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Avery Bradley is practicing today!

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 17, 2012 Avery Bradley, Injuries 16 Comments on Avery Bradley is practicing today!

We’ve been waiting for word as to when Avery Bradley would be ready to get back onto the floor.

Well, the word has come.  And that when is today.

Celtics guard Avery Bradley, sidelined since mid May due to shoulder issues that required a pair of offseason surgeries, is scheduled to engage in contact activities for the first time during the team’s offday workout on Monday in Chicago, according to the team.

……. too dramatic?

At the risk of reiterating to the point of exhaustion, the trickle down effect of Avery Bradley’s return should be noticeable, simply because Bradley will be able to cut down dribble penetration.

With less dribble penetration, there will be fewer bigs pulled out of position to help bail out the guards.

With less helping of the guards, there will be fewer offensive rebounds because bigs can stay home on their guys.

With fewer offensive rebounds, there will be fewer second chance points and points in the paint.

Also, with the ball pressure and fewer rebounds combined, there will be more opportunity to get out on the open court.  That means more lay ups, more transition 3’s for Jason Terry, more chaos for Rondo to bend impossible passes through for easy buckets.

Think of this team like a game of Wheel of Fortune where you’re watching at home… or maybe even playing along.

… and you know this is has happened to you…

There’s a phrase on the board.  You see it.  There are plenty of letters there… enough that you KNOW you should know the answer.   But you don’t.  For some reason, it’s not coming together.

Then the contestant says something like “I’d like to buy an ‘A’, Pat”

And suddenly, it all clicks.  You’re pissed because you know you should have figured it all out sooner.  But for whatever reason, you just needed that one more vowel to get it.

Bradley’s the vowel.  He’s the last piece that makes it all work, even though we know it should have worked by now.  It starts with him practicing today.

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  • KGino


  • Joe

    People are putting too much weight on Bradley’s shoulders…no pun intended

    • I know it seems that way, but I disagree, because all we’re asking him to do is be who he was last year. Just play the same defense.

      • Cam

        He needs to do more than play defense. The team started to play well last year when he was doing the other things on top of his defense.

        • Sam

          Offense flows from defensive effort which is exactly how Bradley flourished last season.

      • KGino

        Exactly John.. there should not be too much pressure on his shoulders when all we’re asking is to come back and resemble who he was last year. That being said, people’s expectations might be a little high when he returns.. but it will still take some time for the whole team to click.

    • KGino

      I don’t think so.. people just recognize how bad the defense looks right now and how our role players are struggling with their roles. If AB can stay a healthy starter and come close to resembling his numbers last year, our D will be instantly better and role players like Jet can finally settle in where they belonged (which wasn’t as a starter).

      As the article said, having him on the court will create an GIANT trickle down effect (which aren’t expectations..they are facts) that should help this team win more games.

      I would say people’s expectations for the TEAM once AB returns are a little high.. but those are expectations for the whole team, not just one player.

  • this huge for boston, because with avery putting pressure on the pg, rondo gets to roam free and cause major damage, then the second unit can get use to a rhythm, i think he still wont play until after christmas, but this is still huge for boston!!

    • screaming jay

      ‘zactly…AB pressures the ball, forces the player to make a ill advised pass…Rondo sees this all happen and is just WAITING for the ill advised pass to happen. Rondo will be getting a few more steals a game when AB comes back.

  • GreenCro

    This is still a kid we’re talking about
    Don’t think we should overburden him with our expectations too much and so soon
    Otherwise he just may face the same criticism like other rehab guys (see JG & CW)
    Give other kids a chance as well: KJ & FM!
    If not Varejao, don’t force a trade for a trade’s sake
    We need more effort
    Shots will come and go, live and die by the (3)FG%
    Doc is the one that has to bring his A game as well!

  • lowjo

    Prophets foretold the messiah would return around the winter solstice.

    • eddysamson


      • Jim

        This short exchange literally had me laughing out loud.

        And yes…listening to that video isn’t too overly dramatic.

        It just makes me excited at the prospect of watching some actual Celtics basketball and not this sloppy disaster we keep seeing!

  • Brian

    The Honeybadger is back. Have you guys every heard this guy talk? No Fear. He did what he did last year on two bum shoulders. Now he is healthy, and took his time getting back the right way. This is the guy who put ray allen on the bench. The guy who is already the best guard on the ball defender in the NBA. He has the corner 3 in his arsenal. Imagine if courtney lee could actually hit that shot?








  • Brian

    ah can’t forget this one, probably one of the best of all…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2ZO3-Iq-t4

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