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Your Morning Dump..Where Jet is best off the bench

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Steve Bulpett-“In Terry, Doc Has Plenty of Reserve”

Despite struggling in the 2nd half, Jason Terry had 17 big points off the bench in Boston’s loss at San Antonio on Saturday. It’s clear he thrives in a reserve role, and Doc plans to keep him there:

“I want Jason off the bench,” said coach Doc Rivers. “You can see how well he’s playing now (15.0 points, 8-of-17 on 3-pointers in the last two games). He’s comfortable there, so we’re just going to keep starting Courtney (Lee) or whoever. But I like Jason off the bench. I don’t think it helps the starting lineup right now, but if you put him in the starting lineup, then our bench struggles. So it’s one or the other.

“Jason and Courtney are really great in the second unit together. They really move the ball. The last three or four games, our second unit has come in and made runs for us.”

Doc also knows, obviously, that consistency has been a huge issue for the Celts. Some nights, the bench has been clutch-getting big hoops and playing well. Others, not so much:

Still, Rivers would like to see more from his subs.

“I keep reading about our second unit or hear about it,” he said. “But we’ve got to do it consistently. I do think we’ve got the players, but we just haven’t had the performance.”

The other big complaint from fans and the coach is the team’s “mental toughness.” One minute, it seems they can be dialed-in, the next, we get costly turnovers, lapses on defenses and you’re ready to throw your tv out the window. Doc and the Captain see the same problems. What will they do to rectify them?

“It’s not even shape; it’s more mental conditioning to me, and we have to do a better job there,” he said before practice.

As for what he can do to fix that, Rivers said, “You work on habits. You’ve got to improve your habits. We see it on film. We’ll do it, and then we never sustain it. So until we do it consistently and then sustain it, then that means we’ve still got to work on it more.”

Paul Pierce agreed, saying, “It’s just mental. Guys have got to be smarter. Guys have got to be mentally in tune to what’s going on at all times, because every possession is huge for us. And that’s what we’ve got to do, have a better understanding that every possession counts.

The C’s also got a chance to watch the Bulls play on tv last night, and Doc said he enjoyed getting to hear Chicago commentator Stacey King give him some inside info on the other teams’ habits. Doc then chimed-in on what he thought the Bulls may hear if they watched a Celtics broadcast-specifically from Tommy Heinsohn:

Asked what opponents may get from hearing Tommy Heinsohn on Celtics broadcasts, Rivers laughed and said, “They get a lot of how great the officiating is around the league. And, ‘Run. RUN!’ ”

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  • Nathan

    I know your supposed to access current issues and if you didn’t and every post was just the same”wait til the postseason” this wouldn’t be a blog worth reading, but I love all the negativity and doubting. Anyone wondering where a spark for the second half the season is going to come from? It’s all the writing off the medias doing between now and then. Be careful what you say about this team cuz KG might call you out in a post game press conference in the playoffs.

    • Larry Legend

      The real question, Nathan, is why the hell this team thinks it’s ok to just show up some nights. Just because they’ve turned it on in 2nd half of the season in years past doesn’t mean it’s just gonna happen again. It could and all Celts fans are hoping it will, but that doesn’t change the here and now. Right now they are an unbelievably average team. They don’t do anything really well at all. But the worst part is their effort is average too. This team loves to talk and act like they been there done that and how tough they are. Fact is they’re soft. They don’t play with force. They are content to try and just trade baskets. That’s why Doc preaches defense. Defense is hard. Its work. It’s not pretty. But it makes you tough. It makes you hard. And it brings a team together because it takes effort from everybody on the court. Until the Celtics buy in they will just be an average, run of the mill, soft basketball team.

      • Nate

        The Celtics do many things relatively well; its their many shortcomings that keep them average.

        • Larry Legend

          Like what? They don’t rebound well. They don’t defend well. They don’t score particularly well. They turn it over fairly consistently. The only thing this team does pretty well is get steals. So again, Nate, I ask you: what do they do relatively well?

          • Nate

            What a fairweather fan…

            The Cs get to line a bunch despite “never getting calls.” Even with Bass and Lee slumps and Green and Pierce having bad %s from the field, the team is shooting is shooting very well; blistering from midrange. The assists are coming in droves and at times we put pressure on the ball to make teams commit idiotic turnovers

    • Edsel

      That would be the best thing to happen if it will give them something to prove, light a fire, and maybe they’ll play with more passion and conviction.

      • Scratch

        But that’s just the point…WHY,…oh WHY…do they need a fire ? Why can’t they simply put forth a better effort for their fans. And spare us all the “this team can turn it on when they want”…I’m not buying that it’s their plan to completely suck for the first half of the season and I’m not buying this “we’re resting our guys” mentality…San Antonio is resting their guys and they are pretty damn good.

  • RedsLoveChild

    There is nothing wrong with the Celtics` “effort”.

    The real problems are :

    1} Boston`s two best players are eligible for AARP.

    2} The other Celtics are too small/non-physical to do anything except shoot perimeter jumpers all night.

    3} As a result, the opposition sees Boston as a team on their schedule that, given the effort on their part, they know they will outlast over 48 minutes.

  • Scratch

    When Doc Rivers talks about guards not being able to keep guys in front of them…that’s effort…when Jeff Green is trying to make ballerina layups instead of exploding to the hoop, that’s effort also.

    When Courtney Lee can’t do something as simple as follow the Avery Bradley 2012 template and run along the baseline for 6-8 points on uncontested layups…effort is in there somewhere. Perheraps this team is undersized and not meant to be contender…I can accept that…but .500 ? They haven’t fallen off that badly. Who are we missing? Stiemsma ????

    • Nate

      No, we dont need his horrible pick-and-roll D

      • Scratch

        The Stiemsma thing was rhetorical. My point and my frustration, probably like everyone else, comes from the fact that this team was one game away from beating the eventual champions. It’s true they lost Ray Allen but when you think they added Jeff Green, Courtney lee, Chris Wilcox, and Jason Terry to the mix, you would think that even with the teething pains that come from getting to know one another, they would still be playing much better ball…don’t know why it’s been so bad, honestly.

        • Nate

          We are underperforming of course, but give credit to the rest of the league before bashing your team. The league as a whole is way more competitive than last year. WAY MORE

    • Me

      ballerina layups are NOT effort. Effort requires a reasonable amount of force. Those layups don’t….

  • Mr Curet

    It’s always the same song with this Celtics, they’re always saying we gotta do this, we gotta do that, we have to put the effort, blah, blah, blah, but as soon as the game starts they don’t do any of that. Wtf!! is it that hard to play every game with effort? I’m not saying they gotta win every game but at least show some competitiveness, this guys look disinterested most of the time. I guess once they’re pros effort goes out the window & it becomes optional.