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Recap: Some guy named Greg Smith absolutely torched C’s

I must have been high this afternoon when I wrote the game preview. For some strange reason, I thought the Celtics wouldn’t look tired. Not sure I’ve been more wrong in my life.

Greg Smith – a 2nd year pro with extensive D-league experience – had 20 points (8-9 FG), 6 rebounds and 3 blocks. I’m willing to bet most of his buckets came within 7 feet of the hoop.

The Green: Comcast lost its feed midway through the 4th quarter. So while Houston rattled off a 13-2 run to seal the game, we watched a series of The More You Know promos. Why suffer?

The Gross: Paul Pierce shot 5-18. Rajon Rondo had 7 turnovers. The Celtics shot 40% against a team that gives up a league worst 104 ppg. Was it a matter of heavy legs?


Jeff Green flies in for the dunk on Carlos Delfino

The Grid:

  • The Celtics stayed within 4 total rebounds off Houston (45-41)
  • Leandro Barbosa had 0 points in 6 minutes. He’s gone from surprising role player to non-factor in the span of ten days.
  • Pierce logged 41 minutes.

There was a touching moment at the end of the game. Rockets coach Kevin McHale cried during a lengthy hug with Kevin Garnett. It’s obvious McHale is still hurting from the death of his 23-year-old daughter.

A better writer than me would be able to craft words linking this moment to the horror that transpired today in Newtown, Connecticut. I just don’t know what to say…

Box score

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  • dk

    oh well–always love how they play down to their competition–atleast they’ll all be tired for tomorrow’s game too and lose that one too! Although I expect a better effort from Cs against SA, yet another loss–thats why this game was so frustrating because they needed this first one

    • Larry Legend

      This team is so average. Nothing about them says they’re a contender. So average. I know they looked bad last year as well, but they still played defense. I struggle to watch them right now. Pierce is horrendous. KG was god awful in that game. Especially early. What’s the excuse? Had three days off. Doc manages mins. I hate that I care about this team so much when there are really so many more important things in this world like the lives of innocent children…nothing to feel good about today. And the celtics are very far down that list.

      • Chuck – Reds Army

        The double overtime win was Wed night and the guys all played big minutes and traveled. Fatigue was def a factor but I expected more

        • Larry Legend

          So what? They played Philly Dec. 8 then Dallas Wednesday. Yeah that’s a brutal sequence….team full of excuses. They had 4 days off after that Philly game!! 3 consecutive then Dallas. Then day off. But again thus team full of excuses. Tired of it. Nothing crazy about recent schedule. Team is soft right now, with all due respect Chuck.

  • Maybe the guys were as upset as everyone else about today’s shooting, this is a mostly vet team with guys who have children of their own. And maybe their legs were still tired from the long game two nights ago, or were looking ahead to the Spurs. Whatever the issue though, they got out-run and out-played on both ends for 3 quarters of the game. They looked old tonite, reminded me of the Lakers. Hopefully they bounce back tomorrow.


    I was so frustrated by everything that went wrong in this game tonight. But after seeing that moment when McHale broke down from whatever KG said, it brought me back to reality. I don’t even care about this game anymore. Just hope McHale and his family get through the loss of their daughter, and everyone else who lost loved ones today has the strength they need to deal with this terrible tragedy.

    • Dutchgreen

      Agree with you 100% – well said. Also thought Mike did a great job of putting things in perspective after this moment. And that moment right there is yet another reason why KG is one of my favorites of all time.

      • KWAPT

        Same here. Absolutely love that dude. KG is as loyal and solid a guy as they come.

        C’s will be up for the Spurs tomorrow night and so will I. It would’ve been great to win this game tonight, but it just doesn’t seem as important right now.

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      100% agree.

      When reality is so strong and harsh off the court, you can’t really give a game (even if it is one of the most beautiful and involving) more than it rightly deserves.

  • celtics33

    Celtic’s defensive improvement only shows against bad offensive teams like Philly. Tonight against the NBA’s worst defensive team the C’s horrid offense could only manage 89 points.

    A scrub named Greg Smith looked like an All Star tonight as he mostly stood under the basket and just waited for the ball so he could make an uncontested layup.

    AWFUL interior defense from the Celtics tonight as they weren’t even rotating to Smith.

    Paul Pierce shot 5-18 and continues to watch his fg% sink. Meanwhile the guy he was covering in Chandler Parsons nearly had a triple double.

    22 games into the season and the Celtics are still showing ZERO signs of being anything more than a mediocre team…

  • RedsLoveChild

    Pierce remains the “elephant in the living room”.

    This is no slump…he is completely washed-up!

    It happened very quickly…it has caught the Celtics off guard…they don`t quite know what to do about it.

    • Chulinho

      It’s become unbearable to watch Pierce miss shots that he used to make. It’s worse when he attempts to drive to the rim and turns the ball over or gets his shot blocked.

      He has slowed down considerably, even when compared to last postseason when he played with a sprained MCL.

      • RedsLoveChild

        So true. The worst is as you pointed out :

        When he drives the lane…now in super slow motion…with a defender draped all over him…waiting for him to try to ask his dead, non-explosive legs to launch him towards the rim.

        In the unlikely event that LA is stupid enough to offer Gasol for Pierce…Ainge must do it.

        • Chulinho

          I really hate to say it, but Rondo and Garnett now contribute more to the team’s on-court success than Pierce does.

          He still gets to the FT line, and can make some important shots within the flow of the game. But he’s not the same player…

          As for that suggested trade, I’m not sure the Lakers needs him. They have enough old scorers on their roster.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I am amazed at how good KG still is at 36, after having major knee surgery at 33!

            If they didn`t have to worry about TV ratings, attendance, merchandise sales, etc….this would be aa appropriate time to “blow it up”.

            Keep Rondo, Sullinger, Bradley…dump the others for draft picks.

        • Chulinho

          Standing in the way is that several other Celtics players can’t be included in trades until January 15.

  • I thought this was going to be an easy win for Boston, but seeing KG and McHale, the loss didn’t mean anything anymore, you guys get some rest and try to get it together by tomorrow night.

  • CsUp

    I think it’s time to bench Pierce and give Green a start.

    • terlo

      delusional much?

  • CelticsKid34

    rate this trade: dont worry i checked the salaries and they matched up
    Celtics get:
    Marcin Gortat
    Michael Beasely
    Kendall Marshall
    Suns get:
    Brandon Bass
    Courtney Lee
    Jerred Sullinger
    2013 pick

    Why this makes sense? well incase you havent realized even after the addition of Sullinger…!!!THE CELTICS CANNOT REBOUND TO SAVE THEIR LIFE!!! Gortat will be the answer. We can then put KG at the 4 again. Beasley will come off the bench for KG and at sf when needed. our second unit will definately be small with beasley at the 4 and wilcox at 5. Beasely would be instant offense. marshall is a solid POINT gaurd. he is a good assists guy and could learn a thing or two from rondo. we need POINT gaurds not shooting gaurds to put in there while rondos out. we need to be able to use our bench without worrying that the offense will fall apart.

    • Rhyso

      Nice idea I really like that trade, except Celtics are hard Capped at 74mil and they are taking in 2mil more in salaries so it would put them over according to Shamsports.

      Maybe drop Kendall Marshall from the trade and they do it, or add Fab Melo. Would rather not take beasley, but probably worth it for Gortat.

    • ghoulbuns

      Horrible idea. Gortat is mediocre and inconsistent. Beasley is awful. Shooting about 35% from the field and cant rebound. Why would we want beasley and marshall? Beasley has been benched, phoenix would be rolling with laughter. Gortat would be the only mediocre acquisition and at what cost?

  • tim

    How many times is rondo gonna get beat on defense before someone realizes hes the problem. The guy hes covering is not only putting up big numbers game in and game out but because KG helps over everytime rondo gets burned his big man is left unaccounted for

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