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Rajon Rondo Debuts the Nike Foamposite One “Fighter Jet”

Last night the C’s fell to the Bulls. The one and only stand out of the game was Rondo’s new Nike Foamposite One “Fighter Jet” sneakers. Sneakerheads had Twitter buzzing from the moment Celtic’s guard hit the court. Also known as the “White Camos”, Nike plans to release these premium Foamposite Ones on January 1st. This model is highly anticipated despite having a sky high retail price tag of $235. This shoe is expected to sell out in minutes. Be prepared to camp out for these shoes. Check out Nicekicks.com for additional release info.

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  • Danno

    I realize that “sneakerhead” culture is a big deal in some NBA fan circles, but really – when this team is playing so poorly, do we really need to know what color shoes these guys are wearing?

    • KWAPT

      Hey Danno- the posts categorized under “Celtkicks” are posts only about Celtics-themed kicks. They will continue whether the team is doing well or poorly. They’re directed/meant for the Celtics Sneakerheads that read our site. I am just as broken-up about our beloved C’s as you are, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop providing content that Celtics fans who are also sneakerheads want to see/read. Thanks-KWAPT

      • eddysamson

        I just dont get why players are constantly changing shoes. Dont they want to get used to what they’re wearing so they aren’t constantly changing it up and maybe throwing their bodys off a bit? When it comes to sports for me I’m big on muscle memory and I know slight changes can throw me off…

        • KWAPT

          I feel the same way Eddy, and don’t quite get it myself. Rondo is pretty much the only guy on the C’s that does this. He changes alot-I’m assuming it’s style. He wants to rock the kicks that are hot/just came out. But I’m with you-I’d prefer comfort & performance if I’m out on the hardwood..