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Falcons WR Roddy White calls Jeff Green soft and terrible


Falcons All-Pro wide receiver Roddy White had some criticism for Jeff Green on Friday night.

While it’s nothing compared to what some Celtics fans have said about Green, it’s a bit unusual for a professional athlete to call out a fellow athlete in a different sport.  And I don’t know much about White other than the fact he’s a damn good wide receiver whose team hasn’t done squat in the playoffs.

I don’t expect Jeff Green to respond (if questioned by the media) because it’s not his style.

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  • RedsLoveChild

    Seriously, dump Ainge….get Roddy White to be our GM!!!

    • Me


  • UhOh!!

    I hardly comment but the negativity is getting ridiculous. For the last couple of years its been the same thing the Cs pace themselves during the regular season & fans call for Doc or Danny’s head. They turn it on during the second half of the season & everybody jumps back on d*ck like “oh i never doubted them one bit”. EVERYBODY that’s followed this team the last 2-3 seasons know not to judge them by the regular season or make snap judgments .THEY KNOW WHEN AND HOW TO TURN IT ON EVERYBODY RELAX!!

    • GrKosta

      SPOT ON. There’s a lot of fair weather fans around.

  • KY Celts fan

    I completely disagree with this tweet from Roddy White. I’m a big Perk fan. But I’m a fan of Perk the man. Perkins the NBA player is mediocre at best. Trades happen all the time. And though I was sad to see him go because I love listening the guy talk, it’s silly to be still be talking about it two years later.

    As for Jeff Green. He’s been away from the game for over a year. We see Rondo make stupid mistakes when he misses two games. Green missed a whole year! And he’s putting together a really good string of games. These past two weren’t great, but then again no one played that great these two games.

    Something else I’ve noticed about Green. For these games where he’s scoring 17, 19 pts, he’s doing so playing almost exclusively at SF. In Texas, he got most of his minutes at PF. Green is not a PF! He can’t play the position. The same way Ray couldn’t play PG. Pierce can’t play PF. Rondo can’t play SG. We can’t blame Green for weak play when Doc continuously tries to force him into that role.

  • KGino

    Why would you ever trade part of a starting 5 that never lost a 7 game series together??

    I don’t care if Pierce didn’t have a backup, doesn’t mean you have to trade for one. The Celtics trading perk was devastating to me.. i knew we had no chance at the finals and it’s been downhill since then.

    And we should have signed Tyson Chandler when we had the chance.. he’d be a perfect fit for this team.

    • eddysamson

      We had a chance!?!?!??!?! I’d shit myself if we got Tyson, fucking love that dude. Him and JET were my favorite part of the team that beat the Heat!

    • KY Celts fan

      We didn’t have the money to sign Chandler. NY had to amnesty Billups to get him. Who would you have amnestied? Pierce, KG, or Rondo?

      • KGino

        I would have put half my yearly salary up for him.. lol.

      • Sheets


        • Me

          Pierce? haha why don’t you apply for the GM position and take over from Ainge? fuccin genius

    • Me

      actually Chandler IS OVERRATED. But hey, it seems like you like him for personal reasosn or something and not just his game…glad C’s didn’t get him, I’ll take Bynum/ Ibaka/ Thomas Robinson/ Perk anyday over him

  • Morey

    I agree, worst trade ever….Should never got rid of Perk

    • Larry Legend

      Perk is vastly overrated by celtics fans…guy was tough. That’s it. No game. Hurt you offensively. Mediocre rebounder at best for his position. At best! There’s a reason he didn’t play much in thd finals for Boston or OKC. Move on. Perk a hard worker but that it.

      • Me

        guess that’s why OKC agreed to trade two of their best players in Jeff and Kristic for mediocre Perk and I guess that’s why he’s still in OKC now and wasn’t traded unlike Nate Robinson (not that Nate is wack cos he ain’t)

  • Chris

    These tweets shouldn’t be taken seriously. When White ends a season, gets on a table, has open heart surgery and relearns everything he ever knew in a year AND gets back on the field of play, he can question Jeff Green’s toughness.

    You can call into question his progress, his choices on the court all you want, but to call his toughness into question is beyond dumb. What Green has hinted at in interviews (and you know he is holding back) is more than I could imagine.

    RE: Perk. Let’s be real. You had the chance to get a young athletic shooter able to give you 18 a night, plus boards. You take that over a big body with cement hands.

  • SF Celts fan

    The reason green won’t respond is because he’s a wimp. Just a couple weeks before we can trade his a**. Can’t believe we didn’t get mayo last year. Ainge sucks!

  • Drew

    Roddy White is one of the best receivers in The NFL. If someone at the top of their field wants to call out a scrub who is way overpaid and under performing, I’m fine with it. I like it.

    • Me

      Lol pls let’s call it as it really is. You know you ain’t doing things right, when an NFL player has to go outta his way to critic you…just terrible, Green should be traded but he won’t because he’s young and well DA is smart enough to know that PP and Kg will not be here much longer.

  • Roy

    Indeed, Roddy is a great receiver but all he does is run his damn mouth. The team has just begun to become relevant again and he runs his mouth as if he is a super bowl winner. N doubt you can question Green’s game and say this and that about him on the court, but to say he is soft is another thing. The guy is coming into his own now, and since when does Roddy know anything about bball? He belongs at the desk along with those other guys on First Take

    • Joe Quinn

      @Roy That’s like saying what would Jeff Green know about football. That’s a ridiculous statement u don’t need to be an expert to understand any sport, but u should have some knowledge. Celtics fans need to stop lying and being defensive about the team. Danny Ainge is not a good GM. He screwed up by trading Green for Perkins. You don’t trade your starting center, in the middle of the regular season, especially when u have a record of 45-12, the best record in the east.That’s a bad GM.

      Jeff Green is a talented player, but his bball IQ is not good. Green makes bad decisions offensively and defensively. But I do think it’s unfair to only put blame on Green. The bench has been a disappointment. None of those guys can play defense or rebound.

      • Drew

        Agreed. That’s not a trade you just get over all of a sudden. If Red Sox fans can still be upset about the Babe Ruth trade 100 years later, Celtics fans can be upset about the Perkins trade for a long time.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Like the complete idiot he is, Ainge loaded up the roster with guys between 6`2″–6`8″.

        Is it really a surprise to see Boston, night after night, get absolutely destroyed on the boards???

      • Roy

        Not saying it was a great trade by any means, but the jury is still out on it. We’ve only had green for half a season since the trade so we don’t know what we got yet. I loved Perk, and I was lucky to have seen him play with the Celts right before he was traded, and No I’m not happy he was traded, but we still don’t know what we got with Green. Not being defensive about the decision, we just dont have enough to information on it yet to make a sound decision that it was a bust or great move

  • greenman

    Holy shit, get over it. It was two years ago!! Perk is long gone (right or wrong decision). Green signed as a free agent this year. If there’s anything to mad about it should be why we took him over OJ Mayo who is clearly a more talented player and is having a much better season.

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  • Ritch Dollah

    Jeff Green was overvalued by Ainge and Celtics Mgmt. In-betweeners caught in the middle of both the small and power forward positions are generally not all-star caliber players. So, if fans are expecting Green to be that type of player, sorry. An all star Green is not. He does not have the physicality to post up and rebound like a power forward or the quickness on defense, ball-handling skills, passing ability, and ability to create shots for himself and teammates of a Small Forward.

    On the whole, a very mediocre player at all phases of the game. Bench guy at best. To boot, his game doesn’t translate to Celtic basketball, defensive intensity and high bball IQ.

  • Boomdizzle

    All you people that said we never should have traded Perk are retarded. Listen Perk’s the man, but he was going to walk away at the end of the season. He got over-paid by OKC and has been pretty bad for them. Meanwhile there were no good wing players available that year and in order to win the east you need to beat Lebron, in other words you need good wing players. Furthermore, we didn’t lose because of our defense, we lost because of our offense. Can someone please tell me how having Perk would have improved our offense?!?!? Fucking Retards!!

  • Boomdizzle

    In case you all forget Perk had barely played that season, we were doing fine with Shaq and J-O. If you want to blame Danny and Doc for anything blame them for trusting in those two. At the least the guy tried to make us better and has us contending year after year. the dude that said you all suck is right. This whole town sucks. The C’s struggle early and they’re old, the Pats lose early in the season and they’re not that good. Yet where are both teams by year’s end just about every year?? Right in the thick of things. You spoiled little punks!