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Rumor mill: Celtics looking for a big man

Despite being more than two full months away from the trade deadline, the speculation has already started.

No surprise here, the Celtics might be in the market for a big man. David Aldridge has this nugget:

Celts may want another big

Lee agreed to four-year, $21 million contract in a sign-and-trade deal that sent him from Houston to Boston in a three-way trade also involving Portland. But he’s shooting just 28.6 percent from 3-point range this season, well off his career mark of 38.6 percent (and way off last season’s 40.1 percent behind the arc).

And with Jason Terry in tow and Avery Bradley close to making his return from shoulder surgeries in the summer, the Celtics — looking hard for one more big man — have one off-guard too many.

I’m content with the Celtics shopping Lee, but his value is weak right now.

There’s nothing new on Marcin Gortat front, despite the “report” from a few weeks back that the Celtics were prepping an offer.

Grantland’s Zach Lowe speculates on Boston’s interest in a familiar face:

Odom and Turiaf have surpassed (Ryan) Hollins in the rotation, meaning Hollins could be available on the cheap for a team seeking an additional big man; Boston comes to mind as a potential suitor, since the coaching staff is familiar with Hollins’s game from last season. The Clips’ bench units are absolutely blitzing teams right now, but Odom and Turiaf are limited players, and the team might look around for an upgrade somewhere.

Been there, done that. There MUST be a better alternative to Ryan Hollins (2.7 ppg, 2.3 rpg).

I’d roll the dice on Fab Melo before acquiring Hollins.

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  • KGino

    Please Ainge, NO more 7 footers who can’t rebound! (Darko, Hollins, Collins, Jermaine O Neal, + many more)

  • eddysamson

    I’m sure DA will pull something crazy off that no one sees coming probably shipping out a player you didnt want to see go, but getting someone random no one even considered in the process.

    • Curt

      You mean like Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Green? Yeah, he’s brilliant.

      I vote for Shaq.

      • eddysamson

        Yeah kinda like that, I was hoping this time he might “get it” and meant for there to be a more positive spin to my comment 😛

      • Kash

        I’d take shaq at this point.

  • lowjo

    Yeah, I’m not distraught by what I’ve seen from Melo in Maine, and I’ve been watching every game. Even when he doesn’t grab a bunch of rebounds or get more than 4 shots a game, he’s still a defensive force, which is all Boston needs out of that position anyway. And NBA players like Rondo will be able to hit a rolling Melo for TONS of easy lob passes for dunks. Just throw the ball up 11′ high, and Melo will catch and finish. His max reach is 11’9″ I believe. I wish Maine would make Melo a bigger part of the offense though. That’s what the Dleague is for. Get Melo the ball in the post and let him work on that right handed hook and a couple counter-moves!

  • Mr. Curet

    Since the Celtics are in win now mode this trade works, move KG back to PF & have Bass come of the bench. And they’ll still have Terry & Barbosa as the back up guards.

  • lowjo

    I’m not even sure “win now” mode is the best idea. Bite the bullet, develop our depth and youth, and sign a large free agent when Pierce’s contract is up. Melo can be a super-sub or starting center within 2 years at the most. He might even be a 10 mpg super sub by these playoffs. Sullinger is a future key cog in a championship team, and a go-to post scorer that we have needed and will continue to need, on a super-cheap contract. Green and Sully play very well together, smart, well rounded team players. Rondo and Bradley is a dominant backcourt combo, especially as Bradley gets older over the next few years. Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sully, Melo. If Green and Melo end up only being super-subs, they can be important parts of a championship driven future. Time to stop the win-now mode, in my opinion. Miami, OKC, Chicago with Rose back, those teams are going to be tough to beat even if we trade away the future for an above average big.

    • Mr Curet

      I get what you’re saying, but the truth is that this team is built to win now, there’s a reason why Danny brought KG back & signed Terry for 3 yrs each. And since that’s their mentality why not try to make the team better. But honestly, I’d rather them trade Bass than Sullinger.

      • lowjo

        Guess it all depends on the deal. I don’t see great value available, because of the premium placed on centers. Celtics have a roster full of great contracts, give or take a small forward or two. Between Bradley coming back and Melo being a real possibility as a 10 mpg playoff contributor, both the present and the future look plenty bright to me. I’m just not personally dying to get back to the Finals this year, if the cost is a knee-capped next couple years. If Pierce is replaced in a year or two by somebody more deserving of that salary, the foreseeable future looks very bright, even with Garnett getting older and Terry being on the clear decline before he even got here. If anything, I wouldn’t mind a quick reload. 3 teams look unbeatable this year no matter what the Celtics do. MIA, OKC, and CHI with Rose back.

    • GreenCro


  • GeeGiff
    Lee Collins & Melo For Paul Milsap (Tough Rebounder that can score enough said)

  • Mike

    Lol if you were the jazz would you do this move??!! Come on!

  • Cam

    Let’s get shaq. He could barely move 2 years ago and he was the second best center in the east.

    How are Bill Walton knees?

    Seriously tho its kind of funny that Sheed would be a legit option for us

    • its_time

      Would rather have J’O if Gortat is not available and throw in Beasley so we now have another scorer i think a change scenery and having KG and pierce teach him a thing or two will make as a more formidable team

  • Astarot

    Yeah I’d try Melo too, and don’t go to Hollins! We really don’t want him. But I’d rather trade Terry (older worse on D) I know he’s good as a 6th man and better on the offensive end but still.

  • My #1 hope is that they make a run for Kevin Love on Jan. 15th, using Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, the kitchen sink of draft picks.

    If he is truly unavailable than a straight up swap of Jeff Green for Andy Varajeo or a Courtney Lee, Fab Melo and Sullinger swap for him.

    Pierce and KG have a VERY small window to win, so there’s no need to develop the next Acie Earl, oh wait we already traded Johnson!

    • Nate

      Every year Love doesn’t sign an extension with the wolves, I get more excited. I see the Cs getting him either the year or the year after KG retires

      • RedsLoveChild

        Do NOT get your hopes up over Kevin Love.

        It will save you lots of anger and heartache when the Lakers {once again} swoop in at the last minute to sign him!

        We`ve all seen this script play out many times.

        • Chris

          With everyone on their roster with bloated salaries for multiple years, over thirty and breaking down, I doubt it will be them this time around. Not until Kobe is truly gone.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Somehow, they will find a way. They always do!
            Never count them out.

  • Drew

    The Celtics are interested in a big man? SHOCKING!

  • Seeing Kahn’s disparaging comments about K. Love, I think its only a matter of time before he’s moved. Obviously Williams will go first, but I dont think either will be on the wolves at the end of this season.

  • Chris

    As long as it’s not Bynum, under any deal above $1, the limited scrap pile to get us through the year is limited. No need to make a huge splash this year if it costs us in future years. We have at least 1 more year with PP and KG.

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  • jim

    i wanted jevale mcgee so bad this offseason he would of been a beast

  • Rasheed

    I’m happy letting Courtney Lee be trade bait. I still fashion dreams that Delonte will be getting a call from Danny Ainge by the trade deadline.

  • A sharrod

    Jeff green, lee , and bass for Millsap and Marvin Williams.. depth at the 3 and an upgrade at the 4. Prob have to include a pick or two as well

    • scratch

      Actually, thats not such a bad deal for either team. I’d take that.

  • Chris

    Why not bring Melo up for a game or two and see how he does? While Avery is still out, there is a spot and what’s the downside, the same crap D we are seeing now?

    C,mon Doc, it’s an easy move..

  • Bouta

    We need to fire doc! The team really isn’t bad at all this season, they are just not playing well as a team. Guess who’s fault is that… Doc needs to get fired and ASAP if there is any hope of saving the season, the team is perfectly good as it is, except of course if we get Demarcus Cousins for a under achieving Jeff green and Bass trade. I know this may be hard to hear but fire Doc!

    • Bouta

      We are 14-17 if it were any other coach they would have been fired by now

      • Bouta

        Also Danny Ainge needs to be replaced by someone who actually knows a thing or two about basketball, I recommend Sir Charles Barkley