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Doc: “Bradley ain’t the savior”

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 17, 2012 Avery Bradley, Injuries 6 Comments on Doc: “Bradley ain’t the savior”

So Avery Bradley practiced today… and he went the full session without someone breaking him.  That’s great… it means he’s well on his way to return to actual games.   But Doc is trying to temper a little of the enthusiasm that is attached to Bradley’s return to the floor.

“We have to be a better defensive team. Avery is going to help us,” Rivers said. “But he ain’t the savior. But he absolutely is going to take a lot of pressure off of guys.”

Ummm… Doc…. didn’t you see the Hallelujah Chorus thing?

Regardless, Doc said today that Bradley will be the starter when he returns, without actually bestowing it upon him:

“Yeah (but) he’s got to get it,” Rivers said of Bradley eventually returning to the starting lineup. “But he’ll have to earn that and get it but I think on paper, it looks better. But you have to wait and see how it works once he gets back.”

And when you consider the praise he had for a Lee/Terry second unit….

“Honestly, Jason and Courtney are really great in the second unit together. They really move the ball. The last three or four games our second unit has really come in and made runs for us.”

… it sure as hell seems like the Bradley-as-starting-two guard is something we’ll be seeing when Avery is ready to go in games in a couple of weeks or so.

By the way, that quote really seems to make Courtney Lee sound less expendable, doesn’t it?  Like I’ve been saying, I have a hard time believing the C’s are going to move Lee after a quarter of a season… when they made a 4-year commitment to him.

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  • LA Flake

    Man am I glad Avery’s on the verge on coming back because quite frankly, Rondo’s been playing way too hard. Way too hard!

    I know Rondo’s been coasting on D this year (and last year and the year before that) but when Avery returns, Rondo can just go into full hibernation mode on D! Maybe Rondo can just sit on the bench while the other four Cs play D and only join the team when they get the ball back and play just half-court offense. I’d consider that if I were Doc. Because Rondo needs to save all his energy for the All Star game!

    Rondo is a Beast!


    AB getting back is great, but it’ll take time once he returns before he’s where he was last year, lets not whip out the pitch forks and scream trades like we do w JG…

    That being said, is there ANY way we get a big man like Josh Smith or has that ship sailed? I google celtics trade rumors almost twice a day hoping a new story with his name pops up… What’re the chances that happens? AB is sweet but we need another impact starter immediately. Thoughts?

    • JETson

      I agree a move must be made for a big. At the end of the day, I trust in Danny as GM. Not every deal he’s made has been ideal, his aggressiveness in making moves has paid off in the past and will pay off again

      • ChrisKash

        I sure hope so, just don’t wanna lose AB, nearly every good rumored deal is at his expense, scary. We need that D. Trade anybody else for Josh Smith and I’m in, trade bass AND lee, sign Kmart, I’m in.

        • ChrisKash

          Meant to add Sullinger in that!

  • Roy

    really hope I get to see avery when the Celts come to the bay area, but I have a feeling we will keep him out a little longer. Can’t wait to see his press people up and down that court!