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Your Morning Dump… Where Jason Collins had an amazing impact last night

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Jason Collins, for getting one point and two rebounds, had an amazing impact on the game for us,” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

His ability to defend the post and draw charges not only provided a much-needed defensive presence, but it also allowed Kevin Garnett to go back to his natural power forward position which paid dividends for the Celtics at both ends of the floor.

“First basket we had was a pick; it was a bone-crushing pick, and it was by Jason,” Rivers said. “That’s what we told you before the game, he sets picks — hard ones. That set the tone.”

Said Collins: “If I’m not scoring, I better do something on the offensive end. I pride myself on setting tough picks; going out there and being physical. And on the defensive end, players drive the lane. … are they going to try and take a charge on you or foul you pretty hard.”


If Doc and KG are praising Collins, and Paul Pierce is giving him the game ball then he must be doing something right.

But Jason Collins can’t be the answer to the Celtics defensive woes. He just can’t.

Doc knows what this teams needs. Right now it’s solid screens and tough, interior defense.

But Jason Collins can’t be the answer to the Celtics defensive woes. He just can’t.

Rivers picked a good night to start Collins because the Cavs super active irritant Anderson Varejao was out with a knee injury. Collins flaws – weak rebounder and limited mobility – were not exposed.

Maybe this will serve as a wake-up call to the other guys (ahem, Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox) who aren’t getting the job done defensively. For all the praise heaped by his teammates, Collins was mediocre last night. But that’s an indication of just how bad the Celtics have been.

Jason Collins can’t be the answer to the Celtics woes. He just can’t.

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  • Chris

    He is not the answer. A sense of structure and commitment to defense is what made the difference. It only highlights how good we could be with a strong defensive center with strong rebounding and some offensive skill.

    • Would a trade for a guy like Milwaukee’s Larry Sanders make sense? Gets KG more minutes where belongs at PF, gives the C’s an excellent presence in the paint and adds some sorely need grit and toughness to the team. Thoughts?

  • bocaw

    They had an effective defensive big man. His name was Perkins.

    • KY Celts fan

      get over it.

      • Jester00


      • bocaw

        It’s hard to get over what was probably one of the worst trades in Celtics history, if not thee worst. Say what you want, but the C’s haven’t been the same since..

    • Danno

      You know what the difference between Perk and Jason Collins is? 9 Million Dollars and way fewer techs.

      • eddysamson

        Pretty sure you gotta factor JG’s contract into that too.

        • Danno

          I am. Jeff Green has Given the Celtics more Offensive out put in the time he’s been here than Perk did in 5 years. There’s a reason Doc never had Perk in at the End of games. It’s not about who starts. It’s about who finishes. Perk isn’t a finisher. He’s an afterthought. 5 fouls and a block every other game. The Celtics made out like bandits trading that lump of coal for Green.

          • eddysamson

            So we’ve got Rondo, Pierce, KG, CLee, JET, Barbosa, Bass, Wilcox and you’re worried more about a big’s Offense than every other damned thing he does. Collins didnt do shit stat wise but was +23 because he actually made an impact. Imagine Perk, he would be doing all those non stat things AND he actually has a chance at 10 pts 10 rbs any given night

  • thetitleisours

    Maybe, just maybe, someone who plays D can be infectious to his teammates.

  • Willowgreen

    celtics got bad individual defensive talent. i just hope AB will trigger the defensive urge in these guys.

    we need to trade up, we need an all star big, not another flawed bigman.

  • Jester00

    We played a 5 win team it good to see Jeff Green only get 14 minutes let’s see if we can cut that to 8-9

  • OlSkool

    Jason Collins isn’t the answer but what he represents is the answer. Moving KG back to the 4 and ending the “trying to play Miami smallball” experiment. It worked in the second half of last season but it was time to go back to a more conventional lineup. The only problem is that we still need another big man since the best we can hope from Fab Melo is that he develops enough to start getting some time in March or April.

    • Exactly right. We need to move some bodies (Bass, Lee, I’m looking at you) to get ourselves a serviceable center. You can’t pretend to be a defensive minded team if you’re soft in the middle.

      • polius

        Are you the mrchumpy that’s a HUGE Rondo fan? Just wondering.

  • UhOh!!

    I really dont get yall Jason Collins was a Center on a playoff team last season & gave us fits. He played and was very effective doing what Perk used to do. playing him is basically like having Perk back soooo what’s with all the JC hate?? even after the coach & the whole damn team(& the person who scored 40pts gave him the game ball!!) acknowledged his presence was a game changer. I guess they dont know what they’re talking about….

  • Roy

    Collins was a welcomed sight yesterday, something we hadn’t seen all season, and quite frank for a while.. It does show we need a center, but it also showed that quite possibly Bass is expandable. Sully should get more minutes, and we should move Bass. Sully was a beast on the boards again last night.

  • CelticsKid34

    anyone see Terry taking shots at benedict allen in last nights post game? well here it is.

    • CelticsKid34
    • eddysamson

      Why does every say it was a shot at Ray? Wouldn’t he have said Lebron instead of Wade as the person to go team up with if that was the case? I took it as more of a shot at Lebron because he had potential to be a franchise player for the Cavs but then he decided to team up with Wade.

      To me its clearly a shot at Lebron.

      • JG

        I think you’re definitely right. Total miss on blakely’s part. He (it seems pretty clear to me) was referring to franchise players that jump ship on their teams when they aren’t doing well or headed anywhere. Ray Allen 1.wasn’t a franchise player with Boston, though he was a major asset. 2. Left after making the Conference finals and losing in 7 with a team that was not only not underachieving but actually overachieving.

        It COULD have just been a general shot at anyone, franchise player or not, who leaves their own team by choice to team up with other greats (Lebron, Bosh, Howard, Allen, KG even though he wouldn’t mean it toward him) but most likely was a shot at Lebron. It would make more sense for that to be the case considering the 1-on-1 history of pierce and lebron lately. Pierce stayed loyal to his franchise to win. Lebron just took off.

  • Green House#5

    “Maybe this will serve as a wake-up call to the other guys (ahem, Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox) who aren’t getting the job done defensively. For all the praise heaped by his teammates, Collins was mediocre last night. But that’s an indication of just how bad the Celtics have been”.

    Collins is not the most offensively talented, but he’s a worker. Right now the Celtics don’t have any guys that want to get their hands and shirts dirty. But Collins is not the answer. It amazes me that Rivers has not come in reality about Green, Melo, Kris, Wilcox, Bass or Sully. The reality is those guys can’t defend or rebound.

    • eddysamson

      I’m not convinced Sully cant defend yet. I think he will do better once he learns whats going to be a foul and what isnt in the NBA. I will admit he is a bit slow, though.

  • CoachAJ

    Jason Collins did his usual thing. And it worked last night. Maybe we should see more of him, certainly gives us the more traditional line up look. But as far as trades, come on these things some are proposing are going to be really hard to pull off. And some team is going to have to agree to leftover pieces, that scenario doesn’t happen early in the trade period. JGreen has a huge contract, I don’t see anyone willing to take it on when he was a FA, so why now? Bass wasn’t getting any looks either, so again why now? And Lee, well Doc wanted Lee bad, so DA won’t trade him. Oh yeah DA wanted Green real bad and drafted him too, so he ain’t going no where. This is the team we have, AB will come back and hopefully light the fire under everyone, but hey this team does coast the 1st half of the season.

  • Nate

    Pierce needed the game ball, haha.

    40 points on 16 shots!!!!!

  • lowjo

    Melo is awesome at taking charges and only getting awesomer. Last week against Ft Wayne that Duke rookie center drafted 1st round by Indy, tried to posterize Melo. Melo got his feet out to 5 feet away, making the Dukey take off further away than he wanted to, and Melo drew the awesome charge.

  • Chris H

    The need was responded to in having a better lineup, including a complimentary center.

    The right thing to do, given the trade restrictions we have, for the time being anyway, is to play a mix.

    Collins to start, Wilcox short mins, a mix of Melo and Collins to end. It’s fair to Collins who needs time, It’s fair to Wilcox who is still getting that big body right and it gives Melo reps and a chance to build on what’s working at the NBA level.

    All for zero dollars more than we are spending now.

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