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Enemy Chatter: Where it seemed Rondo didn’t suit up

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics. Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from San Antonio.

Parker dominated his individual matchup with fellow All-Star Rajon Rondo, outscoring him by 16 and nearly matching him in assists, eight to nine. He also had four steals to none for Rondo, who was so quiet for most of the game it seemed as if he hadn’t suited up. Parker made the exact opposite impression, sinking a rare 3-pointer and a series of circus shots down the stretch as he carried the Spurs on his back.

Spurs Nation

No gripe here. Rondo was a no-show, by his standards. KWAPT said as much in the game recap.

I’m starting to lose my optimism with this team. Something isn’t right…

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  • Sam

    I agree, something definitely doesn’t feel right with this team.

    Last season, it seemed more like the key guys just weren’t in shape because of the lockout. That made sense, to some degree.

    Even then, it wasn’t until Doc made some radical changes to the starting lineup that the team started to play at a high level again.

    I’m just not sure where that shakeup is going to ome from this season.

  • Chris

    Too many new parts, developing too slowly. The real worry is that they run out of time before they truly click.

    Also, without a true quality big, there is a gaping hole there.

  • eddysamson

    I see good ball movement and more transition points when Rondo isnt on the floor. Rondo almost always goes into half-court mode and I think thats why we see so many scoring draughts with the starters out there late in the game. JG and Lee are here to take feeds from Rondo in transition and fast breaks and yet they never do that unless its JET/Lee or Barbosa in the backcourt.

    Maybe another part of it is that Rondo passes when he shouldnt on the fast break and Pierce finishes the fast break when he should hand it off to Lee or anyone faster really. Hoping you guys caught the Pierce fast break in the last game (or maybe it was Friday…) with Lee running with him and beating him but Pierce still finished probably wasting all his energy…

    • Gil305

      I actually saw that and was wondering why he didnt dump it to Lee. He’s more athletic, needs easy buckets whenever possible and that’s what you brought him there for….to run! I just don’t understand sometimes SMH

  • Chief

    It feels like the C’s are waiting for Bradley to show up before they take anything seriously. It seems like they are coasting. Typical!!

  • Brick James

    Chuck, yes, something isn’t right. They suck.

  • Quest

    This team’s time is running out to sort out their problems… well that is if it is even possible to do…. too many issues cropping up every night….

  • Collin

    Agree w/ blogger from Spurs Nation. Something isn’t right with this team. Sure they suck, but it seems as if they’re mentally gone. Rondo has been horrific on defense thus far. I’ve never seen a defender gamble so bad and get beat off the dribble time after time. The team plays with no interest, urgency or passion. The bench hasn’t clicked probably, because the pieces don’t mesh.

    Doc Rivers seems not know how to use his rotation. Rivers and Ainge smal ball strategy is not working. This team is awful from top to bottom. Garnett seems to be the only consistent player out of the entire team.

  • Ian

    Never known a fan base to have less faith in their team than this one when time and time again they turn it around.
    Go join the espn crew if you wont learn from history.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      It’s not about faith… it’s about assessing strengths and weaknesses at the moment.

    • kg215

      I agree this team has comeback too many times for people to be worried to this extent. Yes they aren’t playing well right now, but they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt. Also we have more talent this year than last year but a lot of new faces. Even with the system in place and our 3 best players having been here for awhile, the new guys need time. There are no guarantees this team will flip the switch, but we still have a shot at winning the championship.