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Mannix wants Bradley/Green for Pau Gasol deal

Here’s part of my afternoon Twitter exchange with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix.

I’m intrigued by this deal. Pau Gasol would be a huge help to Kevin Garnett, the Celtics jump shot centric offense and (lack of ) rebounding.

I’d hate to give up a decade of Avery Bradley for 3 years of Gasol. And a move like this is extremely short-sighted. But I really believe Gasol could be the key to winning another championship this season.

Gasol returned to action this week after missing 8 games due to tendinitis in both knees, injuries that don’t appear serious. Gasol isn’t meshing with Mike D’Antoni and his new system. The two met this week to iron out their differences.

I’m sure the Lakers want to see how Gasol fits in the offense once Steve Nash returns, and the Celtics are also eagerly awaiting the return of Bradley and his defensive pressure. If both teams are still struggling by February, a deal like this might gain some traction.

FYI – The Celtics can’t trade Jeff Green until mid-January.

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  • MJ

    Who plays back-up wing then? Lee? Well then who covers Wade? Terry? Don’t make me laugh.

    • LAF

      i honestly believe AB will become an all star in 2-3 years. he’s just too good. i’d rather move terry/lee/rondo before AB.

      • CelticsKid34

        Rondo for Gasol….?!!! NOT THIS AGAIN!!! you are dilusional

      • Alex

        Rondo for Gasol.

        I’m sorry LAF but you are a moronic troll.

  • CelticsKid34

    no no no no NO!!! i would see any combination of these players working out bass/lee/green/joseph. joseph becuase they have 0 scoring at sf, green for athleticism and scoring, bass for shooting and defense, and lee to have at least a little bit of scoring behind kobe. i would love to have pau on the team. we would truly have twin towers that would devistate opposing defense. NEED I REMIND EVERYONE!!! WE MADE ALL THESE TRADES IN THE OFFSEASON FOR OUR FUTURE!!! Pau is a short term answer. if we can get him for bass,wilcox,and some picks then im game for it, but to give up bradley or green is absurd.

    • Davide

      remember the Celtics should always think about championshipS . not one championship but championshipS.

  • Astarot

    Green as for today yes, he’s extremely inconsistent. They never know what kind of Green will apear on the floor certain night. He’s not playin’ up to the expectations, even though it’s lower now after his heart problems and not up to contract value he’s got. But not Bradley he may be again, may be key defender for Cs for years if he’ll bring he’s defensive effort night in and night out for entire season not only quarter of it. So instead of AB put someone else to this and some picks and we can talk about it around January.

  • Chris H

    I second that exact thought. Pau would be great except for the salary. The amount of talent we would have to give up is too much. I live in LA and the worry about his knees are DEEP as well. He has played so much ball in the last 5 years, he has shortened his career considerably.

    If it were Bass/Lee/Wilcox/Joseph I would agree.

    The stuff we want to give up they don’t need and vice versa, plus it’s too much money.

    Bradley is a PRIME chip with a great contract. The height of stupidity to move that unless you are getting twice as much in return.

    Crazy thought…how bout we play Melo and Collins?

  • LAF

    trade any combo of terry/lee/bass/green and picks for BIG AL!

  • Quest

    we don’t need another aging veteran with health issues… like seriously

  • RedsLoveChild

    This is a close one…Right now, it`s a “no”

    Getting Gasol would be a major upgrade.
    Unloading Green would be a major upgrade.

    Waiting to see if Bradley has any lingering, possible long-term effects from double shoulder surgery is critical.

    I would still much rather see Boston build around Bradley, Rondo, Sully….unload aging expensive iconic vets…make big splash for free agent “bigs” who are eager to play with young, hungry, unselfish trio {AB-RR-JS}.

  • wil333

    okay, this practically celtic’s future for pau gasol.

    honestly, id take avery over jet and lee. and i dont think C’s will go as far as thinning small forward position.

    Pau is getting old too.

    this is trade is good if c’s are desperate. but crertainly a trade that boston will regret for more years to come

  • Sethy 138

    Fuuuuuck noooo!

  • cal

    Avery Bradley? nope

  • Nate

    Id like to see AB play first. People objecting need to remember that Bradley isnt God and Gasol gives us above average rebounding.

    Anyways, Cousins is suspened in Sac. Calling it now, 3 team trade. Jazz, Kings, Celtics. We get a center. Idk which one, but calling it now.

    • Astarot

      With Cousins to the Celtics it’ll never go that way (even with their situation on C slot). Maybe if they’d get Big Al but I still seriously doubt it.

  • joeblow

    the kid plays tough on D but still when kg and pierce die of natural causes pretty soon again well be in the cellars of the eastern conference and i wanna be there with banner 18 high up in the rafters …green has not balls and we dont need players of his caliber james posey got shit done and he was a scrub i really think gasol kg rondo pierce lee and bass can win 18

    • joeblow

      theres no stoping us from being one of the worst teams in 3-4 years rondo will become a cancer when theres no talent around hime…..nobody comes to boston the past is the best predictor od the future the 90′ and early 2000’s what free agents would come to boston? nobody!…. i really dont think bradley will blossom into a starting pg hell be more of a tony allen at best.. i wanna win now and we wont get it done without beef in the paint

      • joeblow

        lebron and wade are gonna get theres no matter whos checking them so are only option is to beat that pussy bosh up and eat glass!

      • KillahMIKE

        I Agree On The Avery Bradley being another Tony Allen thing

        • zippittyay

          Tony Allen with a jump shot and a brain.

  • CoachBo

    Definitely open to this one. Bradley is yet another in a long string of overrated Celtic youngs, and his return isn’t going to be enough to revive this crap defense.

    Green’s value, unfortunately, lies in the size of his contract and what he can bring in return. At least he’s tradeable – Perkins sure isn’t.

  • KillahMIKE

    Big AL Jefferson anyone?

  • Swissflix

    AB is great but we are in win now mode with the current team. There’s no future with KG and Pierce so if we are consequent- yeah, let’s get Pau, if only to save this season. And if we don’t win it all go into rebuilding in summer.

    • Cal P


      I agree. KG and PP are getting older. I wouldn’t be surprise if both retire after this season. Right now this team was designed to contend for ’13, but unfortunately the bench make up doesn’t have contending pieces to help Garnett, Pierce and Rondo.

      Last Thursday, NBA TNT’s Kenny Smith and Shaq O’Neal said, ” teams like the Thunder, Heat, Spurs, Celtics and Lakers aren’t judged by the regular season”. They’re right, but at least the Heat, Spurs and OKC are winning where as the Celtics and Lakers are losing.

  • Cal P

    Though I don’t always agree w/Mannix, he’s not afraid to criticize Danny Ainge. The Celtics have to make some sort of roster change, because this team as currently constructed in not good. This team is too small at every position and the bench is unreliable. I don’t feel comfortable with Wilcox, Bass, Lee, Melo, Kris, Sully or Barbosa. I don’t think those guys help improve the defensive deficiencies. I just don’t.

    Danny Ainge misjudge some of the newly added pieces. Ainge should of added blue collar players. Guys that are willing to get dirty and physical, but instead he added finesse players. But something has to change between now and the trade-deadline, because this team at the moment is not good.

  • Will

    No way! We need a tough big man, not some soft cream puff. Hes not a good rebounder & he always has confidence issues. Lets just trade Green for Perk! After he left we lost a good big who knew his role & wasnt afraid to knock somebody on their ass!

    • ZabJudah

      cream puff with 2 larry obrien’s

      • Roy B


        Nice come back. ZING! LOL

  • Drew


    • Joe Doe

      I get that you’re being sarcastic, but that’s a bit extreme, dude. LOL

    • Joe Doe

      I get that you’re being sarcastic, but that’s a bit extreme, Drew. LOL

  • Drew

    While I’m in drunk idiot fan mode, let me say that if you even THINK about getting rid of Bradley you should punch yourself in the face. All these pretend GM’s that think they know how to run an NBA team. Everybody shut up and just hope Danny Ainge doesn’t do anything stupid. Avery Bradley has shown us that he has potential to go down as an all time defender and be an efficient scorer. He’s our FUTURE. You want to give up heart and hustle EVERY night for 3 years of Gasol?!?! I wish a mf’er would try and trade AB!!!

    • Joe Doe

      Danny Ainge is an unpredictable GM. Don’t be surprise if he does trade Bradley, but I doubt he will. I don’t think Ainge wants to feel the heat of media criticism especially after the Perkins trade.

    • paul

      Danny would never do anything stupid like make a trade that leaves us with no center for three years.

  • thekid

    how do people think that with AB coming back the Celtics aren’t a significantly better squad? We could of beat the bucks last night with terry going 1-15 and dude cant cover anyone. If Bradley is on the floor last night no offense is lost and he can easily check either Jennings or ellis 1 on 1 and take them out of the game. Now he may not be able to shut down dwade but he is definitely capable of containing him 1 on 1 which only leaves LeBron to be doubled which literally every team in the NBA has to do. Also, the shoulder surgeries are no big deal to come back from. I played college football and know plenty of people who got shoulder surgery and these days they come back stronger. Hopefully with AB back we can actually run more with Rondo, AB, Lee and Green. AB is an absolute stud defensively.

  • Rhyso

    This trade is almost impossible to make in terms of salary because:

    1. We are hard capped at 74mil due to using the mid level on terry, and are currently sitting on 72mil. Unless we ship out pierce, it would require 3 contracts of Green (8.3mil), Bass (6mil) and Lee (5mil) which equals 19.3m. Gasols contract is 19m plus a 15% trade kicker which brings it a bit over 21m.

    2. Even if the lakers took that deal, the league minimum for players is 13, and that would leave us with 12 and no backup SF. There would be little to no money to actually sign another player due to the hard cap.

    3. Why do the lakers even want avery for gasol? They would be trading a starter for a Kobe backup, who plays 36mpg.

    Would like to see:

    Lee + Sully + Melo or 1st Pick for Gortat
    Green + Bass + Sully/Bradley for Jsmoove or Al Jefferson.

  • zippittyay

    Josh Zavadil ‏@JoshZavadil
    Fab Melo now has the triple-double. 13 points, 15 rebounds, 12 blocks.

  • ZabJudah

    Demarcus Cousins might be a steal right now

  • Brian Lynch

    Demarcus cousins suspended indefinitely by kings can we say Celtic at the trade deadline?? I can!!! 🙂

  • Verde18

    Give them bass and lee for Gasol and Devin Ebanks!! Bradley and Green are the future alongside RR

  • Kobe

    KG and AB for Pau Gasol, will be great, it will benefit Boston more, KG is aging and AB is coming from injury in exchange you will get a monster all star C/PF. make it done

    • Drew

      Haha I almost soiled my pants reading this. Absolute comedy on every level. HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • Kobe

    KG and AB for Pau Gasol take it or leave it. I’m sure KG and AB would love to join a true champion, not just a fluke team.

  • Verde18

    Hahaha, a true champion? Ok joker! Why would KG and AB want to go to a team that is currently under .500 and might not make the playoffs? Why, when they’re playing on the winningest franchise? Why play with a selfish ball hug and Dclawn why play for a coach that’s gonna run you to the ground and no coach any defense?????????????????17 titles ain’t no fluke!

  • Vitalii

    No way! Two young guys for old one! It’s definitely bullsh**.
    Look better to Sacramento.
    D.Causins will look for new team after last week accident.
    I’m pretty sure, Doc can organize that guy.

  • Drew

    Also, the funniest part of this article is that Chuck is an excited little boy to be chitter chatting with what he considers an “NBA Cool Guy” he’s so stoked to be engaged in Twitter broness that he had to share this retard fest with us. What a joke, who cares Chuck. You made contact with a “celeb”. Hahaha, get over it. A magazine retard proposed a big cool guy bro bra trade and you hash tagged some knowledge. Get over it. The guy is a clown. No one is impressed.

  • Mike

    AB hasn’t had even half of a training camp, and he still is one of the best defensive players. Jeff Green just came back from missing a whole season, albeit from heart surgery too. Nobody seems to understand that. He got here when he was trade for the beloved Perk, so he had a tremendous amount of pressure on him. There are flashes of what Jeff may become. Our nucleus of young players, yes they seem to not be meshing well right now, but they are our future. Green, Rondo, AB, even Sully, you have to be patient. It kills me to watch them lose every close game, but trading AB and Green for an aging finesse big, is not the answer. I sincerely believe Green will hone his potential and become a top 10 sf in the game. There is no reason he can’t. Believe. 18

  • BradinFL

    Nooooo Way for Bradley & Green 4 Gasol. Those two guys are young for what? A thirty something Eurotrash that will be gone within 3-4 years? I dont think so…Not even if LA threw in their next 3 1st rounders.

  • thetitleisours

    Why would we want Gasoft? KG, PP, Rondo, Sully and Bradley shoul dbe off any trade list no matter what.

    If that trade was to get Perk back, or Big Al maybe on loyalty grounds but that is it

  • sev

    prob wouldn’t work but Id do green/terry and sullinger(hes got real value at 20) plus a 1st round and then maybe we could trade either terry or lee for a late 1st or early 2nd….that would leave us with rondo, bradley, terry or lee, barbosa, Wilcox, pau, kg, pierce and then you sign petrius if he’s available cause we would need a back sf unless it was terry instead of green. Lakers could prob get more but terry or green plus sullinger and 2 1sts and maybe a second is nothing to sneeze about.

    • Stewped Huscle

      Yo Sev,

      You gots to catch up to speed yo! MP is playing in Toronto. Come on baby, I mean really, wtf? You’re better than that.

  • paul

    I love how folks are still selling Green as “the future”!!!!

  • paul

    I wouldn’t trade Bradley. I would consider him part of our Core Four at this point. But anyone else plus draft picks should be available for a quality Big.

  • Stewped Huscle

    Hell noooooo!!! Please refer to Rondo’s recent comments regarding opposing players remarks about Bradley & his defense. Also, Rondo’s comment that Avery’s THE BEST DEFENSIVE GUARD IN THE GAME, HANDS DOWN!!!!! I mean, come on with all of these phuk’n morons suggesting we trade for Demarcus Cousins or Pow by giving up Avery for them.
    People are so damn short sighted around here, with rocks for brains, no memory from what exactly happened last year….this team found its nasty (via Pop) when Avery ripped the starting spot from Ray & gave these old fellas some life with his inspirational D! The kid was a beast! Not to mention how well he shot the corner 3 and blitzed that baseline cut for easy bucket after easy bucket.

    I read some poor fool’s comment on here yesterday that the only difference Avery provides is +4 point difference in scoring average and full court press. Seriously, are people truly this stupid? That’s all he’s good for?

    I’m getting tired of the same guys (prob the ones who think Rondo’s overrated & still can’t shoot) calling for trade scenarios that involve AB. No way in hell DA is trading AB! Unless it somehow involves obtaining Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Lebron, etc…

    Please fellas, get a clue. Demarcus Cousins? Only way I’d ever imagine DA would entertain that thought….unless all he had to give up was Bass, Lee, Wilcox, Collins, picks. Otherwise, ain’t happening PERIOD