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Recap: Insult to injury

KWAPT (@KWAPT) December 21, 2012 Gametime, Recaps 35 Comments on Recap: Insult to injury

I don’t know where to start, so I’m just going to get to the point: other than Paul Pierce, the C’s basically could not hit a shot to save their lives for most of the 2nd half and OT. Monta Ellis and the Bucks hung-around all evening and finish the Celts off 99-94 in OT. The Bucks even tried to give the game back to Boston by blowing a 7 point lead with under a minute left in the 4th that allowed a Pierce trey with 2 seconds left to send this to OT. But a combination of bad defense, non-calls and Boston’s 3 of 10 shooting in the OT doomed them.

The Green: Paul Pierce. For those of you who’ve been clamoring for Ainge to trade him and calling him “done”, he kept Boston alive again tonight. Without Paul’s 35 and 12, this easily could’ve been a blowout loss at home. Pierce is doing all he can to keep any hope alive for the C’s right now. Jeff Green also played well. Green was very aggressive and all-over the floor. He put in 14 pts, went 6 of 6 from the line and had 4 steals. Late in the OT, Green was hit square in the eye/face with an Ilyasova elbow. (which appeared incidental but still was missed by the refs) After being down for a few minutes, he was helped off the floor by Ed Lacerte & Dr. McKeon. Trags tweeted postgame that Jeff has a bruised left cheek and chipped teeth.

The Gross: There’s just so much..but the obvious was the atrocious shooting . Guys other than Truth tonight were 23 of 71 from the floor. The starters were 10 of 45. Jet was the worst of all shooting 1 of 15 FG and 1 of 8 from downtown. Rajon Rondo did not appear focused this evening. Granted, he had some nice plays near the end of the night, but he was hit with a tech early on and spent much of the game jawing back & forth w/Ellis & Jennings. But his biggest stat? Rajon took zero FT’s tonight, as opposed to 10 in the win over Cleveland. He simply was not aggressive at all. And I’m adding the refs here too. Now don’t get me wrong, they are not to blame for Boston’s loss, but they played a part in it. Bucks got a whistle it seemed anytime a Boston defender breathed on them tonight. I could fill “the gross” section all night with this game, but will spare you.

The Greenlights:

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • Bucks shot 36 FT’s to Boston’s 20
  • Celtics only mustered 24 points in 4th and OT combined
  • Celts gave up 99 points to Milwaukee, who are 21st overall in points scored
  • Boston was 5 of 23 from 3-point range
  • Larry Sanders once again killed us with 20 boards and 17 points and ESPN True Hoop reports “Sanders is the first Bucks player since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1975” to tally 17 and 20 against the Boston Celtics.
  • This was the first time that  Paul Pierce scored 35+ points in consecutive regular-season games since March, 2009. (via ESPN Stats)

We still have not seen anything close to 48 minutes of complete Celtics basketball from this squad. At this point, I am as puzzled and frustrated as everyone else. We now get 3 days to let this one sink in, as Boston is off until a Christmas rematch in Brooklyn with the Nets. Happy Holidays folks. Egg nogs on the house-make mine a double.


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  • celtics33

    Pathetic — this team can’t even win 2 games in a row at this point.

    Jason Terry with another MISERABLE game going 1-15. Getting tired of watching him miss open shot after open shot.

    Boston’s interior defense was again putrid and the offense totally disappeared in the 4th quarter and OT.

    Mediocre team no other way to say it…

  • Drew

    Remember when Jason Terry and Lee were supposed to be an EXTREME upgrade over Ray Allen………………


    Remember when Jeff Green was supposed to have a GREAT year………………


    I really wish I could put these 3 guys in a trash can and set them on fire. Jason Terry is just absolutely terrible. He was THE MAN on The Mavericks. WTF HAPPENED?!?!?! Before the season started people actually said that Ray Allen was over rated and Terry was the BETTER player……..REALLY?!?! That guys nick name with the Mavs was “mr. fourth quarter” because he used to go into takeover mode at the end of games. What a useless fuckboy. Von Wafer was a WAY BETTER player for us.

    • Wayne

      Useless fuckboy? What are you 12 years old? Seriously, I’m upset too but that is such a harsh statement. They are basketball players but they got a family too and saying you want to set them on fire is disrespectful. I wish fans like you didn’t watch basketball at all.

      • Drew

        Oh go suck your thumb, you sensitive fairy. Get mad.

        • Jester00

          Drew that was funny spit out my morning beer but you are right

  • shane

    ilyasova was not just the elbow, he went over the back as well, refs missed it all the way.

    Pierce gets hammered going to the basket, but monta ellis get FTs if god forbid someone lays a finger on a jersey….

    I m honestly sick of this officiating, refs/league clearly dont like us, we cant even get fair officiating at home…

    • KWAPT

      I agree..Bucks got whistles every time they got in the paint.

      • At least they went to the paint.

  • eddysamson

    The no call on JG at the end was about as bullshit as calling the headlock on Barbosa a personal foul and not a flagrant.

  • Brick James

    Hope Green is OK.
    Lee had a fantastic game, I don’t think his stats do him justice. Bass looked pretty darn good defensively as well. Too bad it all didn’t click.

    Something is seriously up with JET.

    Any word on why both Wilcox and Barbosa were inactive and not even on the bench? Trade winds a brewin’?

    • stephanie

      Barbosa had personal issue wasn’t there, Wilcox thumb issue. That’s why Kris Joseph was called up.

  • RedsLoveChild

    When the Milwaukee Bucks “have your number”….you just might NOT be a championship contending team afterall.

    Actually, that`s a pretty clear sign that it might be time to rebuild.

    Jeff Green? This guy has been nothing but great news since he arrived here, no?

    • MJ

      Well the 2008 Wizards had the 2008 Celtics number. Guess they should have rebuilt too no?

      • RedsLoveChild

        The Bucks are not alone.

        It`s getting hard to find a team that doesn`t have Boston`s number….NJ, SA, MIA, PHIL, DET, HOU

        It`s only Dec….Who knows how long this list will grow?

        • MJ

          celtics-76ers is 1-1 right now, NJ has played and beat the Celtics twice and Rondo has only played in 1/4 of those games combined, Miami, Detroit, and Houston have only played the Celtics once. That does not mean they have the Celtics’ number.

          If by your logic, then doesn’t that mean the Celtics have the Thunder”s number, one of the best teams in the league?

          It’s a long season where a lot can change. Calm down.

          But if you don’t like what you see then don’t watch.

  • Chris 2.0

    Special thanks to the refs for the early Xmas gift. How did they know we wanted a hot load of shit?! I dont think I’ve seen KG shoot that poorly in a game in a C’s uniform. He’s the first one allowed to have a night off…but .. Did it have to be tonight?
    What a shame. It had the intensity of a playoff game in the first half and then they turned into the 2012 Celtics again. Jason Terry is good at talking shit and that’s about it. Playing like a 48 year old.
    What the hell does this team need to get the job done? Doc says one or two guys not doin their job any given night but it’s more like only one or two guys actually playing with intensity any given night and 10 guys taking the night off.
    Also sick of the talk of this being Rondo’s team; he may be the future of the franchise but has a TON to learn about being a leader. He’s a talented son of a bitch but his energy becomes so negative that it affects his game. Exactley what leadership qualities does he exhibit?
    Celtics dancers looked extra sexy tonight though. I wonder if the semi-scary big one in the back can rebound….

  • Tough loss, the comments are pretty brutal, and mostly deserved. Terry had a brutal night for sure. KG too. Guys were just jumping over him by the end of the night. I keep thinking there’s nowhere to go but up…..but the C’s keep proving they’re a 500 club.

  • I think you said it in the first line, “…other than Paul Pierce.” Let’s just sit back and think about how great The Captain has been for the Celtics and then try and imagine him in an LA Clippers jersey dropping 40 on the Celtics. I don’t know…I just feel like you can’t say enough about P2’s impact on the team and where we might be without him right now. Ahh well…no sleep til’ Brooklyn.

  • Calliu

    It’s truly sad when the team ur rooting for can’t even play 48 minutes of basketball. If this is ain’t Celts bball, then I don’t know what to call it. This team is medicore at best. It’s confusing as to why this team can’t play with urgency and passion for 48 mins?

    It’s like this team is no longer mentally or physically tough. They’re not looking to establish an identity or build chemistry. So far the identity of this team is play 24 mins of bball, then take off the second half. Guys are getting rebounded and out hustled by opposing teams with resistance. Who’s the leader on this team?

    I just think Ainge has to find better players to surround KG, PP and RR. But the Big 3 has to take real leadership and assert themselves with the lackluster bench.

    • JG

      I think Pierce has pretty clearly stepped up and been the leader, but I think there is something to be said here.

      A 35 year old with like 15 years under his belt shouldn’t have to be the guy putting up 35 points and doing everything he possibly can, while a guy like Rondo checks out every other night and yet people continue to call this “Rondo’s team”. I seriously don’t get it. I know there are other people like me that don’t like him very much, but I also know a ton of people continue to let him off the hook. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE HIS TEAM! I never get excited when he plays well anymore, because it’s just ridiculous that he has a good game every now and then. And don’t let his stats fool you. A lot of the time he’s repeatedly turning down easier shots in order to get assists that people convert on way less than he could himself when he’s got a layup.

      I think that more than anything this season has showed me that Rondo cannot be the true leader of a team. He can’t be the guy, because he can’t bring it every night. Yes, other people have underperformed. Yes, Ainge made some mistakes. Yes, they are small. But shouldn’t that be when the player who is supposed to be your GUY steps up and SCORES more (I thought he does whatever he’s asked?), gets to the line more and consistently, plays better defense night in and night out? I think that this year has showed me that as Pierce and Garnett have aged, Rondo has been unable to do what he really needs to do to make this team a contender. 13 and 13 are good stats, but you know what? Maybe 18 and 10 would be better, and how about not having 25 one game and 4 the next? How about playing defense?

      I’m very frustrated with him, and this team, other than Pierce and KG. Lee does try a lot though, I’ll give him that. I think we perhaps unfairly asked Terry to come in here and be Ray Allen. Long ago, amidst all of the Ray Allen bashing, a couple of us were saying we would miss him. And we do. Green and Terry, and Rondo’s play has been a microcosm for the Celtics this season. Look how inconsistent these guys are.

      Not sure where to go from here. For those of you saying not to hit the panic button, I respect you for your positive thoughts. However, there comes a time as a fan where you have to face the truth.

  • JG

    One more thing. The Celtics, among many other things, lack another volume scorer like paul pierce who can create his own shots, but also reliable shooters that can consistently knock down shots. Terry is a streak shooter, and having one of those guys doesn’t get it done anyway. Look around the league, almost every team has reliable ones. Miami has about half of them.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Nothing to talk about anymore, this team is done.

    Danny and Doc better think about rebuild, and better think it NOW; trade who you have to trade, even Rondo (he’s definitely NOT the best pg out there..) or Bradley if needed, and begin a new path.

  • Jake

    The Celtics were 14-12 after 26 games last year. 13-13 this year. Don’t hop of the bandwagon just yet.

  • Quest

    This team just has too many problems to overcome, I am running out of patience with the spins and promises of things going to get better or worse wait for the potential to click it…please. They can’t make 2 consecutive wins over 2 medicore teams when we are over 1/3 into the season…. time to talk either about trades or rebuilding mode….the 18th Banner is not happening this year.

  • Jester00

    A Couple of moves and we be fine how Leon Powe’s knees? Anyone else think sheed really hated Boston he is not doing bad in NY

  • JETson

    How is everyone so quick to dismiss the JET?? He hits big shots for us nearly every night and is one of the few consistent sources of offense on this team (with KG and PP). Doesn’t bother me at all if he has a bad night.

    I’m not so concerned with the need for backup PG. IF POSSIBLE, I think we need to bring in a young(ish) athletic scorer like Josh Smith; if not, then Varejao or Gortat. Thoughts?

    Ever wonder if Wyc, Danny, Doc or any of the players read this?

  • Jcreu

    Reading these comments are amazing, but not in a good way. And though I understand the frustration of some, I think it’s too early to go into full panic mode. There’s no question the Celtics are awful at the moment and some may consider mediocre. As one writer simply put, “the Celtics are the best mediocre team in the league right now”. I can’t argue with that statement.

    I think it’s unfortunate as basketball and Celtics fan to see you’re team getting out hustled on a nightly basis. How is that a professional bball team with experience and championship pedigree can’t muster 48 mins of basketball? It’s embarrassing and painful to watch this Celts team get beat up by teams like the Cavs, Pistons, Bucks and etc.

    Why is this team playing 24 mins of basketball instead of 48 mins? But the blame shouldn’t only be on the players. The coaching staff has to share some of the blame for the Celtics poor start. How is that Doc can’t figure out rotations with already 23 games into the season? When well Rivers and Ainge realize that guys like Bass, Wilcox, Green, Sully, Lee, Terry, Kris, Melo and Barbosa aren’t defensive minded, but to put pressure of Bradley as the savior is just insane.

    I here some fans compare this season’s poor start to last season, but there’s no comparison. Last season was a shorten lock-out season. Guys were out of shape, injured and new to the team. Last season’s Celtics struggled offensively, but the defense was terrific. Guys like O’Neal, Dooling, Daniels, Bradley, Sasha, Steisma, Hollins and Pieturs were defensive minded. Garnett was able to thrive at the center position, because the position change came towards the last 2 months of reg season.

    This season’s Celtics seem to lack urgency and energy on both ends. They’re playing 1st and 2nd quarters with energy, but then take off 3rd and 4th. They’re also small at every position which I find odd that Ainge or Doc hasn’t realize. Blowing this team up will not help, but some point during next off-season Ainge and Doc will have to face reality that KG, PP, JT are getting older and can no longer carry the scoring load.

    • Grandad434

      Smartest comment I’ve read on here all year. Thank you.

    • Grandad434

      Maybe Boston could do something crazy like send Rondo, Green and Lee to Utah for Mo, Foye and Big Al? I have been a Rondo supporter since their title run year and realize much like stated above in Jcreu’s comment, Rondo may have checked out mentally and is no where near the floor general he was last season surrounded by defense. He’s shrinking night after night. I think Utah would do that. They need a guy like Rondo to spearhead their youth movement. Mo and Foye would provide a nice 1-2 punch in Beantown and we all know what Big Al could bring. They could even pick up Delonte as backup.

  • MC

    Exactly when has Jet hit big shots for us?

    • Drew

      Seriously, I have no idea what that guy is talking about. He obviously doesn’t watch this team.

      • MC

        I love this team and I have faith… But Terry is the new Shaq.

        • MJ

          The Thunder game.

  • NateB

    On a team where every supporting player except Sullinger has played well below expectations so far, Jet has fallen the farthest short; without consistent offense from him they aren’t a good team

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