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How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Rockets

Tip: 8PM     Court: Toyota Center     Watch it: CSN     Hear it: WEEI

Referees:  Tom Washington, David Jones and Haywoode Workman

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The Matchup

Record: 12-9 Record: 10-11
On road: 4-5 At home: 8-5
Streak: Won 2 Streak: Won 1
Leaders Leaders
Buckets: Pierce (19.9 ppg) Buckets: James Harden (25.00 ppg)
Boards: Garnett (7.1 rpg) Boards: Omir Asik (11.6 rpg)
Dimes: Rondo (12.9 apg) Dimes: Jeremy Lin (6.1 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks:
Offensive Rating: 103.9 (15th NBA) Offensive Rating: 106.3 (11th NBA)
Defensive Rating: 103.1 (9th NBA) Defensive Rating: 106.9 (22nd NBA)
Pace: 92.3 (12th NBA) Pace: 96.6 (1st NBA)

Last time

The Celtics beat the Rockets, 97-92, back in March. According to my recap, they resembled the Walking Dead and the game was the ugliest overtime thriller imaginable.

This time

Get it to: Rajon Rondo

Houston is allowing a league worst 104 ppg. Opposing teams shoot 46% and 38% from three. Give the keys to Rajon Rondo and get the hell out of the way.

Gotta stop: James Harden

Harden remains the Rockets best offensive player and the focal point of the league’s 3rd highest scoring offense. He’s averaging 15 more ppg than any other Houston starter. Harden’s shooting percentage is back to a respectable level (45%) after plummeting (41%) in November. This is a real tough match-up for Jason Terry.  Expect the Celtics to continue trapping defensively.

The Wild Card: Omir Asik

The 7-footer is averaging a double-double and nearly 4 offensive rebounds per game. I can see him killing the Celtics.  He’s also a fantastic pick-and-roll defender. How the Celtics bigs handle him – on both ends of the court – could determine this game.

How we see it goin’ down

This game could get nuts. Houston isn’t really interested in playing defense and they love to push the pace. While I’m deathly afraid of the Celtics committing 22 turnovers, I like their chances – on the break on on the perimeter.

I’m also not worried about heavy legs. Doc can go deep into the bench for this one. Guys like Courtney Lee, Leandro Barbosa and Chris Wilcox should thrive in a fast paced game.

Celtics 107

Rockets  94

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  • eddysamson

    I’m a big fan of Lin and I always liked Harden, so good on the Rockets for being relevant again! Should be a fun game to watch!

    • Drew

      You’re a fan of Jeremy Lin? Wow, how is that not embarrassing to admit?

      • Brick James

        What’s wrong with rooting for a hard working, smart, underdog player?

      • eddysamson

        I dont care if he isnt putting up his huge first few game numbers still. That week or 2 where he went nuts was absolutely wild and incredibly fun to watch. I dont think anything like that has ever happened in the NBA, not to that extent. Shows he has a high ceiling, and in 2 years I wouldnt be surprised to see him putting up big numbers again.

        Also what Brick James said. I’m a big fan of underdogs.

  • Ryan Doe

    This might be tough one to figure out, because the Rockets are an predictable team. The Rockets like to push the pace and the Celtics play defensive for only 24 mins, so I’m not sure what expect.

  • tboy

    Celts come out sloppy as usual, go down big. Make a 4th quarter push but lose.

    • zippittyay

      that would be typical. I would be impressed if they win this game.

      • tboy

        Impressed and suprised………and that’s sad. Considering the expectations coming into the season and their playoff performance last season.

        • tboy

          As for my prediction……come out sloppy : check

          • tboy

            Told you so.


    Jet has been a “Rocket Killer”, so perhaps tonight he finally has the “big game” we’re all hoping for..

  • RedsLoveChild

    13-point Celtic road win??

    Interesting pick…considering their most impressive road win has a been by 6 points against a Bulls team playing without D-Rose.

    • keV g

      So what if they beat the Bulls without Rose. He’s hurt how or what do u expect the Celts to do, play a bulls team with a D-Rose clone. Smh. Lol

      • RedsLoveChild


        Beating a Bulls team without Rose is not impressive…yet that has been Boston`s most impressive road win so far.

        • KGino

          There’s no point in telling anyone they’re wrong or stupid for their prediction for a celtics game.. They’ve beaten the Thunder (best record in the league), and have been blown out by the Pistons. Who the hell knows which team will show up which night in the regular season.

          One thing you can predict is Rondo playing well.. it’s on ESPN haha

          • RedsLoveChild

            Accusing him of being stupid or wrong? When?

            I merely stated that it was an “interesting” pick.

  • Boston4life

    Srry to sy but i have botice that ur score predications are usaully wrong but i agree with everything else u say

    • eddysamson

      Dude theres a tiny fraction of a chance for them to be correct…

  • zippittyay

    Whatever happened to the dress code Stern instituted a couple of years ago requiring the players to show up in “Business Casual”?

    • KY Celts fan

      The NBA has definitely become more lax about it. But then again, the hip hop culture has changed. The dress code was implemented when baggy sweats, low hanging pants, and doo rags were the style. Now, then the hip hop culture turned to collared shirts, ties, and vests. And now it’s this hipster nonsense.

  • CelticsKid34

    i really hope danny can pull off a trade for a true center and a back up point

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