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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc was pleased with one thing from last night’s win

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I’ve been talking about (defensive pressure) a lot, and over the last seven games it’s been paying dividends for us,” said Rivers. “I told our guys, we also broke our own record with deflections. It felt like we had 100, and it was important, because we couldn’t make a shot.

“I didn’t like our shots down the stretch, but overall we got a lot of good shots,” he said. “They just weren’t going in. So we won a game where the team we played shot 51 percent, and we shot 43 percent. That was happening to us earlier in the year, where we lost a couple of games where we shot the exact opposite.

“When you get more possessions like that, you give yourself a chance to win the game.”


Way to find the silver lining, Doc. Deflections aside, the Celtics allowed Dallas to shoot 51% for the game and gave up 53 points in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

The most depressing stat may be the 60 points in the paint for Dallas. I’d say 2/3 of those came on dribble penetration (see Collison, Darren).

Playing 58 minutes isn’t ideal when you have three games in the next five nights:

The numbers were far beyond what Doc Rivers wanted: 40 minutes for Kevin Garnett, 44 for Paul Pierce, 48 for Jason Terry, and a whopping 53 for Rajon Rondo. But in a game that went to double overtime Wednesday night before the Celtics prevailed, 117-115, Rivers didn’t exactly have a choice.

Ugliness aside, this team is trending (albeit slightly) in the right direction. Can they take two out of the next three? I’ll be happy with that.

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  • wil333

    they really get pressured when they stop attacking the basket and running the floor.

    Rondo should really attack more inside so we get more open 3s.

    the way they play offense is really whats killing them.

    mid range jumpers, only accounts for 2 points. in cases in which they are not getting stops, no matter how hot they are they cant create a huge lead coz they are just trading baskets.

    which often results in the other team getting hot amd catches up their lead.

    while if they initiate the offense down low or attacking the basket, they can swing it to pp34, jet, jeff green, who are very consistent three pointers.

    the C’s already shoot the ball alot less than they should, to pair those up with 2 points jumpers. thats the reason why their offense isnt as dynamic.

    • KGino

      Their offense is MUCH more dynamic than last year.. thats for sure. Once the defense tightens up.. they’ll be fine!

      I agree.. Rondo need to attack more!! I saw Magic Johnson saying Rondo could easily be a 20-25 ppg scorer and still avg. double digit assists… I think so too. If he looked to score first rather than pass, the assists would come to him naturally. Instead, the assists right now look forced sometimes.

      • wil333

        yes it isbut they get stuck on offense for stretches of 4-5 mins on mid range jumpers. The enemy defense tightens up on you when you do that. And if you dont get stops you just end up trading baskets, and the enemy can shoot 3s or attack inside to shorten the lead celtics have. that why they have trouble extending leads even when they are in control.

        C’s should embrace the fact that they are a good offensive team. they should have more 3s and layup/dunk attempts than midrange jumpers.

        Rondo doesnt need to score more, he just need to stretch the court from the other side, c’s doesnt have a post up player to do that. kick outs are important for ball rotation.

        • KGino

          the problem is not that they’re taking mid range jumpers (as that is Bass’, KG’s, & PP’s bread and butter.. rondo looking FAR more confident as well)… the problem is that they are coming FORCED and late in the shot clock. I think if Rondo attacked the rim more, there would be more OPEN jumpers available.. and i’ll take a Jet PP KG or Bass open jumper any day of the week on offense.

          • wil reyes

            all im saying is they run so much plays for a mid range jumper. And those are a pace killer for the celtics. It slows the pace up that the C’s doesnt go to the semi transition type of play they do.

            Like last night, which team would you rather be, one team consumes 17-24 secs of the shot clock for the mid range jumper and the other got easy lay ups.

            When Collison got those lay ups their three pointers got more space.

            Im all good for the mid range jumpers to be our go to play. But to do them over and over is like waiting for the other team to get hot and torch your team.

  • They need another big in the post!! Watching the Knicks vs Nets game the other night it’s hard to imagine the Celtics going up against either one of them for a 7 game series and coming out on top! I’m really frustrated with the jumpshots. I’d like to see them in the paint a lot more instead of settling for jumpshots! Danny needs to do something and I think he will cause he sees what we’re seeing and u know I don’t like it!

  • truthtrey34

    I don’t think the “no back up point guard” thing is working. Last night i saw why Rondo sometimes paces himself in the regular season. He knows he may not get a rest. He played majority of the 1st half (i think he rested once for a minute towards the end of the 2nd quarter) and never rested in the 2nd half. I don’t care how young you are, that’s a tough thing to do.He plays heavy minutes. Celts haven’t had a real backup for him in a long time. Both Doc and Paul Pierce admitted post-game that they ask a lot out of him. They want him to rebound, score, push the pace, run. He can do all those things but with heavy minutes that’s gotta be taxing. There are nights when he’s our leading rebounder. Our 6’1 PG is our leading rebounder on some nights….yeah, that doesn’t make sense. Yes also we could use a big that can defend the paint. Otherwise, i’m very pleased with the team. I see good signs in a positive direction. Late game execution has to improve as well. For now, i’m safe with KG (the one constant thing i can be sure of in the NBA) to take the last shot. Run pick-and-pop/roll. Put him in the post. Whatever. Just no isos. I never liked it when Paul did it (even when he makes it) and i don’t like it now.

  • RedsLoveChild

    How bad are things?

    Paul Pierce shot 11-for-25 against Dallas…which caused his season`s FG% to go up!

    • KGino

      Things are terrible! We’re 12-9 without one of our starters! Just awful I say!

      • RedsLoveChild

        Glad you agree.

  • Gil305

    Random observation – There were 2 possessions late in the 4th qtr where C-Lee drove, one of which he took Mayo and scored. We need more of that out of him.
    Offensively he needs to be more than just a spot-up shooter

  • eddysamson

    LOL did anyone see Courtney Kirkland(a ref) try to block Kris Humphries’ foul shot?

    • eddysamson

      Haha of course as this comment is loading after I hit “post” I look over to the right and see a link to this very video in the twitter box

  • zippittyay

    Does Doc realize that substitutions ARE allowed at any time during the game? That last overtime looked like the last 15 minutes of open gym time at the Y.

  • Nate

    I’m still a bit sour at Mayo not signing here….He claimed that we didnt offer enoigh money then signs for LESS on a worse team. I’m happy with Lee but still, imagine having another legit scorer on the team

  • Kresh

    im disappointed that 6’1 rondo is the rebounder… where is bass sully kg collins wilcox…where is the rebounds? we cannot win againts brooklyn’s 4 big guys… and knick with tyson chandler… and udonis haslem’s 10rebounds a game