 3 point shooters
          if they missed they missed (you can never tell)

          d-wade and lebron are both perimiter shooters
          adding a shot blocker or 6’9 guy wont help

          but clogging the paint really helps but…6’9 + 6’11 wont do nothing

          6’11 +6’11 the can be a chance clogging inside
          as long as pierce contain lebron pretty well

          in that case celtics can win it

          and the only reason celtics went to playoffs last year

          bradley + pietrus = defense

          + keyoon dooling veterance presence

          stiemsma and hollins

          wilcox and collins are nothing on them

          trust me

          we can win this with a rebounder


  • Vince

    It is time to get Melo and Sullinger some playing time and then make a move after January 7th. We aren´t going to go up or down between now and the 7th so give these kids some playing time.

  • CelticsKid34


    • eddysamson

      wow its confirmed…why the fuck would they add another undersized big?

  • KG21

    I thought Varnado plays for the heat? Oh well… A small version of fab should have given melo the minutes..

    • CelticsKid34

      thats what im saying doc needs to bring fab up, we are thin at center not sf or pf. this signing makes no sense