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Rondo repping Welker

Welp, it’s a little late, but consider this a “late-night snack”. I was trying to find this pic all day, and the folks at Celtics Fanchat tweeted it just now. It’s our own Rajon Rondo talking with Patriots great Matt Light last night at Foxboro.



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  • Drew

    I can’t believe what Brady did last night. That was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Mind boggling. It’s painful being a Cowboys fan and seeing a team do shit like this. When Belichick finds a weakness in an elite teams game he exploits it then punishes them with the most beautiful play design/calling. That’ll go down as one of Tom Brady’s top 10 games of his career.

    • KY Celts fan

      If we actually had an offensive lineman that could hold down his man, Romo may be able to pull off a night like that as well.

      • Drew

        Yeah, the thing that annoys me the most about Romo haters is that they have no argument at all as to why “he sucks.” It’s painfully obvious that he has one of the best skill sets we’ve ever seen in a QB. He just has no protection. Our line gets him killed week in and week out. You could put a sack of potatoes in for Doug Free and it might do a better job. Definitely wouldn’t draw a false start penalty. If Jerry Jones doesn’t address Our o line problem next year, I’d be very shocked.

        • RedsLoveChild

          NFL titles are won in the “trenches”
          NBA titles are won in the “paint”

    • eddysamson

      Try being a Texans fan…that was REALLY painful 🙁

      I swear to god any time my Pats fan friends sit down with me to watch a Texans game they stink it up.

      • Drew

        They’ve only lost twice man. No need to hit the panic button.

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