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How we see it goin’ down: Celtics vs Mavericks

Tip: 8PM     Court: TD Garden     Watch it: CSN, ESPN     Hear it: WEEI

Referees:  Joe Crawford, Derrick Collins and Mark Lindsay

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The Matchup

Record: 11-9 Record: 11-10
At Home: 7-4 On Road: 4-7
Streak: Won 1 Streak: Won 3
Leaders Leaders
Buckets: Pierce (19.2 ppg) Buckets: OJ Mayo (20.8 ppg)
Boards: Garnett (7.3 rpg) Boards: Shawn Marion (7.1 rpg)
Dimes: Rondo (12.8 apg) Dimes: Darren Collison (5.7 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks:
Offensive Rating: 104.1 (15th NBA) Offensive Rating: 104.6 (13th NBA)
Defensive Rating: 103.3 (9th NBA) Defensive Rating: 105.1 (17th NBA)
Pace: 92.1 (14th NBA) Pace: 94.7 (2nd NBA)

Last time

The Mavericks swept the season series, 2-0. In the loss at the Garden, Dirk Nowitzki blew past KG for the game-winning lay-in. The Mavs punched out the Celtics a month later in Dallas. Rajon Rondo missed that game due to a suspension. The Mavs have won four straight over Boston.

This time

Get it to: Rajon Rondo

Derek Fisher is the starting point guard for the Mavericks. I repeat, 38-year old Derek Fisher is the starting point guard for the Mavericks.

Gotta stop: OJ Mayo

The man who once took a Tony Allen punch to the face in a card game dispute is off to a red hot start. Mayo is shooting a career best 47% FG and 53% from three. Mayo lives on the perimeter; nearly 10 of his 15 FGA per game come from 16 feet and deeper.

The Wild Card: Jason Terry

I’m expecting a little extra jet fuel in Terry’s game as he meets his old team for the first time tonight. Dallas let Terry walk away this summer without ever making an offer.  You think he’s carrying a grudge? On the injury front, Shawn Marion is a game-time decision. He’s missed the last two games with a strained groin. If Marion can’t go, Vince Carter will log major minutes guarding Paul Pierce. Advantage, Boston.

Update: Marion is playing

How we see it goin’ down

Like the Celtics, the Mavericks are experiencing a bit of an identity crisis so far this season. The normally defensive-minded Mavs are in the bottom half in defensive efficiency and opponents ppg. They like to push the tempo (2nd in pace) and shoot the three (20 attempts per game).

The Celtics have cranked up the defense over the past six games; opponents are shooting 40%. The formula for victory is simple: if the Celtics defend the perimeter they will win.

Celtics 102

Mavericks 96

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  • KGino

    Celts win… Jet shoots over 50% from 3 and finishes with 18-22 points

  • Drew

    I’m going to watch this game at a bar in Dallas tonight. I’m going to get hated on so bad.

    • RedsLoveChild

      West End Pub on Lamar St….excellent!

      • Drew

        Is it a Celtics bar? I feel stupid for asking because I grew up here.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Unfortunately, no…..but, their burgers and quesadillas are pretty damn good!

          Been to Dallas twice…liked it both times, it`s underrated.

          • Drew

            Thank you, very underrated place to visit. Great people with good hearts and amazing food.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Totally agree on all counts.

            Plus, great sports town filled with sports heroes…Staubach, Lilly, Aikman, Dirk, Nolan Ryan, Michael Young {now gone}, Josh H. {love to see him come to Boston}.

          • Drew

            I could talk Dallas football all day but I’ll spare the rest of the viewers of this blog, haha.

          • RedsLoveChild

            `Boys sure had their share of crushing heartbreaks!

            Losing 3 Super Bowls in the `70`s by a total of 11 points…plus the two epic Packer losses in the `60`s which would have meant titles.

          • Drew

            Our biggest recent heart breaks came at the hands of The Patriots letting our arch rival win 2 SBs. Thanks a lot Patriots!!! God I wanted to tear Wes Welkers face off for not catching that pass.

          • RedsLoveChild

            2007–It was not NE who lost the NFC title game, at home, to NYG. Cowboys have only themselves to blame.

            2011–Not removing all blame from Wes, but why no blame for Brady? Tom`s pass was flat out terrible.

          • Drew

            So we lost a home play off game. Big deal, our last line of defense that year was any AFC team that could beat them. And it just happened to be what looked like the greatest team in NFL history who had just broken the hearts of The Giants in week 17 in that amazing game. I’m still scratching my head on that one. And I could see if that pass to Welker was at the feet or towards the seam, but it was in perfect position for Wes to make not a great, but average catch to possibly win a SB. Brady put it in his general direction and it SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAUGHT. I’ve seen lesser talent make much more impressive catches. No excuses.

          • RedsLoveChild

            How many “arch rivals” can one team {Cowboys} have?

            `60`s—Packers {lesser extent Browns}
            `70`s—Redskins {lesser extent Steelers, Rams}

          • Drew

            The Green Bay rivalry is dead unless you’re 70 years old and still hold a grudge for trophies that most people don’t even care about. In this order from most to least I hate Giants, Eagles, 49ers, Steelers, Redskins, Saints, Jets, Texans.

    • Kristovar

      I admire you for that. I’m in Dallas as well, but will be staying in to avoid the hate. Will be at the game come March, though. Hopefully it’ll have a better outcome than when I was at the game this past February…

      • Drew

        I haven’t been in Dallas for any part of my adult life basically. I lived in SF, so it was neutral territory and I had no problem going to bars and cheering on the Celtics against the Mavs. First time back in 6 years and I feel like I’m being disrespectful by going to a Mavs bar and rooting for The Celtics. I’m conflicted. Thinking about staying home.

        • Kristovar

          I’ve lived in Dallas for only about a year (Austin before that since 2005 so it was all Spurs fans) and I’ve found people here to be pretty cool about it. When I was at the game in February I found everyone to be very friendly and nice. The fact that the crowd was at least 50% in green didn’t hurt, either. Before the game there was even a PSA with Dirk and JET encouraging the crowd that no matter the outcome of the game to be kind and respectful of the other team and their fans.

          Dallas is a really great area, even if the traffic is murder.

          • Drew

            That can be a problem with Dallas sports though. We can never create a raucous crowd out here because people are just too nice. Cowboys stadium is just an oversized night club with a mediocre crowd. Rangers stadium gets very loud but if you try to heckle the opposing players the security tells you to stop or you get kicked out. A mean home crowd is a huge part in intimidating the opposing team and we’ll just never have it. Sucks.

          • Kristovar

            Having no love for Dallas teams I can’t say that bothers me too much. It’s been nice to not have my car keyed for having giant Celtics, Patriots and Bruins stickers on my car, though. That happened to me when I lived in Florida. Nothing like having “PHINS!” carved into your clear coat.

  • Lakerhater

    Joey Crawford? Looks like will be spotting them at least 10

  • GreenCro

    4 words
    Freaking Joe Jumping Crawford
    If C’s can get over that obstacle, half of the job is already done

  • Shawn

    It’d be fun to know our W/L record against Joey Crawford compared to all other refs.

  • mojojojo

    Joey Crawford? Dooooooom!!!

  • PicturePlanet

    In a Brooklyn bar undoubtedly getting into a fight

  • OJ is making a lot of GMs wish they’s signed him for only 4 mil…..

    C’s seem to have less trouble with Western conf. teams and I expect them to handle their business tonite.

  • Drew

    Bill Semens just said something I’ve been trying to point out all season. Pierce is the most important player on this team and is still the key to success for this team. God I hate Bill Simmons but sometimes he points out valid things almost everyone else in sports media seems to ignore. How can someone who knows so much about the ins and outs of basketball hero worship LeBron like he does? Is he really that desperate for attention that he has to continually suck off the best player in the league? Okay, rant over. GO CELTICS!

  • Drew

    Rondo now 0-4 in game winning shots.

    • Drew

      God forbid you put the ball in Pierces hands with seconds left in a close games. It’s not like he ever pulls through for us in these situations.

  • GreenCro

    I admit.
    I do get off-topic occasionally
    But, please, guys – get a (chat)room, or mail each other
    This is now just absurd
    I like your posts on Celtics
    Spare us from football and bars discussions