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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc has no timetable for a Celtics turnaround

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“I don’t have a timetable on (when it’s all going to come together) because I don’t know what the time is going to be,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “Some teams I’ve had get it like that, some take all year, and with some the momentum slowly rose. I think right now that’s who we are. We haven’t had a stretch this year where we’ve put everything together, and we have to do that at some point.”

After playing eight seasons with the Mavericks — including the 2011 championship season — Terry would love to start that winning streak on Wednesday. However, he said the emotions will be higher for him when he travels to Dallas on March 22, and that this game is more about execution.

“Our effort has been there,” Terry said. “Our defensive intensity has been there. Our offense has been spotty for us. I know for me, personally, (I need to be) consistent with my shot, making sure I’m taking and hitting good shots.

“If we can put it together for 48 minutes, I think that’s when we’ll start to get the result.”

MWDN:  Celtics seek a true winning streak

Let’s be real here… when’s the last time the Celtics put forth 48 minutes of effort?  2007-2008?  Hell, they didn’t even really do it back then.

The Philly game at home is probably the best type of effort you’re going to get from this team during the regular season… and that involved a lull that saw the lead shrink to single-digits.

It might get better once Avery Bradley returns, enters the starting lineup, and pushes people into more normal and comfortable rotations.  I’m not sure where that leaves some guys (like Courtney Lee, whose name is already one people are watching as trade season approaches), but there is still a learning curve.

Still, the Celtics ARE getting better.  Once near the bottom of the NBA defensively, they now boast the league’s 9th best defensive rating.  And their offensive rating, which finished last year as the 4th worst in the league, is now 15th.   Right now the numbers add up to being a slightly above average basketball team, but take a step back and you’ll see the chart moving upwards.

Rondo is hitting jumpers, Jeff Green has put together a consistent run, the bench overall is getting better, Doc’s found some consistent rotations…. it’s all starting to come together.  It’s even being recognized as the C’s start moving up some power rankings boards.

That thumping sound is the Celtics’ undead heart starting to pump life back into the team once more.

The team is looking better… but it’s not all the way back.  They have some tough games coming up, and they’ve dug themselves a small hole with a 2-4 division record.  Yes, it’s early, and they’re only 4.5 games out of lead… but they’re going to really need to step it up against some tough divisional opponents.  And you can’t count on the Raptors to boost that record… because everyone plays them.

The Celtics want a big winning streak to show the world they’re legit.  Tonight would be one hell of a time to start.

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  • zippittyay

    GS ranked 6th above the division leading 7 game winning streak Clippers?? hmm….

  • Cal

    “Let’s be real here… when’s the last time the Celtics put forth 48 minutes of effort? 2007-2008? Hell, they didn’t even really do it back then”. Ain’t that the truth. I would be surprise if they put forth 48 mins of bball tonight.

  • LAF

    the silver lining here is that, knowing KG & PP, our inconsistent play and losing to conference rivals will fuel this team and they will peak at the right time in april. then, it’s payback time!

  • RedsLoveChild

    There was no “timetable” five years ago.

    The season started…the Celts kicked ass right away, and never stopped kicking ass right through the middle of June!

    • LA Flake

      That is until we ran into the Hawks in the first round of the PO. And then the Cavs. We then our home court advantage against the Pistons. BUT WE PLOWED THRU THE FLAKERS! And that’s all that matters.

  • John, I’m gonna start calling you Paul because you speak The Truth! I agree 100% – the C’s are starting to get it together. Jeff Green is becoming a consistent threat, Jet is taking off and the “D” is coming around. I think we’re only going to see it accelerate once Avery Bradley gets back. I also write about some of this on my blog. You can click my name if you want to check it out. But, December forward should show us what this team can become by mid February.

  • KGino

    technically, the celtics currently have a 1 game winning streak.. the streak continues tonight!

  • KGino

    I also have a timetable for the Celtics turnaround, it’s the same as the Avery Bradley timetable!