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Where are Rondo’s assists going?

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 14, 2012 Celtics News, Rajon Rondo 5 Comments on Where are Rondo’s assists going?

Rajon Rondo is the league’s leading assist man… averaging 12.9 a game so far.  He’s dished 232 dimes going into tonight’s game, and I figured it’d be fun to look at who he’s finding the most so far this season.  Here’s the list:

  • Garnett: 58
  • Pierce: 49
  • Jason Terry: 31
  • Bass: 28
  • Chris Wilcox: 22
  • Jeff Green: 15
  • Jared Sullinger: 15
  • Courtney Lee: 12
  • Leandro Barbosa: 2

KG at the top of the list makes sense.  Rondo and Garnett run that pick-and-pop to death… and KG’s shooting the light’s out.  He’s shooting almost 60% over the last 5 games.  But when you look at it a little differently, you can see who is TRULY benefiting from Rondo the most.   Let’s see which player has the greatest percentage of his baskets assisted from Rondo:

  • Wilcox: 57.9%
  • Garnett: 42.3%
  • Terry:  37.3%
  • Pierce: 36.8%
  • Bass: 35%
  • Sullinger: 34.1%
  • Lee:  24.5%
  • Green: 19.2%
  • Barbosa: 0.05%

Rondo has assisted on 22 of Wilcox’s 38 field goals this season.  The Green number seems surprising at first, but he’s more of an individual player.  He’s third on the team in percentage of unassisted baskets.  #1 is obviously Rajon Rondo, who scores 73.8% of his baskets without benefit of an assist.  Second is Barbosa at 57.5%…. and then it’s Green at 37.2%.

By the way, according the official NBA statistics, Paul Pierce has assisted on the most Rondo baskets with 11.  Kevin Garnett has not assisted on a single Rondo basket this season.  Wilcox has hit him once.  Way to pay him back, guys.

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  • piecz

    We don’t see Rondo-KG give&go this season.

    • Drew

      Good Point, getting Rondos lay up game going by the KG Rondo give and go worked great the past couple of seasons.

  • Celtic Geezer

    How are they supposed to pay him back when he has the ball 80% of the time that he’s on the court on the offensive end? I assume that must have been humor.

  • Bob

    Where are these stats coming from?

  • Vince

    I don´t see the ball movement from the Celtics this year. Pierce and Garnett are settling far too often for outside shots and not open ones. And yes, we need another big guy other than Wilcox or we are going to be nothing but an also ran.