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Taking Stock: Celtics – Mavs

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) December 13, 2012 Taking Stock 15 Comments on Taking Stock: Celtics – Mavs

After every game, we’ll take stock of how each individual performance affects the player’s overall value.


Offense:      Defense:      Overall:

He played 52 minutes, which is a LOT.  The 16 points and 15 assists is awesome.  The jumpers that he was nailing were spectacular.  Defensively, he tailed off towards the end of the game.  But then he turned around and made up for some bad defensive plays by coming up with a couple of key steals late, and a charge on Mayo that kept Dallas at bay.

 Offense:        Defense:        Overall: 

Kevin Garnett, I believe, did everything he possibly could to help the Celtics win this game.  I do not think he could have done any more than he did.  And he played 40 minutes?  At some point, Doc’s got to channel his inner-Popovich and sit this guy down for a game.

Offense:        Defense:        Overall: 

That first half was vintage Pierce.  He was shooting great (6-9, including 2-4 from 3), but then he tailed off after the half (2-8 in the 2nd half) and in the OT’s (3-8).  He forced the issue… but he still finished with 34 points to carry a huge chunk of the scoring load.  Watching him in the second half of that game, I was surprised to see him still racking up points.

Offense:         Defense:         Overall: 

Bass showed some flashes of being aggressive, but not enough.  He was 2 of 2 at the rim, 1 of 5 beyond that.  And while I know he’s a mid-range shooter, sometimes you have to challenge the other team a little more.  I just felt like Bass was too passive out there.

 Offense:         Defense:         Overall: 

While Terry did have a few moments where he stepped up, got into passing lanes and came up with steals (3 of them, in fact), he got torched regularly.  On offense, the script was set up for him to beat his former team, and even when he got a few chances, he couldn’t capitalize.  There was one 3 in OT that would have blown the roof off the joint had he made it.  He didn’t.



 Offense:         Defense:       Overall: 

Jeff Green came into the game with phenomenal clutch numbers.  I tweeted them last night:

Green proceeded to disappear, taking only one shot in the final five minutes of regulation and both overtimes, adding a foul and a turnover.  This was a great highlight, but the C’s didn’t get the Green they needed last night.

 Offense:       Defense:        Overall: 

His chemistry with Rondo is insane.  Wilcox is the ultimate role player… and proof that if you do one thing pretty well, you’ll get some time and you’ll be a contributor.


 Offense:        Defense:        Overall: 

It’s been a while since I took the red arrow away from him offensively.  He hit a 3… which is nice, but it speaks volumes about where he stands when you look at the box score and see him with 19 minutes when Jason Terry had 47 and Rajon Rondo had 52.  Doc just doesn’t trust him right now.


 Offense:         Defense:        Overall: 

Rough night for Sullinger.  He’s going to have those.


 Play Calling:        Substitutions:       Overall: 

Sorry Doc… you played these guys way too much.  In a way this shows how desperate Doc is to get the C’s wins right now.  If the C’s had a few more wins in their pocket, maybe he wouldn’t have played KG 40 minutes in a mid-December game.

Sorry… just writing that again highlights how crazy that is.  And 52 minutes for Rondo?  47 for JET?

The fatigue was certainly a factor in the offense falling apart, but I’d like to think the C’s could have done better than just trying to isolate every mismatch 1-on-1 all the time.  The end of regulation play was tough, but with only a few seconds to go full court, there wasn’t much to do.  The end of the first OT could have been drawn up a little differently.  Maybe something more than a Pierce isolation… again.


The C’s looked good for a while… they had a 14 point lead… and then they went Pacquiao on us.  From there on out, it was an ugly mess…. but it was an ugly mess the C’s won.

I’m just afraid of what this might mean for the next few games.

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  • screaming jay

    “I’m just afraid of what this might mean for the next few games.”

    Me too.

  • Noori

    We need Avery back, Jet needs to be on the bench, not due to lack of skill, but as a starter he doesn’t become the focal point of the offense with guys like Rondo, Pierce and KG.

    P.s. I wish we succesfully traded Ray for OJ

    • wil reyes

      Yeah, Avery is the teams best cutter. in a half court setting, celtics end up shooting mid range jumpers 70-80% of the time because theres no off ball movement.

      Im just hoping avery continues to do what he was doing last year.


  • G4L

    40 Min for KG coming off of 3 days rest & 23 min on saturdays game vs the Sixers isn’t the worst thing ever. Not Ideal but not the worst.

  • Joseph

    Think bass should get an overall green arrow. Though he did nothing spectacular, 9 and 7 is really nice.

  • Mike

    Think Rondo’s neutral defense rating is a bit unfair. Yes the face guarding foul on Mayo late was silly but he made HUGE defensive plays down the stretch, the steal, the charge. Without those stops they lose the game.

    He also was a pest to Mayo all game long. He was given that defensive assignment for a reason, forcing Mayo into a majority of his 9 tos and keeping him under his PPG average, at the end of regulation.

  • I agree with Mike…Rondo was damn near brilliant with his defense on Mayo at critical times (not to mention his drive and lay-in and also his key, end-of-the-game rebound were imperative). Glad that the C’s didn’t buckle at the end of this one…progress, people…this is progress. I wrote a strange blog post about the game. If you’re in the mood for strange and ludicrous posts about the C’s, then wait no longer and click on my name.

    • eddysamson

      After the 3rd “Big D” I closed your blog, sorry bro.

  • sev

    I think doc is hoping with his deep bench that they will improve over time, but in the mean time he is going to push the min of the players he trusts in order to get them on the winning path. Hopefully the 2nd half of the season they will be able to use that deep bench and get W’s when they all mesh together. He’s got a lot of new players who are somewhere between role players and good players, which will hopefully get some W’s for him without the extended min on the big 3.

  • Quest

    How long do you predict it will take for this team to mesh to win consistently and at a calibre level ??
    How long does it take for Green or Terry to reach their “potential”?
    How long does it take for KG to say I have had enough and retires early?

    • eddysamson

      How long did it take last year? Half the regular season. We’re not even there yet and we have a better win %

  • Celtic Geezer

    Well, I don’t know what game you guys were watching but I did not think that game was an ugly mess at all. They led almost the entire game, they hit big shots when they had to, they played decent defense and rebounded the whole game. Yes, the starters played too many minutes but Dallas is still a tough team even without Dirk. Plus, Rondo did make some great steals although Mayo and company were blowing right by him a lot at the end. Plus, desperation steals like those, by hooking from behind, don’t usually work. I prefer them to be steals by challenging the passing lanes than cheating on a guy who just beat you. But I’ll take the effort from him and from everyone. Pierce hit the ones that counted.

  • Quest

    But that’s the point, can PP KG and Rondo carry this team for a whole season and not just a half because w/out them this team would have no hope at all. The only reason we couldn’t beat the Heat last playoffs was the Heat were able to wear the Cs down over the long haul. The Eastern league is even stronger this year.

  • wil reyes

    When the defense lays off rondo, i wish he’d shoot that 3. haha i feel he could really do 40% or more from 3 point range

  • EddySamson, No apologies necessary…I appreciate you even checking it out! I was punching myself the entire time I wrote it. Compulsion is the word. The rest of the blog posts are pretty normal, though. If you get bored, skip the “Big D” and go to the other stuff. As for the conversation here, the C’s are coming along incrementally. They’re 21 games into am 84-game season and they’re 4 games out of first in the Eastern Conference and 5-and-a-half out of the League lead…our 2nd best defensive player has been on the shelf since the season began…the point is, if we’re a sub-.500 team in mid February, then we should worry. Right now? 10 out of 15 new guys trying to grasp the offensive/defensive scheme? We’ll be all-right.