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Recap: The two most annoying Bulls beat crap out of the Celtics

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 18, 2012 Recaps 33 Comments on Recap: The two most annoying Bulls beat crap out of the Celtics

We’re using this photo way too much this year…

Nate Robinson bugged the shit out of me when he was with the Celtics with is ill-advised threes… but Doc Rivers always said he would occasionally win you a game.  He did tonight for the Bulls, dropping 5 of 7 three pointers in a 100-89 Bulls win.  To add to this craptastic effort, Joakim Noah dropped a triple double on the C’s

The Celtics had the lead down to 3… 70-67… with 3:40 to go in the 3rd.  With 3:22 left in the 4th, it was 100-79.  That’s a 30-12 run over the span of 1 quarter.

The Green:

Rondo had a big scoring night, leading the way with a game-high 26.  KG was hot early, and Pierce dropped 16 on 6-10 shooting.

The Gross:

Where to start….

The Celtics refused to defend… again.  They gave up 28 and 27 point quarters to a not-so-great offensive team that was playing in a back-to-back while the Celtics had 2 days off.

The Celtics without Garnett on the floor are putrid.  They’re almost as bad when Rondo’s off the floor.  Doc Rivers needs to figure out a new substitution pattern with Rondo.  I suggested tonight on Twitter that Doc stop playing Rondo entire first quarters and sit him with about a minute to go.  That gives Rondo rest around the quarter break… and a natural time out to prevent long opposition runs as Rondo sits until sometime between the 6 or 7 minute mark in the 2nd.

The bench was horrible.  HORRIBLE!  Nate Robinson outscored the entire second unit, 18-16.

The Greenlights:

The Grid:

  • Jeff Green was 1-6 for 3 points.
  • Jason Terry was 1-2 for 2 points.
  • Leandro Barbosa was 1-6 for 6 points.
  • Jared Sullinger was 0-6 for 1 point.
  • Rajon Rondo:  26 points (9-18 fg, 2-3 3pt. 6-8 FT), 8 assists, 2 rebounds
  • Carlos Boozer:  21 points (10-17 fg) 12 rebounds (3 offensive)
  • Luol Deng: 21 points (5-9 fg, 10-11 FT)
  • Joakim Noah:  11 points, 10 assists, 13 rebounds
  • Nate Robinson: 18 pts (6-12 fg, 5-7 3pt)
  • Points in the paint:  Chicago 48 – Boston 36
  • Second chance points:  Chicago 16 – Boston 8

For a while there, the Celtics were keeping it inexplicably close.  But it’s hard to win when the bench completely shits itself and opposing guards are continuously allowed to attack the rim, draw fouls, and pull bigs out of position to allow for easy baskets or putbacks.

The Celtics are right back to where they started and now they’ve got a game tomorrow night.  They’ve lost 3 in a row.  God help us all if they go into Cleveland and lose.

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  • Matt W

    I loved Nate Robinson and you’re crazy.

    Otherwise, this is pretty spot on, and I want to punch Noah in the dick all the time.

    • kg215

      You loved Nate Robinson and you are calling John crazy? Pot calling the kettle black on that one.

  • Was Scal auditioning for the Bull’s broadcast team tonite? I was waiting for Mike to ask him -how does Thibs ass taste?

    Another dissapointing night for the C’s. I would have expected to see some improvement by this point in the season, but these last 3 games makes me think they havn’t bottomed out yet..

  • Chris

    Only team wearing a green and white jersey thats worse is the jets…and that’s a stretch. I should punch myself in the dick for watching this whole game.

  • JimmyG

    I missed it thankfully. I will stay optimistic because Doc hasn’t figured out the rotations yet and I’m hoping Bradley will make that easier to do. Still, I feel sick reading about this.

    • Me

      lol I thought C’s were playing on Wednesday and they are but didn’t know they were playing on Tuesday as well, TG I didn;t waste my time

  • dk

    I saw progress..for myself, usually I get really worked up during these games and start yelling and screaming especially when the team decides to not play basketball….tonight didn’t yell once. Not sure if I just expect it at this point or what..

    Can’t wait to start reading the KG gems again from last year: “We will get better…we have no choice.” and the article about that “players only team meeting.”

    It’s maddening when you read all these quotes from the team about what they need to work on and how theyre improving and then NOTHING is implemented during games…nate robinson/carlos boozer are you kidding?!

  • Kash

    Why haven’t we at least signed Kmart?

    • Gil305

      That’s what I’m asking. At least with him you’re guaranteed defense and effort

  • Quest

    This is not a good team right now what an understatement. Sell the Bench!! Way to go Big 3!!

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      “not a good team” doesn’t give the right idea.. they flat out suck right now.

  • Classless

    They are definitely not a good team. They are also a boring team to watch. I’ve never been so disinterested so early in the year. I hope something changes soon.

    • Drew

      Agreed, hard to watch without falling asleep.

  • Carl Wardlaw III

    I’m officially both mad and unsure now

  • Aaron

    Package sully and green and our first round picks for next two seasons for al Jeff and Paul mil sap. Kg is old ams we have no defense without him. Green is s joke and sully is a project. We need to win now.

    • screaming jay

      I disagree about Sully, he’s way beyond a “project.” Dude’s making significant contributions right now, and I believe he isn’t near his ceiling currently. I want to keep Sully for the future.

      • kg215

        Sully is not a project but he doesn’t fit that well here while we have KG. I was hoping Sully would be a solid fit next to KG as kind of a 5, because he is big/strong and has more reach than Big Baby or Bass. Unfortunately Sully isn’t good enough defensively. Sullinger is smart and strong, but lack of mobility hurts his pick and roll defense+team defense, and lack of height/athleticism means he can’t protect the rim. When he plays next to KG, KG has to cover him. I’m sure Sullinger will improve in the future, but he is definitely a power forward and not as good for a defense first team like us.

  • celtics33

    Cant use the fatigue excuse tonight since the Celtics had 2 days off while the Bulls were on a back to back.

    All the talk from Doc about the defensive progress has disappeared as the Celtics could not defend against a bad offensive team that scored 71 points last night.

    Anytime Nate Robinson in 22 minutes outscores the entire Celtics bench it’s time to panic.

    Doc needs to take some heat for this mess…

  • iamsaws

    if you can’t appreciate Noah’ game, you have a huge dump n your pants

    • Brick James


    • Me

      then I have a huge dump in my pants and I’ll gladly, without shame walk around with it too. Nothing special about Noah tbh and KG at his best, usually shuts him down. And if the C’s won that game, I doubt that you would call his game so damn awesome

  • Chris

    Ugh! This team needs a big. But the greater problem is that the players we have are playing lazy, uninspired ball and we seem to think we can stay within 10 and just turn it on – not so easy when a guy like Nate comes out and drops a couple of threes while you’re trying to come back.

  • Yeah…I — who have remained mostly positive about what this team is capable of and believe they will accomplish eventually this season — finally had to post a negative story tonight (you can click on my name to see it) because the lackluster play just killed me. It’s one thing to get beaten by a better team, but it’s unacceptable to not try. Doc has some work to do here, but I still think it can be done. I just hate to see such…well, what your photo elephant is doing…on the floor when the C’s play.

    • KWAPT

      Please stop using our posts here just to promote your site. If you want to comment on the game or the post, that’s fine. There are millions of social media sites you can use to promote your blog. Thank you.

  • KGino

    easy breakdown of what happend.. Celtics gave up a lot of free throws and layups while shooting mid range jumpers all night. Tis the formula for a loss


    Guess maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that I’m working nights and missed tonight & will miss most of tomorrow. My post in today’s “Dump” even explained how Doc and the team watched the Bulls play the night before, and they still cannot muster a win? Definitely concerned now. And I don’t think a “big” or AB will fix this. It really just seems like chemistry and attitude…and now we have a *gulp* good, yes I said it, Cavs team coming-in to our building tonight that def will not be afraid. Could get ugly. I still love the Celtics, but man are they looking like a “beaten” team so early on in the year.

  • omitasub

    we should search for a new coach that will preach effort and defense, and play simple offensive plays. god dammit.

    • NorthernGreen

      Everyone seems to be blaming the team for not playing up to their potential and I must agree, but, I don’t think it is the players. It is the coach! With basically the same players last year and without Thibs the team was playing a lot like this year. After the All-Star break, the team dug down into their pride and played inspired ball to come close to winning the Conference.
      This year, with a bunch of new players, no Thibs to teach defense, and the same old coach, we are playing the same old uninspired ball. The Bulls became the defensive minded team, have a better record without their all star, and made the Celtics look foolish.
      You can have all the “bigs” you want or wait for AB to come back until the cows come home, but until we get a coach who can coach defense or at least inspire this team, they will continue to go down hill!
      Let it be known that I am not a troll and have been watching and a fan of the C’s for more than fifty years. Tommy has more coaching ability in his little finger than “Doc” will ever have!

  • NateB

    Green’s inconsistency has been discussed as nauseum, but what about Jet? Did we acquire this guy just as he hit the career wall?

    • Brick James

      Dallas had no intention of re-signing him. There was clearly a reason why.

    • Gil305

      Green pisses me off consistently. I thought he could score off the dribble better than this. He has no left and half the time when he drives right he’s forcing it. Green and Lee are supposed to be our “young legs” but all they’re doing is spotting up. Lee has shown on few occasions he can drive like on that bucket that cut it to 3 last night but damn man…. Is Doc telling him not to drive or what???
      They need to do something. Facing a Cleveland team with young legs on the second night of a back-to-back…..this could be ugly tonight. SMH

  • Noori

    Kevin Love or Josh Smith for Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, and 2 future first rounders.

  • sctvlk

    KG is a class act! I wish I read more articles about pro athletes like this one!