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Watch Fab’s fabulous night for the Red Claws

Fab Melo went bonkers tonight in the Red Claws’ 85-78 loss to the Erie Bayhawks. In 36 minutes, Melo tallied a triple-double, the Red Claws 3rd ever, with 15 points, 16 boards and a new D-League record 14 blocks. So is this just one hell of a night for Melo against D-League competition? Or is it time for Ainge to ship Fab back-up to Boston?

Here is the entire game via the D-League’s YouTube feed. Let us know in the comments if you think Fab should be given a shot. With the C’s recent defense/rebounding woes, I say why the heck not.

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  • Quest

    Maybe Doc / Ainge should send a few other players to the D league… You know those players Doc was talking about who weren’t doing their jobs

  • Joe

    I was actually at the game tonight. Fab clearly has a gift for blocking shots, his timing and just overall instinct is clear within just a few minutes. When he was in the game, the Bahawks couldn’t do a thing in the paint. Was the most vocal on the court by far.

    His offense is obviously still a work in progress, threw up a few airballs when the clock would wind down and he was forced to shoot but overall he was impressive to watch. He’s the reason I went to the game and he didn’t disappoint.

    • KWAPT

      Sweet-thanks Joe..

  • screaming jay

    I watched most of the first half. Melo looks a lot better than the other time I saw him play, which I think was the first game of the year. Something tells me that although he looks much improved on a D league basis, he would probably get eaten alive in the NBA. Maybe in a few more months, if he keeps improving.

  • lowjo

    I think the key is that Melo has been playing a lot more confident since he got called up last week. This isn’t some sudden drastic improvement, but a clear sign that Melo is playing much more instinctively and emotionally even keeled, because his confidence is growing. He’s an emotional person, which is a bigger factor in his airballs than a lack of coordination or shooting skill.

    Any promotion to Boston should keep the emotional component a central issue. If I was Danny, I would bring Melo on this road trip, play Melo minutes to send a message to the rest of the team as much as anything, and I’d tell Melo to expect another stint or two in Portland before being called up for good later in the season. If Melo holds his own this week on the road for Boston, he could keep a roster spot and still play occasional games in Portland. And if Melo doesn’t break out this week on the road, Melo would still know that Boston is excited about him, enough to call him up and take him on a road trip. Keep feeding his confidence, which still requires more games in Portland on Boston’s off days.

    His jump hook is pure nastiness when he’s relaxed like the last 2-3 games. If he can stay consistently relaxed, he can hit that shot consistently all the way out to 9 feet at least. He can also hit wide open elbow jumpers at an acceptable rate when even-keeled. The future is bright, my fellow Americans.

  • Celtkicks

    Why the hell not. Our defense can’t get any worse.

  • thetitleisours

    I would not hurry him back here. He is just beginning to get a feel for the game. Once he starts to string these together then think about it. It took Bradey time in the D-League before he had enough confidence.

  • greenman

    I believe that when you start Jason Collins that you’re not worried about your big providing offense. Bring him up and see if he can figure out the sceme of Doc’s defense. His skill is clearly there but you have to be smart to play good team defense in the NBA.

  • Boogie

    Nice game by the big guy. I’m already seeing improvement with his energy. During summer league and the 1st few games with the Red Claws, he looked out of shape, and wasn’t getting many minutes. I think he should stay in Maine until he gives that kind of effort consistantly. I’m not saying he needs to put up those type of #’s every game, just that type of effort. I love a defensive big in the middle! I also like the idea of him being around the C’s alot too, and practicing with them.

  • Brian

    Hmmm bring this guy up for free, or trade half your roster for a guy who will leave at the end of the year HIckson, or two years and is always hurt Andersen VA Jay Jay. Hold on to guys like bradley and lee and bass, and your 1st round pick this year and next. With Bradely alone you will see a huge improvement in this team. Like others have said now that Fab is in shape and is learning to play man defense he is becoming a beast. He played zone his whole career and this is only his 6th year of basketball. From what I saw last night that hook shot is his bread and butter. Idunno how you can block that with out it being goal tending. Bring him up now let him play 15/20 mins and see what happens. You can split the center spot with him and collins, you got 12 hard fouls and it frees up KG.

  • Chris H

    No reason to bring the guy up, none at all..

  • Chris H

    Doc says “I haven’t heard from anyone I talked to that he is ready. There might be your answer.”

    You have got to be kidding me…

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  • Astarot

    I’m with Rivers on it. Tripple double as much as impressive it’s just the one game show. And even couple of good games on D-League level shows only that he’s progressing, he’s getting better and he’s working. But at that point of his career and at that point of the season he’s not ready to play significant minutes on NBA level. I’d give him a shot now Wilcox out but only to try him out for couple of minutes for a few games and see how’s doin’ against NBA bigs. I doubt he’ll surprise us all. He’s not the answer for Cs and not the answer for Wilcx injury, they should try to give Sullinger and Collins (yes Collins) more minutes or get someone on short term, 10 days contract.

  • Astarot

    And on the other topic. We all forgot about back up PG. I know it’s not the most important for Cs right now, and it’s not the biggest problem, but have you thought about Shelvin Mack? I know he wasn’t able to establish his position on a flat out suck Washington roster, even as a back up for Wall. But:

    1. He was PG at the University

    2. He knows the NBA, the speed, the level of competitiveness.

    3. He can penetrate, he can run the floor

    4. Mack unlike AB, Lee, Terry or Leandro is a PG.

    5. He wants to og back to the NBA so he’s motivated.

    I know he’s not very good on D, and he’s more of a scoring PG than passing but still a decent option as a back up for Rondo .

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