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Recap: Celtics beat Mavs in a double overtime mess

I can’t wipe this game from my memory fast enough. Just a big… mess. Despite running a clinic on defensive breakdowns, the Celtics managed to squeak out a 117 -115 win in 2 OT over the Mavericks.

The Green:

Rajon Rondo’s 16 points, 15 assists, 9 rebounds and 3 steals in 52 minutes. He wasn’t perfect, but he made some big plays, including  some key defensive stops on OJ Mayo late in the 4th quarter.

The Celtics had just 13 turnovers in 58 minutes of basketball. In some games, they tally 13 turnover at the half.

Chris Wilcox had 10 points, 6 rebounds in 16 minutes. He was high energy. Just a fabulous all-around effort.

The Gross:

Where to begin. Let’s start with the entire defensive effort, except for the 2nd quarter. Jason Terry’s (lack of) defense on Darren Collison (18 points, 8-11 FG). Paul Pierce had 34 points, but missed 14 of 25 FGs. He made some big shots, but frustrated the hell out of me with his inability to score consistently against Derek Fisher.

The Celtics had the final possession at the end of regulation and the first overtime. Neither Rondo nor Pierce could get their shot at the rim.

The Greenlights:

Rondo’s alley-oop to Jeff Green

Here’s Rondo’s silly face guard on Mayo that was whistled a foul late in the 4th quarter

The Grid:

  • The Mavericks had 28 turnovers
  • Pierce became the 25th player in league history to score 23,000 points

I asked my Twitter followers for suggestions on a nickname for the Rondo/Wilcox tandem. Wildo got the most votes. Flash-and-Crash was another decent one. John offered up Roncox. What do you think?

Box score

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  • Chulinho

    As a collective, this team’s greatest talent (save for KG) is playing down to lesser competition.

    I’m upset with myself for actually watching this mess.

  • Chris57

    This win wasnt pretty, but it was huuuuuuge for us…we stop teetering around .500 with our best record of 3 games over at 12-9 and we slide from 7th in the standings to tied for 4th seed.

  • screaming jay

    Pierce’s arm got hit on that last shot he took at the end of the first overtime. He should have been given some free throws. End of game.

  • omitasub

    roncox, what about wildo? Haha

  • Terrible shots at the end of regulation & 1st OT…..but at least they won. This is one of those games where if you lose it feels like 2 losses, and harder to forget. Still it was painful watching Mayo & Collison score at will down the stretch.

    • Mark

      While that was happening I kept wishing Avery was able to be out there.

  • Dem headband boyz?

  • Good God. What a freaking stressed out night. But so glad for this win. These guys will still be exhausted in Houston on Friday, but to lose a game like this would’ve been awful. More awful then it was watching them pee away a 14 point lead and let guys get layups at will. But we won, so I’m happy. If Rondo & Wilcox get a nickname, I’ll go with “Kid & Play”.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Celtics have to work much too hard to narrowly beat lackluster teams. They cannot rebound/defend the paint.

    Shooting 15-20 foot jumpers all night long…and hoping enough go in…is no way to achieve NBA success.

    This is not a sustainable situation.

  • Good win tonight! But the C’s clearly have a lot of work to do on defense, especially in transition which was just horrible. And why Doc keeps playing Terry so many minutes? What’s the point of having a younger, more athletic & better defender as Lee on the bench? Not only was Terry struggling shooting the ball but Collison kept blowing by him for lay ups. What’s going on with Barbosa? He hasn’t been playing lately.

    • Barbosa has been sick, they say he has that same virus that wilcox just got over.

    • Anonymous

      why? let’s see.. Lee is not confident, he creates turnovers, very inconcsistent. At least Doc knows what to expect from Terry and obviously even in practice Lee isn’t bringing that confidence or making it so that Doc starts to trust him. And do you know how many chances Lee has had to prove himself? he should have stepped up by now. But that is how you delusional fans are. One minute you say take Rondo out, the next min bring Rondo back in. One minute trade Pierce the next minute don’t trade him. SMFH

  • Joseph

    how bout punk and dunk

  • JimmyG

    Can it be Ron Cox (note the spacing here)? Although Roncox Wildo also sounds like an awesome name. Roldox? I’m going to be thinking about this all night.. You’re right, I do need to get a life.

  • Drew

    Anybody watch the Kobe and Stephen A thing today? It was better than this game.

  • Chris

    Rondo and Green are starting to build some chemistry. That is going to be fantastic to watch.

  • tyler

    Win now, get good later. The most important issue is if DA will make a trade for a big who can rebound. Without that the C’s are not winning an 18th title.

  • Terek


  • celtics33

    celtics33@gmail.comAwful pick and roll defense. Dallas was getting layup after layup in the 4th quarter as they easily beat the Celtic’s double teams.

    Somehow the Mavs had Vince Carter and Derek Fisher on the court with Marion at CENTER yet Boston refused to go inside and kept taking jumpers.

    Terry was awful on defense and is 7-31 shooting over the last 3 games.

    Celtics couldnt hold a 14 pt lead at home and after 3 days off against Derek Fisher, Vince Carter and the Mavs without Dirk. And the veterans played huge minutes which doesnt set up well for the road trip against tough teams.

  • Jester00

    Hey rondo Wilcox be dunked?

  • I see they are trying to get Rondo ready to close out games in the 4th, Rondo wants that so bad, i hope they keep trying so he can be ready for that in the playoffs. If Rondo can be a 1 or 2 option in the 4th he will be the best pg in the league!!!!!!

    • Sheets


  • Sheets

    Time to pick up Mike Bibby for the back up point and trade for a big with any combo of Lee, Bass, Green, Sully, Melo and draft pics.

    • juan


      trade green?

      who will backup paul?

    • Anonymous

      trade Bass, you’re an idiot so who will start at PF? Bass ain’t going nowehere

  • Noori

    Honestly I would love Bibby as a backup, but since he called Boston fans bandwagoners in ’08, I dont think he’d be welcome here.

    Im wondering, is there any remote possibility we have the assets to nab Aldridge?

  • KGino

    Just another game in Celtics Land.. it doesn’t matter who they play, they make most games close. If Dirk played, it would have been just as close.

    I see MANY encouraging signs from this team.. Pierce 7th in the league in FTA per game.. Jeff Green being aggressive.. Defense has moved up to 9th already (without AB).. Much improved offense (from last year).. WAY more dunks.. Rondo’s wet jumper…KG’s plus minus stats are best in the league (yes the +/- is terrible when he is off the floor, but in the playoffs he won’t be on the bench so much).. I could go on.

    Excited to watch this team gel even further.. we’re gonna be ELITE again in a few months.

    • Anonymous

      thanks, at least someone has something positive to say. I mean these ppl acting like they ost. Didn’t even watch the game but I saw the recap and heck they held their own in OT, yes they lost a 6pt or more lead but in the end they fought it out and that’s really what counts the most. I see a lot of improvement and of course even though Celtics own fans keep doubting em, I say they will win at least two of those road games.

      • KGino

        Yup, I’ve been reading RedsArmy for a few years now.. but the reason I just started commenting is because of how much NEGATIVITY some of these fans are filled with. Someone needs to be the voice of reason that says slow down.. we’re an improved team from last year and look how far we made it.

        I’ve been watching the Celtics for about 15 years now (I’m only 23) and had no influences from my parents or brothers.. just started watching on my own. Now everyone in my family is a HUGE C’s fan. When I was old enough to go to games on my own, I used to get the 12 game packs.. I loved this team to DEATH, even when they were 24-58. KG was a Godsend, and I REFUSE to complain much about this team after all the shitty years of letdown hoping people like Marcus Banks would become the next Isiah Thomas (stats wise.. minus the dick attitude). I am going to sit back and enjoy this core of CHAMPIONS (KG, PP, RR) with a big fat smile on my face.. WIN or LOSE. Because I know it won’t last forever, and I know how much worse it could be. Let everyone else complain as this era of Celtics basketball passes them by.. one day they WILL look back and realize just how good we had it.. and they will miss it.

        I AM A CELTIC

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