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RedsArmy presents Fan Friday #34: “Father and Son”

I’ve read quite a few submissions for Fan Friday over the past couple of years, but this week’s story really touched me. Timmy G. is a 27 year-old Boston Celtics fan from Chelmsford, Ma. He’s loved the Celtics all his life, and has been a season ticket holder for 5 years now:

 I have been a season ticket holder from the day the Celtics traded for Kevin Garnett with my friend Mark. We sit in Section 315 in the last row and we love every single second of it. My father was a huge Celtics fan when I was growing up, he went to a lot of games, tried to bring me as much as possible. I always looked up to my father as most kids do when they grow up. So whatever he was a fan of I was a fan of. So I guess you can say from Day 1 I have been a Celtics fan.

When I asked Timmy who his all-time favorite Celtics player was, he tells me it’s “a tie between Paul Pierce and Reggie Lewis”:

Yes, Larry Bird was that guy, but my dad always told me to look out for Reggie Lewis, and I was always a fan of him. I remember going to Reggie Lewis night in 1995 it was an emotional night and yes I was 10 but I got a little watery eyed because it was such a tragedy what happened to him, and he was going to be the future of the Celtics. Then you have Paul Pierce, and for my generation how can you not be in “love” with the guy. He has been a Celtic since day one; he has been on the awful teams, the best teams, been through trade rumors, and has done so much for the Celtics.

Timmy goes on to tell me about some of his favorite moments while watching the Celtics. One was the night in 1995 when he saw the C’s get their first win at the then new Fleet Center. Phoenix was in town, and Timmy watched Dino Radja score 21 points on 9 of 16 shooting to go along with 13 boards in a 113-109 victory.

But Timmy’s absolute favorite moment was the night of June 17th, 2008. Here is an excerpt from Tim’s account of that magical evening. The Boston Celtics chose it as the winning entry in their “Banner Moments” contest:

I grew up a huge Celtics fan because of my father, who passed 12 years ago. He went to Larry Bird night at the old Garden and some of the Lakers games in the 80’s. My dad was a hardcore Celtics fan. He took me to 20 plus Celtics games, as many we could get to. He would tell me the who’s who and what I should know. There is something special when you look up to your father when it comes to sports…I have been to a lot of great Celtics games, opening night at the Fleet Center, the incredible come back versus the Nets in 2002, but this night was different.

The moment I knew that Banner 17 was ours is when Posey and House (who’s jersey I was wearing that night) hit back to back 3s in the second quarter. I got chills down my spine like my father was right there. We were up 12 or 13, I hugged my buddy and said tonight is the night, I can feel it. With about 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, my knees started to shake; I sat down and broke out in tears because if my father was still around he would be here enjoying this, just like I am sure he enjoyed the 3 championships in the 80s. We lit up cigars that night in the Garden; it was for Red and for my dad. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life. A few months later I got a tattoo with Celtics logo and my father’s initials. At that moment I said, I Am A Celtic. Bottom line, June 17, 2008 was the best day ever and the best banner moment I could have because I was with my dad again celebrating what we both love, The Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics are so much more than just a basketball team to Timmy. They are a special part of his life and a way for him to connect with his father:

The Celtics are very important to me for a couple of reasons. The first and most important is my father loved the Celtics, and that made me love the Celtics. My father passed away over 12 years ago and every single time I go to the Garden I feel like he is with me. I feel like being that high up in the last row eye level with the rafters makes me that much closer to him. He taught me everything I know about the Celtics, and the game of basketball. So every time I get to go to a game I can honestly say I feel like I am hanging out with my father.

I really want to thank Timmy for being a part of Fan Friday and sharing his story. You can find him on Twitter under @Timmy3G, and be sure to read his complete “My Banner Moment” story-it’s fantastic. Thank you all for reading. UBUNTU.

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