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This doesn’t exactly make me want Marcin Gortat in Boston

Hey… remember all those rumors about Marcin Gortat in Boston?

Go ahead and give this a read and let me know if you still want the guy:

“I think I lost the hunger of the game,” Gortat said. “I wasn’t hungry enough to go and get it just like I used to do. I definitely felt that.”

The Suns concluded a five-game homestand on Wednesday with their fourth straight win — a stretch helped by Gortat. He averaged 11.2 points and 10 rebounds during the five games and has 11 blocks during the winning streak.

It’s still not production that meets Gortat’s standards, but it’s an improvement from an uneven November that saw Gortat have a season-high night against the Bobcats (23 points) and a season-low effort against the Jazz (one point).

“I have a feeling like I’m getting there,” he said. “I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m 100 percent back. I’ll be back if I’m constantly going to start getting minimum 10 (points) and 10 (rebounds). Right now, it doesn’t look like it.

“I was in a big black hole. I ain’t gonna lie. There was just a bad stretch of games where I didn’t perform at all, and I didn’t know the reason. But I’m obviously trying to play better. Hopefully, I’m going to continue to play like that. That’s the only thing I can do, just keep fighting every day and work hard.”

You know… come to think of it… a guy who can barely get his head on straight and is fighting to find his way early in the season?  He’s a perfect fit!

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  • greenbeans

    Sounds to me like a guy who’s trying to talk his way out of somewhere while still trying to save face

    • Astarot


  • Errick

    the man has talent and maybe a change of scenery coumd help him, hes unhappy with his current situation that affects a players game. point he can rebound with the best of them, hes a goof post defender and a good paint scorer. last i heard that would solve all our problems, so if we can deql with jeff greenss shit might as well deal with alittle bit of headache from a player that can actually play.

  • The Celtics are doing the exact same thing. They’re not performing up to their standards & some nights they don’t even show up. So yeah, he is the perfect fit!

  • Danno

    I’ll take a guy who recognizes his issues and tries to work on them over a guy who’s nick name is “no pass” any day.

  • Astarot

    He’s honest maybe to honest. But he has his bar set high and that’s why it’s impossible for him to accept the way he’s been playin’.He has a crisis and it’s hard to recognize why maybe cuz he wants his way out (he wants no doubt that’s why he said about losing the hunger). But he’s a hard working guy so no matter if he’ll get traded or not he’ll find he’s shape.

  • joeblow

    anyone think bass, lee, bradley and some picks would get a Tyreke Evans Jason Thompson deal done?

  • Quest

    Luv your closing statement….

  • Quest

    I am sure I will get a number of critical responses…. But time to lobby for Larry Bird as Celtics GM and Part ways with Ainge.

    • Sheets

      Smartest comment I’ve read on here.

  • Rondo To KG

    There’s a simple explanation to why Gortat isn’t playing up to expectations. The Suns roster is a mess with Nash gone and Gortat isn’t a player who can create for himself.

    If he came to the Celtics, I am confident that having Rondo as his point guard will get him back to the same level he was at last year. A change of scenery will do him a lot of good.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Huge mistake to go after Gortat. It will be the same story as with Darko and Krstic.

    He`ll take one look at Boston in the winter…experience a childhood “flash-back”…then buy a one-way ticket back to the Eastern Bloc country he was born in!

  • CelticsKid34

    and hes throwing up illuminati…. lost respect

  • Obviously, without Nash spoon feeding him, Gortat has struggled on offense. But, after 26-games so far, I would have thought the Suns coaching staff could have helped him more in restructuring his game.

    However, when all is said and done, it’s up to the big guy to get himself back on track, whether that’s in Phoenix or somewhere else.

  • Gortat talks a LOT too. Must be pretty big in Poland so gets interviewed a lot and never seems to hold back.

  • I want this dude so bad. It really does sound like he’s trying to talk his way out of town.

  • Welcome to the terror Dome!!!

  • peter

    daamn hi is in illuminati???!?! its sad 🙁