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Celtics interested in Varejao… but….

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 20, 2012 Rumors 39 Comments on Celtics interested in Varejao… but….

The Celtics rebounding is bad.  Really bad.  So bad that Dennis Rodman could show up tomorrow in his wedding dress and be the best rebounder on the team.

The Cavaliers just so happen to have the best rebounder in the league on their roster in Anderson Varejao, and he’s available for the right price.

Enter the Celtics…. but don’t get too excited.

The Celtics, ranked 29th in rebounding, do have a strong interest in Cavs’ Anderson Varejao, but the question is what could Celtics offer that the Cavs would want? (And don’t say Jared Sullinger. Cavs didn’t have an interest in him on draft night and likely still don’t.

That’s Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, who makes it clear the Cavs have no interest in bringing Sullinger back to Ohio.  As much as he’s been a perfect Celtic and the first rookie to make an immediate contribution in years, I’m sure the Ohio State product would privately welcome a chance to go back to Ohio.

I wonder if Cleveland has changed its mind about him now that they see the red flag was bullshit.    But even if they did, the Celtics still likely don’t have enough to pry Varejao away.  They want young talent and draft picks to rebuild their team.  The Celtics don’t really have much of either.

We’ll see if Danny Ainge makes an aggressive play for a premier rebounder like Varejao… or if he focuses on a cheaper “serviceable” option.

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  • tom

    Courtney lee, fab melo, kris joseph and a pick for varejao. Might work.

    • AlexLuo

      It might work if the C’s purchase the Cavs organization by the trading deadline. Through in Barbosa and they will give you Uncle Drew and Waiter also. Stop the nonsense please!

      • AlexLuo

        Throw in *

        • CelticsKid34

          hahah yeah not gonna work tom

      • tom

        Throw in a first round pick or two and you think there is no chance to get him? How much do you think they are going to get for him?? Ohhhh please stop with the nonsense!!!! It hurts my brain!!!! Pleasee sir!

        • AlexLuo

          You’re talking abt a center that’s having the best season of any centers in the east, if not in the league.KG is the leading rebounder for the C’s, his offensive rebound is one off KG’s total average! Of course, he’s only leading the league in rebounding along with 15 pts a game, probably the best passing big man in the league according to Doc, great rim protector and defender. Still under control for 2 more yrs at a bargain price. They want young assets like AB and Sully along with high picks which the C’s don’t have. An inconsistent Lee who makes 5 million per along with a project in Melo who needs a few yrs to develop, and a 2nd rd Joseph and a low 1st rd pick will only make the Cavs think you’re kidding. Centers are premium in this league, Varejao is elite in that category .

  • screaming jay

    You think Sully, a 20 year old, would rather go back to Ohio to play and live? With that great NBA franchise the Cavs? And leave the lowly Celtics organization, who have no history of winning? And go live in the city of Cleveland, as opposed to the boisterous, lively city of Boston?

    I don’t think so.

    • You think it’s outrageous that an Ohio native would want to go play professional basketball 2 hours from his family?

    • RedsLoveChild

      No doubt Sullinger would be happy in Cleveland.

      The chances are strong that Sullinger grew up loving the Cavs…he was about 11 years old when LBJ was a rookie with them…15 when they went to the Finals…Boston is not exactly St. Barts in the winter!

      However, Sully is averaging a highly respectable 1 rebound every 3.4 minutes in his young career.

      He is a full decade younger than Varejao.

      Cleveland would have to offer more.

      • AlexLuo

        Are you actually saying the Cavs need to offer more than Varejao for Sully?

        • RedsLoveChild


          In addition to Sully being 10 years younger…

          Before this year {25 games so far}…Varejao averaged the exact same 1 rebound per 3.4 minutes in his career that Sullinger is averaging as an inexperienced rookie.

          Varejao is averaging 36 MPG this year, a pretty huge number that helps explain his 14 RPG…his FG% has been in serious decline for the past 4-5 years…he almost never blocks a shot.

          The Celtics view Bradley & Sully as future all-star calibre players.

          Ainge trading Sully right now, would rekindle memories of Rick Pitino trading Chauncey Billups very early in his career. That was a disaster!

          I do not believe for a second that Ainge feels that Varejao could put Boston “over-the-top” this year.
          Boston is not close enough to winning a title for Varejao to make that kind of difference.

          Now, if Cleveland would be interested in Bass and a few others…I`d love to see Varejao come here.

          • AlexLuo

            Wow, thank you for giving me the confidence that the C’s has a back up rookie who plays a few mins a game and can’t defend the pick N roll yet while committing lots of fouls is actually worth more than the leading rebounder of the league, who maybe having the best season of any center this yr. So with AB coming back, + his fellow all star Sully, the C’s will win banner 18 with ease. How can anybody not pick Sully before the C’s? You think Kevin Love is good enough for Sully, maybe with Rubio?

          • Reggie35RIP

            lol, put the crack pipe down. If we offered Sully straight up for Varejao the Cavs would spit in our face. Not to mention the contracts are nowhere near matching up.

            Varejao is experienced and proven. Sully is an unproven rookie who has played ok. If we could throw some more pieces around Sully to get Varejao I’d be all over it.

            The KG, PP window is closing quickly. We need to make the most of them over the next couple of years before they retire. Then we go into full rebuild mode. Until then it’s all about putting the best possible players we can get around them.

          • RedsLoveChild

            It`s too late for your favorite strategy : Surround PP & KG with lots of overrated veteran talent, and watch banner 18 arrive.

            The NBA is a young man`s game…35 & 36 year old guys do NOT lead teams to titles. It has never happened, it never will.

            Don`t be fooled by one great game out of 25 this year…Pierce is washed-up. KG is about 15 minutes away from joining him. It`s time to face the harsh reality.

            As for Varejao, if he was the awesome center you claim…Cleveland would NOT be 5-22.

      • AlexLuo

        This is a team sport last time I checked. For a 5 win team, Varejao has a plus 26 when he’s on the floor , Rondo, plus 22. If they are a winning team, he wouldn’t be available in a trade.

  • CFan

    Why not Reggie Evans?

  • I don’t see this happening but I would love to see J.J. Hickson in Boston. He’s having a hell of a year in Portland. He’s tough, he can finish around the basket and he’s averaging 10.5 rebounds a game. Every time someone says this it never pans out, but Hickson could be a really good Garnett protege.

    • Brian

      Yea this a better option. In better I mean something we can actually pull off. He is only on the books for 4 million. Lee and our First round pick should get it done. If Portland is out of it by the time we are able to move Lee it would be a done deal.

    • Shawn

      I’ve always liked hickson, tough player who provides elite athleticism and finishing ability with a focus on rebounding. Also has the tools improve and at times is a rim protector. Just used to have a little something wrong between the ears which is why he’s only getting 4 million this year. Seems like he’s figured it out. But I don’t see portland trading him as Aldrige likes playing with Hickson.

  • mojojojo

    The C’s should’ve went after Blatche. He’s doing pretty decent with the Nets. Is it too late?

  • CoachAJ

    Can’t see the Cavs wanting Sully when they have and are happy with Thompson. But Anderson would be nice on this team.

  • Brian

    Lee and Bass and your number 1 is their best offer, but The Cavs probably don’t want that either. Even with Anderson’s injury history Ithat would be a steal.

  • CelticsKid34

    dont make a move on varejao!!! im telling you!!! hes 30 right now, give it 4 years and he will be on the decline and we will want to trade him and get nothing out of him. if we are gonna go all in on a center make it andrew bynum, hibert or some younger center!!! not anderson! i would be happeir with Caman

  • Ian

    Kaman over Andy? You have to be kidding me…

    • CelticsKid34

      i meant zeller my bad…

      • AlexLuo

        The younger centers are not available.

  • Verde17

    Lee, Bass, Joseph for BIG AL!!!

  • Swissflix

    Having a big who can rebound would be sweet of course. But we almost made it to the finals last year without rebounds.. I’d rather focus on players who can defend. Another reason to get rid of Green! I would add Bass & Sully just to get a biggie with some killer D.

    • Shawn

      Rebounding is key to defense

    • AlexLuo

      Last yr in the playoffs, the rebounding difference wasn’t huge. As the C’s played the Hawks without Hortford for most of the series, Philly has no inside presence and Miami was also a poor rebounding team without Bosh for 4 games . But the 2010 championship was lost because of poor rebounding, especially game 7 without Perk.

    • swissflix

      yeah, i guess rebounding and D go hand in hand. but still, we got very close with only Garnett being a premier rebounder.

    • Chris

      Easier to grab a rebound than to make them miss 4 times but give it up the 5th time they rebound their own miss.

  • Me

    Since Jeff Green As You Say A Replacement When Pierce Retires (i don’t see it that way) i understand jeff green went to a heart surgery…but…. i don’t like the cleveland treating varejao as michael jordan or someone else….

    i really think they will not accept a bass + lee….
    look lee has low scpring but effective on defense
    takes a low salary just to come to boston

    jeff green to me is ON and OFF….don’t really know if the money if worth it for him… as ive said just went through heart surgery…

    but cleveland has no SF scorer (if your saying jeff green guarding lebron..i don’t think so..)

    the only possible thing that can happen just to bring varejao to the celtics… is


    since courtney can play SF…we gave him more minutes… because when avery bradley come’s back lee would probably loose some minutes….

    and since the PF is KG, wilcox can go too
    then we sign BIRDMAN K-MART BEN WALLACE any oh theese 3 players…USED THE BAE SALARY

    and since tyreke evans (danny ainge is interested on him..if they just let him walk next season or sign in trade for courtney lee next season)
    OR ADD TRACY MCGRADDY for veterans minimum

    varejao will not give anything but REBOUNDS FLOOR SPACING PICK n ROLL HUSTLE SCRAPPING etc etc;

    since cleveland has no SF i think they want jeff green

    so they got irving sg green bass/thompson zeller/melo

  • Sean C

    How about:

    C’s trade: Green / Bass / 2014 2nd round pick

    Cav’s trade: Varejao / Casspi

    It’s give us one last shot to put a year together with Paul and KG, and we have a bunch of 2nd round picks coming up that we can make moves with.

    The Cavs need Green to play the wing (where he is way more comfortable than in the paint anyway) and a veteran bruiser in Bass. And the Celts get a guy that can rebound his ass off and make plays as well as a younger shooter that can eat minutes at the wing behind Pierce.




    • AlexLuo

      Cavs is in a rebuilding mode as they hadn’t go out to sign big free agents even they are well under the cap. They are stocking up high picks and young assets if they are trading Varejao. Nobody Will touch Green and Bass’ salaries as they both under performed.

    • RedsLoveChild

      To other NBA teams, Jeff Green might as well be “radioactive”….when you factor in his ridiculous salary, his health issues, the perpetual bored/dazed look on his face, his lack of consistency, his general lack of production.

      Well played, Mr. Ainge…well played, indeed!!!

    • Me

      change casspi if they want to get rid of luke walton

      maybe he can be a MOST IMPROVED PLAYER in doc rivers coaching style

  • KG21.com

    Paul Millsap for Lee Bass and draft pick! Rebounder and great Defender!

  • Me

    we dont need millsap..what we need is putting KG back at PF…check out milwuakkee SANDERS got 18 defensive rebounds + some offensive… KG got? 4 i think…