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Doc: every night, one or two guys don’t do their jobs

You think you’re frustrated with the pace of this team’s progress?

Doc doesn’t sound too happy with things either.  Check him out on WEEI this morning:

 “I understand the changes we made. We made a lot of them,” said Rivers, whose team is coming off a 103-91 win over Cleveland Wednesday night. “One of our key guys has not played yet, but Avery [Bradley] is not Bill Russell. With that, plus with all the different changes — guys buying into different roles — it does take time. Did I think it would take this much time? I didn’t. It also takes time for us as a staff to figure out the right combination. Not just the rotation, but the right group of guys who should play every night and the right group of guys who can stay consistent every night, and I think we’re still searching for that.

“We’re just not consistent enough. As a team, we’re not consistent enough. Every night there are one or two guys who don’t do their jobs.”

This is pretty damning stuff.  It’s also pretty obvious to everyone who watches that guys aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do.  One guy in particular… Jeff Green… was also addressed this morning.

“We see up and down from Jeff,” Rivers said. “Jeff has to go get it if he wants it. I still think at times he waits for us to make a call for him. Where we need Jeff … The scoring is one thing and to me that will be hit and miss. There will be nights he scores well, and there will be nights he struggles. Where we really need Jeff is doing everything else, rebounding, running the floor, getting energy points. And that’s what we’re working with him and talking to him about.

“Usually you are who you are. Jeff in Oklahoma City was more aggressive. One other thing I don’t forget with Jeff was what he went through last year, so we’re being patient in that way. I still believe he has an endurance problem and I think that has a lot to do with last year. So we’re being patient.”

We didn’t realize we’d need this much patience with this team.  I admit I bought into the whole chemistry thing before the season and thought they’d be off to a good start…. or at least a better start than this.

I still have faith that they’ll turn it around.  But doing things like starting Jason Collins shows pretty clearly that Doc is still trying to figure it out.  And his comments in recent days show he’s clearly getting more frustrated with the whole process.

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  • APC

    Playing Collins means Doc is desperate, and don’t know what else to do.

  • KGino

    I’d like to see RR, PP, JG, __, & KG start together. Doc never uses Pierce as a 2 but to me that’s the same as using JG at the 4.

    The main argument would be that PP is too slow to cover most 2’s.. but wouldn’t he be too strong for quicker 2’s to guard him? At which point it’s a wash. I also realize with AB coming back this lineup wouldn’t make much sense, I just wonder how they’d fare with Jeff Green as a starter and if their rebounding would improve with such a big lineup.

  • Vince

    We are playing with only two shooting forwards right now (Pierce and Green). I wonder where Grissom his because his tenacity on defense and his movement on offense is needed and missed.

    • eddysamson

      Literally all Bass does is shoot jumpers. How is he not included here?

      • Reggie35RIP

        Yeh Bass has been pretty one dimensional on the offensive end. He needs to develop some sort of post game. He tries to drive occasionally, but this usually ends up in him either losing the ball or getting stuffed and passing it out.

  • Quest

    It’s not only endurance with Jeff it also appears to be a lack of decision making and taking the initiative. The man has been in the league long enough to run the floor better. Step up Jeff the team needs you!

    • swissflix

      right on point. he NEVER takes initiative or at least seems eager to get it himself.

  • Larry

    I would like to see Jeff Green Start at the 3 and PP at the 2 against certain teams who have big 2 guards like Brooklyn, PP guards Joe Johnson anyway Philly Pierce can guard Jason richardson just to see if Jeff plays better with the starters he shows flashes and then goes back in a shell!!