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Your Morning Dump… Where Jeff Green has chipped teeth and a bruised cheek

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Celtics forward Jeff Green sustained a bruised left cheek and chipped multiple teeth after absorbing a stray elbow from Milwaukee’s Ersan Ilyasova in the final moments of overtime in the Bucks’ 99-94 triumph on Friday night at TD Garden.

Green and Ilyasova were chasing a rebound after Monta Ellis missed the back end of two free throws in a one-point game with 18 seconds to go in the extra session. Ilyasova managed to tip the ball, but landed an elbow to the left side of Green’s face as they pursued the ball. Ellis ended up with his own rebound and the Celtics were forced to foul to both prevent Milwaukee from running out the clock and to get Green off the floor.

Holding his face while lying on the baseline in front of the Celtics’ bench, Green was tended to by team trainer Ed Lacerte and team physician Dr. Brian McKeon before walking off the floor while clutching a towel over his face.

ESPN Boston 

Jeff Green can’t catch a god damn break. The good news here – the injury is only a bruise and chipped teeth. I was thinking facial fracture and concussion when he went down.

Ersan Ilysasova apologized to Green for the inadvertent elbow. While it wasn’t flagrant, the refs could have whistled Ilyasova for a loose ball foul.

It’s worth no thing that Green played well in this game – 14 points, 4 steals, 2 blocks and a huge offensive rebound that led to Paul Pierce’s overtime forcing three-pointer.

Remember when Pierce smashed his face into the court ten years ago? He broke two teeth, but returned to play in that game. Green’s status for the Christmas day game vs the Nets is unknown, but I will not be surprised to see him to play.

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As far as the game, the Celtics continue to find ways to lose. Some nights we can blame the defense and rebounding. Last night, it was the offense – 38% FG.

While history shows us the Celtics are capable of rebounding from slow starts, there’s going to come a time when they won’t.

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  • I hope that elbow was a wake up call to Jefff, it’s time for him to throw some elbows, this is what KG was talking about.

  • Jcreu

    Green should be fine. For some reason the refs seem to “stick it” to the Celtics at times, but I don’t think it’s the cause of their loses. Great teams and great players play through bad officiating. And though I understand the frustration of some fans, I think it’s too early to go into full panic mode. There’s no question the Celtics are awful at the moment. Some may consider this team mediocre. As one writer simply put, “the Celtics are the best mediocre team in the league right now”. I can’t argue with that statement.

    I think it’s unfortunate as basketball and Celtics fan to see you’re team getting out hustled on a nightly basis. How is that a professional bball team with experience and championship pedigree can’t muster 48 mins of basketball? It’s embarrassing and painful to watch this Celts team get beat up by teams like the Cavs, Pistons, Bucks and etc.

    Why is this team playing 24 mins of basketball instead of 48 mins? But the blame shouldn’t only be on the players. The coaching staff has to share some of the blame too. How is that Doc can’t figure out rotations with already 23 games into the season? When well Rivers and Ainge realize that guys like Bass, Wilcox, Green, Sully, Lee, Terry, Kris, Melo and Barbosa aren’t defensive minded, but to put pressure of A. Bradley as the defensive savior is just insane.

    I here some fans compare this season’s poor start to last season, but there’s no comparison. Last season was a shorten lock-out season. Guys were out of shape, injured and new to the team. Last season’s Celtics struggled offensively, but the defense wasn’t an issue. Guys like O’Neal, Dooling, Daniels, Bradley, Sasha, Steisma, Hollins and Pieturs were defensive minded. Garnett, was able to thrive at the center position, because the position change came within the last 2 months of reg season.

    This season’s Celtics seem to lack urgency and energy on both ends. They’re playing 1st and 2nd quarters with energy, but then take off 3rd and 4th. They’re also small at every position which I find odd that Ainge or Doc hasn’t realize. Blowing this team up will not help, but some point during next off-season Ainge and Doc will have to face reality that KG, PP, JT are getting older and can no longer carry the scoring load.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Jeff Green chipped a tooth, and bruised a cheek?

    So, it would seem that the sight of him noticeably limping to the dressing room at an ultra-slow-super-cautious-pace…while being physically supported by several team personnel the entire distance….was basically all for “dramatic effect”.

    • stephanie

      Chipped “teeth” plural.

    • Drew

      Seriously, what a little girl. How can anyone like this soft jerk off? He’s wasting our time and money.

      • CelticsKid34

        just because your tired of the Celtics loosing, doesnt mean that you have to grab the guy and use him as a scapegoat. that should have been a tech on elyasova. how does that look like hes a “little girl”? so lets add pierce’s 08 finals knee injury in there too right? your a dumbass. he wasnt limping to the locker room. the Celtics staff was makin sure hes ok its not like he asked them to be there. and our sorry ass excuse for a team went to OT because who…..Jeff Green for the offensive reb and pp for the 3. i know damn well that when jeff green is living up to his contract you guys will be all over his dick. obviously you guys havent heard of a concussion. not saying he had one but he could have been dazed.

        • Sheets

          You’re an idiot and green is a bitch.

  • Danno

    I’m getting pretty tired of coming to this site to see everyone hating on Jeff Green. Dude is playing well, better than most of the Celtics, except maybe pierce and KG. Rondo is the same inconsistency as previous years. And enough with the whining about the Perk trade. Perk sucked, and still does. He’s a 7 footer who’s only skill it drawing techs and getting stuffed under the rim because no one in the league falls for his up fake.

    • stephanie

      Last night I seen some hustle in Green. He had steals and contributed to the big PP game tying shot and KG shot in OT.

  • The guys kicking Jeff Green right now are ass-holes. Grow the F up, your team (and mine) suck right now. Hating on JG for taking an brutal elbow in the face? A new low on Red’s Army.

    RedsLoveChild, the next time you have something valid to ad will be the first.

    • Chris H

      Well said…

    • eddysamson

      I really wanted to let RedsLoveChild have a piece of my mind over that shameless post, but I held back. I need to stop hating on people on the internet.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Stay in Oregon

      • Danno

        Dude, you’re such a miserable troll you make this blog no fun to comment at. I’m starting to think you’re the love child of Pat Riley and Bill Laimbeer.

      • eddysamson

        What exactly is ‘stay in Oregon’ supposed to mean? Its a great state, lots of fun stuff to do with chill people. Not only that but hes literally posting on here from Oregon. So yes, I am sure he will indeed ‘stay in Oregon’.

        You keep staying 100% classless, really you should. Its a great way to live your life, you know, always at odds with people.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Move to Oregon

  • CelticsKid34

    As horribly as we played yesterday we should have won that game. the refs were dumb as fucc. i wish that it was still the NBA were Green would have got up and punched him in the face and only got a tech and an ejection. if you say that elbow was on accident your stupid. look how he makes contact and then drives it home and pushes greens head down. i never did like elyasova hes a bitch needs to get his face caved in.

  • SF Celts fan

    Our team is so SOFT its ridiculous! I cant wait till we trade green.

  • Kendria CelticsFan Price

    I hope Green play on Christmas. Hope he’s okay.

  • Jaybahs

    Jeff Green blows … Kids got athleticism out the ass and is softer than a pillow. So much talent and if he simply chose to be aggressive and not so timid all the time … the potential for this kid to be utterly dominant at his position is the sky. I just get pissed because this kid could be so great if he just played his game but he constantly holds back and it’s just awful to watch. I was pulling for this kid since the day he was traded here but it’s becoming evident at this point that this kid is buying a one way ticket off this team … And it sucks

  • zippittyay

    This was the most troubling loss of the year so far.

  • MilTown

    People hating on Green but it was his big offensive rebound and kick out to PP that got us to OT. Some of you “fans” need to get a life or get laid cuz you taking this stuff too seriously. Especially if u hating on him getting injured..smh,

  • DopeSoles

    If Jeff can get consistent minutes by the end of the season he will average 14 pts. What is you’re expectation for him? People talk like they want 20-10 from him. He had a slow start but damn he’s been decent over the past few weeks. No ones talking about Jets 1-15 and 1-12 nights. Jeff plays well on the 2nd unit when rondos not on the floor.

  • JG

    That’s incorrect. I mentioned that both are under performing. I’m not sure the actual hatred for green that I’ve seen on here is necessary. But he is soft. There’s not really a question there. For those who talk about Perkins “sucking”, you really are missing the point. The celtics lost their identity when they lost him. Point blank. Even last year. They overachieved. Incredible pride they showed, but they lacked a center. A center isn’t about scoring points and getting stats. He Understood his role and the defense. He was a legitimate center. Allowed KG to play his position. He’s no all star. When people “over rate” him, they’re talking about his worth to the celtics. Not his worth to the thunder. How many times does a guy suck on one team but excel when in another system?