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Your Morning Dump…where the Celtics D is flat out awful

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“We’re not sustaining defensive effort for four quarters, getting outworked,” Pierce said. “It’s pretty much every night. Right now we have no identity. I mean, that’s just simple and plain. We’re supposed to be a defensive team, (but) we give up a hundred points every night. We’re still searching trying to find out who we want to be for this season.”

No Bull: Celtics ‘D’ Brutal – CSNNE 


At this point, Celtics fans may anoint Avery Bradley as the next pope if he is able to come in and turn this thing around. To put it bluntly, the Celtics defense has been abysmal this season for much of the year. The Roseless Chicago Bulls flat out shredded the Celtics last night with Joakim Noah putting up a career game against the Celtics pathetic interior defense.

Doc Rivers “rolled his eyes” when asked about the Celtics response to his request for defensive intensity. Coming off a night where they scored just 71 points against the Grizzlies, the Bulls put up 100 against a team that is supposed to be built around its defense. This falls on Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger and Jeff Green. The three guys who have been put in the paint at times to be an interior defender; instead of playing hard nosed defense they are playing ‘O-Lay Defense. Wasn’t Jeff Green a former all Big-East Defensive Player of the Year? Aren’t Bass and Sullinger big bodies that should be able to bang it in the paint?

That has to be the most frustrating part of this issue is that the Celtics HAVE the talent to be a very good defense, but their players seem unwilling to do what it takes to make this happen. If you are completely foreign to the game of Basketball and see Brandon Bass for the first time, based on his build what would your expectation be in terms of what his game is? Would he be the soft outside touch shooter or the Glen Davis mold who hangs in the paint and fights for rebounds using his body size to his advantage despite his lack of height? How about Jeff Green? A long and lanky 6’9”  3/4 blend with a terrific wingspan, one would imagine that he can grab defensive boards at a fairly good click right?

Unlike offensive skills, rebounding and defense are not as much about physical gifts or talent as much as they are about the want and desire to succeed at that given skillset. Look at Reggie Evans, he is one of the smaller forwards on the floor yet widely accepted as one of the best rebounders in the game…why? Because he will outwork anyone for that rebound. Sure the speed, leaping ability, and court vision help a bit with these but in the end the person that wants it more is going to succeed between the defender and offensive player, as well as going up for the board.  I am the last person to say I was a Kendrick Perkins fan, but to give him any bit of credit that is at least one thing the Celtics could rely on night in and night out; that he would give them 100% effort to defend the paint and grab the boards. Put quite simply, the Celtics don’t have players in their front court with the exception of Kevin Garnett, that have enough heart to want it more than you, and THAT is an issue.



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  • GreenCro

    Well, I had quite the opposite impressions regarding Sully! He puts up great numbers in rebs per min, although as young and inexperienced player he has a lot to learn about Celtic’s D schemes. But he has that ability and will! More PT is needed! Others? Tragic… 🙁

    • GreenCro

      Sorry… And one more thing. While on D, don’t forget about the (bad) influence our backcourt has on rotations of our bigs. And also bigs should box out more and guards (AND #34) should collect easy rebs!

    • Agreed. He had a horrible game last night, but Sully’s basically got rebounding figured out. We don’t need to worry about him.

  • RedsLoveChild

    It`s very unpopular…but, the Celtics really need to take more of a “long term” view.

    At ages 35/36….Pierce & KG will not be leading the Celtics to any more titles. Please, there is no debate on that issue!

    If they could work out good trades to teams in contention {and rid themselves particularly of the $30M still owed to Pierce}…the Celtics will suddenly have their ship heading in the right direction.

    Rondo, Bradley, Sullinger are three very good, young “building blocks” already in place.

    Surround them with hungry, athletic “bigs” with young legs. Throw in a few cagey, experienced vets who know how to win…and Boston is back in business!

  • LAF

    too many white collar guys and not enough blue collar guys on this team.

  • John

    It is getting clearer that the missing piece to the Celtics is not a player. But Tom Thibadeau. Bring him back and Boston will contend for the Championship.

    • KY Celts fan

      I think Tom is pretty content where he’s at.

    • Me

      lol you celtics bandwagoners will think of anything. Oh lemme guess they whould also bring back Bill russel? or maybe, Bird? smfh but you weren’t running your mouth when they almost went to the Finals last year WITHOUT Tom Thib.

  • eddysamson

    The similarities to last year are striking to me. I started the season pumped to watch every game and was quickly disillusioned and stopped watching games. After not paying attention for a few weeks they started killing it. I think its high time I stopped paying attention for now and hope they work themselves out…

  • ItCelticFan

    I think that it’s quite time for Pierce to step up and have a clear and honest talk with his teammates inside the locker room.
    the players are obviously there, it’s the will that’s just missing. while I do excuse Pierce and Garnett for taking their time, the others have no reason in the world to wait for spring time to play Celtics basketball. the time is now. this team was assembled in order to have some bench guys winning this team a number of games during RS and as for now nobody has played that role.
    enough of the same “blow it up” talks, these bunch of guys have to wake the *expletive* up!

  • PicturePlanet

    Im saving my panic button pushing for the new year, but I am finally coming around to the idea of a quality big just because of the fall off once kg takes a seat. It’s a shame all our combos guards have plummeting values

  • Vince

    Plain and simple, this team sucks – no ball movement on offense, no consistent defense. Lee has been a disappointment and we are one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA. Bradley will help on the defensive intensity but that is not going to make us any better than a team destine to lose in the first round of the playoffs.

  • Mike

    The celtics defense is terrible because of one thing they blitz the point guard with a double team every freaking time down and the other team knows it so they wait for it than throw to an open man and than you now have a 4 on 3 that is how noah racked up 10+ assist last might and was able to carve up the celtics..

  • KGino

    I wish Doc took some notes on Thibs’ D when he was here

  • Celtic Geezer

    This team has to stop double teaming and just stay at home with the guy that the person is supposed to be guarding. The guards don’t fight over the picks, especially Rondo, but the bigs simply have to stop leaving their men. Pierce has been a primary offender doing this during this season. Even KG has started doing this. It’s absolutely ridiculous that big men are scoring uncontested lay-ups. Rondo is mostly just a terrible defensive player but so is Jason Terry. I can’t believe that these guys have reached this point in their careers without learning the basics of balance, trying to fight over picks, putting your weight forward and moving from side-to-side. Courtney Lee has not been much better. Apparently, basketball players are not instructed with regard to basic defense anymore. I’ve started just fast forwarding through many of these games, recently. I don’t understand why Doc isn’t picking up on this when they watch the films. How many times do they have to give up easy baskets before someone does something?

    • Me

      Rondo isn’t a terrible defender, he just has too much other tasks to do within too many mins, remeber he plays almost the entire game. Meanwhile, even when Terry’s defense is nto so good, he still manages to get steals, so really what is your problem exaclty with his D?

      • Celtic Geezer

        The problem is that most people mistake steals with defense. Steals, occasionally, when the player gets into the passing lane, are a good thing. Rondo gets steals and they annoint him with putting him on the all defense team. Terry may get them too but they are a miniscule part of playing real defense. Especially when they’re hooks from behind AFTER your man has gone around you. Rondo IS a terrible defender. Not because he has too many other things to do. He is just sort of lazy and unmotivated most of the regular season. I’ve seen him do a great job when he gets assigned to LeBron. That obviously motivates him. He is better during the playoffs. But, in the regular season, he is terrible. He can’t or won’t stay in front of his man. His man goes around him, no matter who it is, all the time and gets an open shot or opens the middle as the bigs have to make up for him. He is upright and unbalanced. To play good defense as a guard your butt has to be low to the ground, your weight has to be evenly balanced on both legs, your knees have to be bent, your weight has to be slightly forward, you have to move well from side-to-side without crossing over your legs, you have to stay in front of your man at all times, you have to fight through the picks as much as possible and keep your hand in the offensive player’s face. Rondo rarely does any of these things and he gets beaten by his man constantly. He is a lazy, unbalanced defender when, in the regular season, he seems to be unmotivated. Terry is pretty much the same. Just watch them isolated on the screen a few times and you’ll see or record the game and go back and look at them isolated. It is obvious.

    • Me

      but I do agree with the double teaming part, I don’t like them trapping them as well, I just want em to stay with their man for the most part because the traps do work but not everytime and it hasn’t really worked well for em this season

  • KGino

    I don’t like small ball either.. get rid of it. No one is likely to beat the heat at their own game. Teams with legit 7 footers are far more likely to win championships than teams without.

    • Me

      yup that’s why Denvers are so damn good, I mean Denver has been pretty medicore this season. Oh how about Sac Kings? they got bigs and they are pretty wack….

  • Chris

    I wonder where we could get an athletic 7 footer with defensive skills and fouls to give, to eat minutes? For no $$..

    Oh yea…..Maine.

    • GreenCro